Rev. Al Sharpton: Democrats, GOP Put Differences Aside To Honor Cummings | Morning Joe | MSNBC 1

Rev. Al Sharpton: Democrats, GOP Put Differences Aside To Honor Cummings | Morning Joe | MSNBC


The late Rep. Elijah Cummings was honored on Thursday at the U.S. Capitol where his body lies in state. Reverend Al Sharpton notes that it was a historic ceremony as Cummings was the first African American elected official to lie in state. “It showed the best in the country when people can disagree, but come together to honor a statesman who really served this country," Sharpton says. Aired on 10/25/19.
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Rev. Al Sharpton: Democrats, GOP Put Differences Aside To Honor Cummings | Morning Joe | MSNBC


  1. A great service for a great man, Nancy spoke beautifully! Elijah will be sorely missed, a sad day for America. Rest in Peace Sir, we got your back.

  2. Bipartisanship, character and integrity are sorely lacking in Washington. We’re losing our best statesman in men like Cummings and McCain that knew where to draw the line. Hopefully his death will serve as a reminder and put things in perspective but I am not optimistic. “We are better than that.”

  3. Criminal investigations against MSNBCannibals now officially underway Andrea ‘chainsaw’ Greenspan so full of Anxiety she has chainsawed all her penthouse office LAMPSHADES to pieces and demanding an Illegal alien to sacrifice while grunting and hissing

  4. R.I.P a true politician who knew not only how to talk but alway’s remembered he was there to serve the people and always went back to the people he served and knew how to act with dignity and to put aside differences for the greater good when needed.

  5. I’m surprised that the coffin didn’t burst open in flames at having to be so near that corruption Moscow Mitch !
    Forget about putting differences aside…. side with honor and integrity and throw out the swamp corruption of Republicans! Time and past.

  6. RIP Rep Elijah Eugene Cummings!

    You were a great man .. a man with humility, respect and integrity, and one who served his country, state, the people of Baltimore and the American people well. You will be forever missed but never forgotten.

    God Bless You, Elijah Cummings, and prayers to your family and loved ones!

  7. The soul that incarnated in a physical body named “Elijah Cummings” has left this earth with an unfinished business. The district that elected “Elijah Cummings” to congress remains infested. My comments are never to discount a solemn moment such as this. Rather, it should be a testament for you to contemplate the purpose of your existence. Do not fear death, because “death” does not exist. Rather, you fear your failure to fulfill your life purpose before your time comes to depart this earth.

  8. Trump is the worst kind of human waste there is. ! Cummings was a great man !
    Trumps a Traitor and Thief!

  9. Elijah Cummings district in Baltimore is totally corrupt and lost 18 billion in 2018 Federal Grant money .. Elijah was embroiled in a scandal here and I WANT TO SEE Elijah’s corpse , but I also want independent investogators to take a DNA sample from ELIJAH and confirm that is HIS CORPSE in coffin or whatever.. Funny how we have all these closed casket funerals with prominent people as of late!

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