Ret. US Army Major says unidentified objects are a wake-up call for US

Ret. US Army Major Mike Lyons discusses the “great power competition” between the US and China after the US military shot down three mysterious high-altitude objects in three days. #CNN #News


  1. Maybe they aren’t giving information because it’s a risk to national security to do so. Let the government do its job. Second guessing don’t help.

    1. I’m inclined to agree with half of your statement. Letting the government do what they do unabashedly and un questioned has historically been disastrous, and needless to say, this country isn’t keen on trusting each other, let alone trusting government. It kind of feels like we’ve ground our progress as a country that can count on itself if not anyone else, to a stop. We’ve clamped down on our causes ho hard we forgotten that there’s a compromise for everything. We forgot how to love our countrymen, and forgot how to love in general. We’ve lost respect for each other if there ever was any. We have been fighting amongst each other about everything while the world is passing us by.

    2. @Universe Ranking please see the original post. I am responding to that and stated: “what government?” Your response to me does not make any sense to the dialog

  2. I wonder if the recent activity has something to do with the recent “FAA system failure” and grounding all the flights 🤔

    1. @Jeff me Cause and Effect? …What caused the software failure? I think if Aliens did come they’d prob have very good A.I. & would cyber warfare the heck out of things. An Alien Virus Code could easily crash the party/infect our systems.

    2. Probably…. All these people saying No it was this or that….. They aren’t even telling us what they shot down. They know. Just brain washed Murica followers.

    3. Weather balloons are available on eBay, I suspect 100s are sent up every year, I have seen YouTube and altitude records using these balloons. They are mylar, with maybe 0 metal, it may be very hard to see because the radar my not bounce off of it. Are we going to spend $100K or more for each end every of the 100s of balloons experimenters or hobbyist send up. It is not a UFO, we know where it came from, it is an eBay balloon, you can get a 32-foot balloon for $850.

  3. I am surprised that the most advanced military country in the world had 4 objects (maybe even more out there) flying within their airspace without taking prior actions. Even now, there is this kind of lackadaisical attitude in terms of preemptive protective actions.

    1. @11B we lost wars politically but the kill ratio, the military doctrine, the training, the tech has always been in our favor. When all chips are in, that’s when the sleeping giant really wakes up

    2. @Alba Meira the “sleeping giant” doesn’t exist anymore. That statement was made over 80 years in regards to our extensive manufacturing ability which we don’t have and our enemy controls.

    3. What about the 9/11 planes flying for over an hour….never intercepted face it the US Military is high priced trash……from san paulo Brazil’

    4. @Alba Meira with what infrastructure? Our manufacturing already existed pre ww2 numbnuts. It was just converted to military service. What part of we dont have our own manufacturing anymore don’t you understand.

  4. 20,000 feet isn’t very high in aviation terms. Some helicopters can fly that high if not hover. And there are general aviation piston turbo planes that can fly that high.

  5. METRON: By sparing your helpless enemy who surely would have destroyed you, you demonstrated the advanced trait of mercy, something we hardly expected. We feel there may be hope for your kind. Therefore, you will not be destroyed. It would not be civilised.
    KIRK: What happened to the Gorn?
    METRON: I sent him back to his ship. If you like, I shall destroy him for you.
    KIRK: No. That won’t be necessary. We can talk. Maybe reach an agreement.
    METRON: Very good, Captain. There is hope for you. Perhaps in several thousand years, your people and mine shall meet to reach an agreement. You are still half savage, but there is hope. We will contact you when we are ready.

    1. @J Hathaway The world’s a nicer place in my beautiful balloon
      It wears a nicer face in my beautiful balloon
      We can sing a song and sail along the silver sky

      For we can fly, we can fly
      Up, up and away in
      My beautiful, my beautiful balloon

  6. The strangest part of all of this is that politicians and the Pentagon act as if they didn’t sit on this very network a year ago and tell us that there are objects constantly entering our airspace that we DO NOT have the technology to shoot down. You can literally pull the videos up on this channel.🤷🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️

    1. I saw an alien craft up close was a silent black triangle with 3 circle white lights one in each corner and a small red light in the center. Watched it for 5 minutes up close. Was only about 50 ft above the highway.

    2. nyet, an apparent object is often not an actual object. If it moves super fast, probably a function of how light/energy moves and appears. Need to take a chill pill

    1. If this had been an actual emergency we would all be speaking Chinese. While China is building a world class military, Traitor Joe has made our military under staffed, weak and woke. Using the correct pronouns might not win wars, wokie snowflake.

    1. @Kool as ice water talk about ignorant…it is highly doubtful that you graduated from grade school…have you ever heard of spell check? Waterhead

    2. I saw an alien craft up close was a silent black triangle with 3 circle white lights one in each corner and a small red light in the center. Watched it for 5 minutes up close. Was only about 50 ft above the highway.

