Republicans Struggle To Counter Clear Case For D.C. Statehood | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC

Rachel Maddow highlights some of the sillier Republican arguments against granting statehood to Washington, D.C. after the House held a hearing on the matter, outlining the reasons D.C. residents deserve representation in Congress like other Americans. Aired on 03/23/2021.
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Republicans Struggle To Counter Clear Case For D.C. Statehood | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC


  1. Hilarious! The Constitution must be amended to include a State requirement for having car dealerships!! Loony toons.

    1. @J B or the real reason the Republicans don’t want statehood for DC, nearly 50% of the population is Black or African American.

    2. You are watching MSNBC
      the network which participated in the
      *Hands up don’t shoot **_HOAX_*

    3. Russian Blue Cat: It would be hilarious, if it wasn’t so demoralizing. These people represent the nation, are lawmakers for the nation, and they are just throwing BS at the country. They really couldn’t care less about its citizens. It is all about their own power and money-making, and many of them know they would still be re-elected, whatever they say. I have no time for the fools who keep them in power.


  2. We already know why Republicans don’t want it as a State.. DC is predominantly Democrat leaning and Republicans can’t have that because they just care about power and not this country..

    1. @J G. I don’t know what G Howard is talking about. I’ve asked him 2x to clarify and he refuses. What claim does he think I’m making? I’m not being condescending, merely polite (a lost art in these days of settling arguments with guns). Now I’m going to take a nap because I’m tired. Don’t bother me for the next few hours.

    2. @Angel Saavedra sure there is..
      That Democrat in Arizona was just arrested for voter fraud..
      She’ll give up the goods on everyone to save her own hide..
      Just because liberal judges sided with the communist regime in office now doesnt mean fraud didn’t happen..
      Regardless of how you “FEEL”

    3. @Eugrne Jacson ignorant like an entire ethnic group voting bloc that has voted year after year for the same democrats that have kept them living in squalor for 50 years plus..?
      Baltimore, Detroit, Philadelphia, San Francisco….I could keep going but by now im sure you realize the truth of what i am saying and got triggered !!

  3. If D.C and Puerto Rico become a state, the GOP will NEVER AGAIN CONTROL THE SENATE.

    1. @Louisa Now is that like you BLUE ANON COMMUNISTS and your BLM ,Antifa and the BLACK PANTHERS intimidating, burning, looting and murdering?
      Your fake manufactured narrative doesnt work anymore.
      If you’re so concerned about “WHITE” people why do ypu constantly provoke a group that makes up over 60 percent of the population.
      Do you truly want that many people rising up and purifying the land?
      It wont end well for you ..
      Best you stop spreading that fake MSNBLGBTQ and CNN garbage.
      Go get an ID like everyine else and vote properly

    2. @Crash Overide you mean like the Federalist party and the Anti federalist party in 1776?
      Are those the non-existent parties you’re speaking of?

    3. @Erik Ayala leaving the 5% ruling class that are DEMOCRATS..
      Those poor folks fo2wn there wont ever have a chance as long as democrats are around

  4. Fun fact: none of the original 13 states had car dealerships at time of admission. Surprising, I know.

    1. That’s actually been an argument in the past, more recently brought up while Obama was president.

    2. @J A Keller technically if you make and wear a pair of speedos your desecrating the flag with your junk..they exist and people will go rabid with pride to see others wear them…strange.

    3. @Ray Bar
      Aye, I could never understand the sentiment that the flag was sacred but okay to put on napkins.

    4. @J A Keller ditto…..up high and in the wind i get , at a ballgame or any sport events in fact.. i get..draped over a fallen soldier i get as well….but napkins,cups ,underwear,shirts, and anything that makes money confuses me….wonder how long before i get called unpatriotic.

    5. @Ray Bar
      I have – despite a 5 generation tradition on my father’s side of USMC, and even though I didn’t do the military thing have spent a lifetime contributing to every community I’ve ever lived in (and even many I didn’t) through scientific research, teaching, and software design for systems protecting citizens in emergencies or ensuring solid logistics whenever people do have to go in harm’s way.

