Retired Maj. General on who may be behind alleged drone strike on Kremlin

Russia claimed Ukraine attempted to assassinate President Vladimir Putin by flying two drones toward the Kremlin overnight. Retired Major General James “Spider” Marks and CNN Senior International Correspondent Matthew Chance weigh in. #CNN #News


  1. Yes, It was totaly reasonable for Ukr to assume that Putin would be sitting on to of the cremlin coupola at 2:30 in the morning…lol

    1. @Jeremy Devries ♥ На параде 9 мая двойнику Владимира Владимировича приходится притворяться, что он разговаривает.

      Перед аудиторией будет проиграно заранее записанное сообщение настоящего Президента.♥♥♥

  2. Putin attacking his own flag? A tiny flag got burnt and maybe the pole got destroyed. Putin you missed yourself.

  3. If those drones were Ukrainian then that speaks very poorly for Russia’s air-defence network allowing these drones through.

    1. 100% What’s the point of putting dozens of anti-aircraft vehicles on your roof if it can’t even shoot down a drone.

    2. Russia is struggling to recruit in hopes this drone shi t will make a difference to call more people for the meat grinder.

    3. @Al Pollock Except commercial flights aren’t tracked by the military and they’re not unusual in the skies. Also, you can’t shoot down a full commercial jumbo jet over residential areas. 🤓
      It never ceases to amaze me how many people without a clue are willing to expose their ignorance on public platforms.

    1. “brings no tears to my eyes” in an annoying cringy voice. So many annoying creatures have been spawned in the comments since the war started. It’s like I (a normal human being) am looking into a cesspool and see you all down there.

    2. And so if you’re the OP or one of the OP’s upvoters reading this I HOPE you will be punished.

    1. …and the reporter says smoke was ‘billowing’ from the buildings…then shows a report from the Kremlin admitting there was no damage. So the *building* wasn’t billowing from smoke, just the firecracker toy was smoking😂

  4. ♥ You can clearly see two guys going up the walkway on the left to the flagpole (at 2.30 in the morning). The drones explodes harmlessly in the air behind the flag with great footage, not hitting anything, not shot down as initially stated by Russia. Its a amateurish false flag operation for sale to the Russian domestic audience. LOL ♥♥♥

    1. @Takkie Terror Good point… another excuse for drafting a new batch of ‘fresh meat’, and like everything, it’s always gotta be about ‘Vlad’.

  5. Wrt other drone comments about drone size, distance, etc – add the fact that the drone wreckage also spread a considerable amount of fuel on the dome, that contradicts the drone flying from the Ukrainian border, much less territory under their control.

  6. Seems like attacking the Kremlin would be the stupidest way to conduct an assassination attempt. Then the fact the drone goes right up to the building without doing anything and blows up perfectly over the dome right by the flag. Definitely looks like Russian theatrics.

    1. Russia is struggling to recruit in hopes this drone shi t will make a difference to call more people for the meat grinder.

    2. @Paul Ouellette I wonder if that building has turrets that could be sent flying? 🙈

  7. The Kremlin should move to Hollywood 😂 they’d win every Oscar 🤭 this was a good movie 🎥

  8. The way it exploded without anything getting projected upward (as if struck) makes me think it self-destructed, it wasn’t struck by anything.

    1. @LIONEL Messi Science professor Roy G. Biv called. They want their color spectrum back. 🌈

    1. @KGS _71 well it was Done by russians so russia even faild with attack itself😂😂😂

  9. Let’s review: Russia attacks Kiev…no problem. Moscow gets attacked…Russia is pissed?

  10. Yeah, because multiple hand held HDTV cameras are always pointing at the capital at 2 am with a fire crew on standby…

  11. How many satellites and radar sites could track and confirm the path of the drone? It had to be a local launch near the target.

    1. Good question, but the smaller drones are harder to detect, and could have flown under the radar.

  12. You can see people climbing the stairs on the roof at the same time the thing exploded….tell me that’s a coincidence and not planned. Two guys just happen to be climbing on a roof in the middle of the night at the same time a drone flies overhead and explodes? Sure.

    1. Those dudes on the roof went up after the first drone hit, 16 minutes later the second hit with them on the roof.

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