Residents Saying Very Little about Seller of Clifton Lands in Bernard Lodge | TVJ News – Oct 10 2022

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  1. Looking at the land problem that led to the demolishing of those beautiful houses in st Catherine, I believe it can be salve.
    One stops production no more work on on these houses until the matter is tarroly investigated without pregisisis Molise and corruption.
    Two after proper finding and people are properly identified and are decent law abiding citizens well proven,then give them a method of payment plan after which a title of certification is granted to them.
    I believe that’s the right way to go about it.

  2. They all knew it was a Scam because no land in Jamaica nuh value $650,000, but they thought that IF they build and Government come mash it dung they will get a back lash. This is prime Real Estate and only the first set of settlers are entitled to get dem title. How dem nuh wah talk who sell dem. Sorry fi the losses.

  3. Look how people a own god land an them born come see the land no one don’t own no land it belongs to GOD

  4. It’s amazing how they want to hold the gov’t accountable for the demolition but don’t want to give up the criminal who scammed them…tsk tsk…smh

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