    1. It doesn’t matter at all if DC is made a state, for votes. We all know the Democrats have the cheating locked down by using covid19 to force mail in voting, which gives them a perfect way to cheat. Democrats are also allowing millions of illegal immigrants, from all over the world to just walk across our southern border so they can allow them to vote. You lefties don’t need DC, you’ll have a big enough base from giving felons & illegal immigrants voting rights.

    2. More like, the breakdown of DC by political party. If DC was majority Republican, they would be fighting to have it added and get those new senators seated tomorrow.

    1. Guam is unlikely, too small of a population. I think giving territories a special status where they get 1 voting senator and 1 voting representative is what should happen. American Samoa would have to remove their nativist laws to gain these votes, because if they want to have representation in an American congress they have to follow American laws of equality. Of course Republicans would call it a power grab because they don’t understand the idea of democracy for democracy’s sake.

    2. @ChickenManiac 123 I think we should group up the smaller island nations so that Guam, American Samoa, the Virgin Islands, etc. all share 2 senators and a couple of representatives because their populations are soo small

    3. They must decide on their own if they want to be a state or not… not up to the rest of us to decide.

    4. @Constituent A Seems to be common throughout Polynesia that policy.I suppose you could marry your way in LOL.

  5. DC don’t have any mines so cannot be a state…. well the Republicans also don’t have any minds so they should be in congress as well.

    1. @james haaglund Man.. you put your sense of humor in a blind trust?

      Fact is California has over 250 residents per square mile. Wyoming has *under* 6 residents per square mile.

      Objectively- almost no one wants to live in Wyoming.

    2. Or Wyoming should be annexed or merged. Such a puny little state doesn’t deserve to exist on its own.

  6. And, yet again, another ridiculous example of republicans trying to undermine democracy in our country. Give me a break.

  7. Republican : There are no mines in DC.
    Mayor should have replied : There was a lot of mining when the Metro subway sections were constructed.

    1. Does the D.C. National Guard have the funds to get some Claymores? That should take care of the mines problem…

    1. Nice 😘 💕น้ำขึ้นให้รีบตัก.
      Curry paste (พริกแกงเขียวหวาน

  8. Does the Republican Party have a reason for existing any more? They should be referred to as the “Do Nothing Party.”

    1. @james haaglund Both parties have their brand–but it seems they both work for the lobbyists and donors–and they may be the same lobbyists and donors, supporting both parties. See the problem?

    2. Spoken like a true BLUE ANON CULTIST.
      So then looking at all the BLUE congressional districts in the UNITED STATES, would you say thats an acceptable way to live for those people?
      Rat infested Baltimore and its squalid conditions, Detroit, San Francisco, Philly..all of those are Democrat run cities and all of those are the worst squalor conditions imaginable.
      Are you suggesting the people trapped in those cities like their living conditions and dont mind the democrats who keep them like that?
      Talk about doing nothing…lol
      All John Lewis did was sit in a chair and fart for 40 years after his little protest….

    3. @Jay Bird I’m not a Democrat. I’m almost as disappointed in the Democrats. And I think they’re about as corrupt as the Republicans.

    1. lol right? maybe someone should get Ron Johnson on air and ask his opinion — perhaps he’ll be a bit more willing to just go right on ahead and say the real reasons??

  9. If D.C. isn’t allowed Statehood, they should pay no Federal taxes! After all: “No taxation without representation”, right?

    1. they just pay income tax I think, but there is no specific ”state tax”. Either way why not slash that a bit. DC is supposed to be neutral. This is the wrong solution for this problem and will introduce a new way to tax people. Its silly.

    2. @Andra Book NOTHING IS NEUTRAL ABOUT DC!! That doesn’t even make sense they vote for presidents which isn’t neutral they all have opinions 90% of those opinionated people are liberal which isn’t neutral they should be a state. What do you mean by “neutral” anyway, does neutral mean that American citizens with non-neutral opinions shouldn’t be allowed to vote for representation? Because that is NOT “neutral”.

    3. @Andra Book They pay Federal taxes, and don’t have Federal representation. They are ALREADY BEING TAXED.

  10. There are hundreds of people in Congress and they STILL don’t represent the people they hail from

  11. Just like all their new voter suppression laws. Their only argument is “it will hurt us politically”

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