Residents in Kyiv told to stockpile supplies ahead of winter | Russia-Ukraine war

Retired Major-General David Fraser weighs in on the death toll of Ukrainian soldiers and what residents could face this winter.

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  1. I hardly think the Ukranians need to be told to stock up, wear extra clothes, stay with friends. The question to ask is who is going to help them to do this to be safe from vile Putin?

    1. As opposed to being safe from the vile (and corrupt) Zelenskyy?

      Their suffering could end right now if the nation’s leadership accepted the reality of its situation and asked for armistice talks. But instead the Ukrainian government is just as stubborn as was the government of Imperial Japan or Germany’s Reich, and would rather see its citizens needless suffer.

    2. @Vlad the Inhaler Why don’t you and @primmakinso614 do what is right and just give up? What are you doing meddling in another country that is none of your business? You attacked Ukraine, but that does not mean they have to give up! It’s just like if I was going to attack you and steal everything from you, would you just give up and give it to me or would you fight for what is yours?

    3. @realemonful …don’t fight wars when you have to rely on others for everything….gimme….gimme Zelenskyy.

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