  7. Shouldn’t be shocked, we all know there’s a combination of hands-being-tied by fear of career ruination by senior officers at Northern Command, an overbearing/meddlesome Washington DC and those same senior officers not understanding their role in a Combatant Command. Unlike other combatant commands, who recognize the threats in their theater and have multitude of plans & scenarios in dealing with those threats, Northern Command is a cushy command, the least desirable of the 4-star commands…more concerned with putting-out where’s Santa video’s during the holidays.

  8. *U.S. critize chinese government on not being and open and through with it’s population
    *3 flying objects shot down on U.S. airspace
    *U.S. government: “we know nothing”.

    1. @Metryk That is nothing like whataboutism – please study ewer urban or rural dikshunary.
      That was OP carrying Putin and Xi’s water and me pulling him up on it.

  9. CNN always asking the easy questions that these people are more then happy to tell. No mention of what the pilots witnessed. No mention of what type of weapon was used to down the object. So informative.

  10. Hallo aus Deutschland 😊
    Ich verfolge die Situation aus Europäischer Sicht und Frage mich wieso so etwas momentan nur über der USA passiert? Ich bin sehr gespannt, was das letztendlich für Objekte sind. Aber ich glaube auch das es eine simple Erklärung gibt. Auch wenn man sich faszinierenderes erhofft. 🤔✌️

    1. @Father Freddie There’s no real way to come up with a real number for Native Americans prior to colonisation …just quite variable guestimations. Stop living in the past. What’s done is done & can’t be undone. Most of your “15 Million” (The number is far greater than that …there are 15 million Natives in Brazil alone I think) Most Amerindian Natives now have at least some foreign blood & millions & millions of non-Natives in the Americas have Native blood. Even claim to being first/indigene is pretty silly when all Natives in Americas were there as result of the same exploration/ migration/colonisation drive of Europeans that led the future Amerindians to cross the Bering Strait thousands of years ago. All humans outside Africa are Colonists. Even within Africa from dawn times to recent times Africans colonised each other. Every people on Earth has done wrongs to other peoples & Native Peoples were no exception as Native groups created empires, genocided, colonised in exactly same manner as any other people in the world.

    2. I’m going to challenge you on this, we learned our lesson after 9/11 we aren’t that stupid to make that mistake twice. The pentagon during Covid did bring up ufos no one can explain. This is either someone testing our defenses or it’s legit unidentified objects that are beyond our level. We haven’t gotten a response because they probably don’t want to alarm the public.

  11. For the conspiracy theorists, this could just be China probing our defenses to see what things can get through, and what cannot or where we react from, and with what.

    1. President Biden is a tough guy too. So dont make fun of the Commander in Chief of all US Armed Forces worldwide.

    2. I am starting to think you could be right the ufo’s we normally talk about are way to fast and agile to be shot down so easily, I mean that’s a big part of what makes them so strange if it was them ones the report would have been tried to shoot them down. I think they are most likely different types of balloons and balloons don’t have a propulsion systems, It appears that it’s possible these type of object could have been coming through that area for a while.

  12. it’s kinda alarming all these objects in our airspace while tensions between Taiwan and China are still high. Are they testing our air defense systems to maybe go a different route at attacking Taiwan? Who knows all we know is that China is up to no good.

    1. I believe that there is miltary scientist over here in America ..that given instructions on where and radio contact operation
      Set up here !!?
      Canada based

  13. The kid down the street had a birthday party this weekend. He lost his big mylar Happy Birthday happy face balloon and was really bummed out. But he was super impressed when the two F22s came by and shot it down.

  14. Why do they keep say China, only the first one has actually been identified from China. Seems to me Russia would be more likely as two of them were sighted just outside Russia.

    1. As always, use other countries to distract from our inner political mess. Why do you think they’re pushing this past one week

  15. @4:02 “When was the last time the US scrambled fighter jets to shoot something down in US airspace?”
    Well… i think a case could have been made for the September 11, 2001 as being the correct answer to that question.

  16. They were spaceships from a peaceful planet carrying emissaries to earth ready to help us save us from ourselves. But –

  17. C’mon CNN. Your question, “When was the last time US scrambled fighters for objects in US airspace…” is an easy answer and a 2 second Google search. Do your homework, please. The last time fighters were scrambled to shoot objects down in US airspace was in 1952, UFOs over Washington DC where a fleet of UFOs buzzed the US Capitol. The military blamed it on temperature inversion messing with radar. This explanation has since been debunked. This was NOT a little story — major international headline news at the time — and the press conference regarding it was the biggest one since WWII ended.,_D.C.,_UFO_incident

  18. I do remember having seen a clip of an airliner (Concorde first transatlantic flight in 1976) trailed by a sphere, which clearly showed it stick to the exterior of the plane in a way that is impossible at high speed. The drag would just jettison it away. These clips have never been discussed in media like CNN. It may be time that they look at them and let scientists explain what this is.

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