Richard Engel: ‘Profound’ Fear Of Civil War Inside Afghanistan After U.S. Troops Depart | MSNBC 1

Richard Engel: ‘Profound’ Fear Of Civil War Inside Afghanistan After U.S. Troops Depart | MSNBC


NBC chief foreign correspondent Richard Engel reports from Kabul, Afghanistan, discussing what he calls the "profound" fear inside of Afghanistan about a potential Taliban takeover of the country after U.S. troops leave: "They don't know how severe the civil war will be. They don't know whether it will be a partial civil war or a total collapse."

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Richard Engel: ‘Profound’ Fear Of Civil War Inside Afghanistan After U.S. Troops Depart | MSNBC


    1. @M. Mamun If you look into why the Republicans support Israel, it’s because they expect the jews to convert to christianity so armageddon can happen.

    1. Have you watched Fox News any time in the last 19 years? They cancel cultured anyone who spoke out against the wars Bush started.

    2. @Zardox 01 Take a close look at my comment. I asked if he watched it. I never said he watched it.

  1. Richard Engel is why America needs the media…He can find the real news reports the military does not disclose…..
    He is my best news source, like Maddow,,,,,they dig out the news..

  2. We have been there helping for 20 years! The sons of Afghanistan need to stand up for thier own country! Our sons and daughters have fought, trained, and taught them how to defend themselves. Thiers no excuse at this point! We even gave them equipment and weapons!!! Enough is enough!

  3. I know way too many Afghanis who already have fled their homes. It’s an awful perspective for the women especially!!!

    The whole is a betrayal of the internal allies!

  4. Sink, or swim. They need to fight for their independence, and we are overdue, on leaving. Bye.

  5. If Afghanistan cannot carry on without the few thousand advisors they are pathetic and hopeless and the last 10 years was a waist. They should have a military collage educating and training officers, they should be able to fly jets and helicopters and just carry on after 20 years. Repeat of Vietnam if that is the case accept this time we had a lot more time to make then self sufficient and all we can hope is those that take over have leaned to stay within your borders.

  6. Is for the Afghans to make peace, and that will include the Talibans. It is not always we like the outcome in the beginning, but maybe it is time for Afghanistan to find their own path. If we want anything good, we should make sure to help the new rulers of Afghanistan and make sure we dont leave a vacum where Saudia Arabia again can come and make its influence.

    1. The Taliban has no interest in peace. They will slaughter the Afghans as soon as we leave. It an awful situation.

  7. This is a catastrophe waiting to happen. US has way more troops in other countries for much longer periods of time. More domestic police are killed due to “war on drugs” each year than soldiers in Afghanistan preventing what will surely come after the withdrawal.

  8. I’d say let China have a crack at it, for the counter-insurgency training opportunity of course. Oh and mineral resource extraction. I can also see Iran getting involved to counter ISIS/Daesh once the Taliban retake Kabul.

  9. They need to seriously consider evacuating every single woman and child willing to leave.

  10. How is this even a question that needs to be asked of course it’s going to be a Civil War of the US leaves.

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