Richard Currie Maroon Chief | TVJ Entertainment Report Interview - March 5 2021 1

Richard Currie Maroon Chief | TVJ Entertainment Report Interview – March 5 2021


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  1. Nuff love and respect Chief. The man just got sworn in a week ago and here go all of the negativity from unno. Give him a chance, it’s not easy making something out of nothing, but you will see. If a year or 3 pass and yuh nah see something, then you speak. Otherwise, big up the man and give wi maroon people some hope nuh

    1. i dont know if anyone cares but yesterday I hacked my gfs Instagram password using Instapwn. Cant link here so search for it on google xD

  2. My Pops is a Maroon and I spent many years spending time to overstand this culture so I send BIG LOVE to the new Chief

  3. I applauded and os embracing Mr.C Richard for high lighting the Maroons peoples and a clear path to development , including infractructure in this country.
    In addition to all things – jamaica ,this is practical and passed due. ” OUT O F MANY WE ARE ONE.” Considering they are the freedom fighters for Jamaica. PERIOD:

  4. When the maroons get there freedoms and other slaves run away to there camps for help they returned them.
    They are sell out..

    1. They don’t read bro. They act like they know, but they don’t. The treaty is even online for everyone to see, but these boasy slaves don’t care to read..

  5. If every so-called Don in Jamaica was like this young man, Jamaica would be a better place leaving government behind

  6. He has a lot of work to what I see. I looking out for Hanover growth and development. Jamaicans need to build Jamaica we have great products great island. Forbes need a article on greater part of Jamaica. We the first ranching culture in the Americas. Bless

  7. The problem most is having with this present chief is his “look” more millennial and trendy. When Maroons are spoken of its expected to see them in some african robes depicting African culture/royalty. So many within the culture or older folks so to speak won’t necessarily take him seriously. It’s now up to this new chief to prove the mass wrong.

  8. Very intelligent and ambitious! I do hope he succeeds as that area needs new blood and with his vision I see him winning. Of course looking attractive does help too.

  9. Is this division? The treaty was with the British: At what cost??? Curry, yu still hat lacka ten fireside!!!

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