Right Wing Touts Unproven Covid Treatments Than Preventative Vaccines

"We have now arrived at perhaps the most Gothic chapter of this story which is people taking livestock dewormer to treat Covid," says Chris Hayes. "It flows from the same conviction—there has to be a miracle cure 'they' are not telling you about."

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  1. Conservatives have long been anti-science/anti-reality, because it either doesn’t support their views, or stands in direct contradiction to them.

    1. @Bryan But see, we were talking about education level, not race or Drumph.
      I really don’t see what point you’re trying to make, but…
      If you really want to know why POC are more hesitant, look no further than their mistrust of the health care industry caused by a decades-long history of being put aside, or the account of the Tuskegee Experiment.

    2. @Bryan You are spreading a lie and Carnegie Mellon University put out a press release about that lie. This was a study about the decreased hesitancy of adults about getting a vaccine.

  2. That was the dumbest person to ever walk into the wh. I’m so glad we have a president now that actually wants to do something about covid, that doesn’t involve injections of disinfectant and worm pills for large animals.

    1. Trump was chosen by the Religious Right to turn our Secular Nation into a Christian Nation with Christian Laws.

    2. @Mike Johnson this is how you make your argument, by calling Trump names. Then again you are here listening to Rachael Maddow .

    3. @Dave Gilmour remember when Putin talked about the decline of Western liberalism and Trump talked about California. So funny.

  3. Those who are entrusted with public interests and safety and miserably fail, are guilty of crimes against humanity.

    1. Early on, it was reported that Trump held stock in that French drug maker for hydroxychloroquine and so his push was ONLY to help himself…
      About his ridiculous followers, those ‘Lemmings’ are just so stupid, they don’t actually know they are stupid!!

    2. @Wesley Stache HCQ costs about a dollar, and is not profitable.. that’s a ridiculous accusation. Also, “it was reported” by who? Trump is a billionaire, I don’t think he was interested in HCQ, one of the cheapest drugs out there, to turn a profit.
      Now Pfizer, which spends millions lobbying politicians and kicking money to the CDC, is set to rake in billions (36 billion estimated profit in 2021)..
      People are so obsessed with hating Trump, they can’t see what’s right in front of them. You’re being played like a fiddle.

    3. I don’t know about keeping us safe with all the importanting of terrorists through our south & now flying in ISIS fighters! I’m ready for that utopia are you?

    4. @Tom Drozd Kawala Harris & terrorist Joe Biden said they did not want the vaccine because of Trump! I’m with them 😂😂😂

    5. @Indrajit Casimir Taliban winning in their country on their land in their cities. What’s wrong with that?

  4. Why didn’t Mr. Trump offer himself up to be the test subject for the “cures” that he was suggesting?

    1. @Michelley B. First we need to find out about the hundreds of millions of dollars loaned to Trump by the Russians and their effect on his presidency.

    2. Is there scientific data if we can simply translate results from angry orange Aliens to normal human beings?

    3. @Michelley B. Hunter Biden is not involved with the Biden Admin in any way. Now maybe you can explain why Ivanka trump was given a Chinese patent for voting machines?

    1. @Ron Bacon the left??? He’s at most a centrist, you guys in the US don’t have an actual left. In the rest of the world your “Left” is at best center-right liberals. Now your “conservatives” would be labeled right wing extremists in the rest of the world.

    1. @Megan’s Garage I’m still scratching. my head on that one taking dewormer and fish tank cleaner but wants to call people sheep …will then call me Lamb Chop 🐑

    1. Seriously, I don’t know when that UFO landed & dumped all of you stupid Republican people (esp Louie Gomert) on this Earth, but apparently those aliens are smart enough to know that they aren’t coming back for you, and that is truly unfortunate for the rest of us on this planet!👽🤪🤪👽

    2. I can not help but refer to a number of television shows here in Canada and many on late night USA tv that interview Americans on the street testing the public’s general knowledge of basic high school level questions.
      The cavernous stupidity of these citizens ( of all ages bye the way ) is beyond shocking. They can’t identify countries on a map, many can’t get basic math ,history ,civics or virtually any subject question remotely correct . World politics ,history is totally beyond their grasp.
      Their reactions use to amuse me but now shock and frankly terrify me because they are from every level of American society ,educated or not ,rich, poor ,White ,Black and Latino .
      Ignorance of this level has produced the single greatest erosion of public standards of justice , law and order and functioning democracy in the history of the USA. Can you argue a case that this isn’t preverse verion of a new civil war threatening the continued survival of USA?
      You have the Godsend of a vaccine and refuse it. It is panultimate example classic huberis!!
      630 000 dead heading towards 1,000,000. Exasurbated by a the near collapse of the health care system (so hopelessly expensive & backward for the number one country in the world)
      Nero fiddles while Rome burns – oh tempor oh mores. History may not repeat itself but it does rhyme .

    1. @camwyn256 when a watch entertainment that’s all they recommend…when I watch news that’s all they recommend when I watch DIY that’s all they recommend….today I watched 3 Aaliyah videos afterwards that’s all they recommended …. until I searched for something else

    2. @syn707 “Brevity is the soul of wit” – William Shakespeare
      The reply of @Brad Randolph is *perfect* in its composition.
      Do not bother to reply. One does not get notified and doesn’t give a fig about what your idiotic, confrontational psyche causes you to do.
      nrn eod
      ‘bye now

    3. @nosuchthing8 Also, a vaccine called “Comirnaty” is supposedly approved (even that is questionable). LEGALLY it must have the label that says Comirnaty . Have you seen an Comirnaty bottles? HAHAHA!! Let me know when you do, because I seriously doubt it. You people are serious rubes!! SUCKERS!! HAAHAHA!!!!!!

  5. Sometimes I feel like I was sucked into a virtual Mad-Lib. “When people get sick they should see their _______ to get some _____.”
    a. Dentist/Gasoline 
    b. Doctor/Medicine 
    c. Farmer/Horse dewormer

    1. @Heather Gaal ypu must laugh at the government of India having mass murder charges on the chief scientist of the CDC..for lies about ivermectin a world health medicine

    2. @Yosen B. Mamma – Nothing, it’s just random silliness mirroring what’s going on in our society (on the far right side of our society).

    3. I wanna play: when people get sick they should see their…
      A. lawyer to get some estate advice.
      B. banker to withdraw their life savings.
      C. favorite PAC cash a fat donation check.

  6. Right wing media and their viewership are straight up nutty. What could’ve possibly gone wrong in your life to make you want to take horse dewormer to treat Covid-19?

    1. Wrong exactly..flccc..ncbi.nlm.nih.gov.ivermectin prevention and treatment of covid infection…withheld..? Illegalized,…??? India 98,96,94,87 % treatment successes in states, .. cdc chief could be given death penalty for killing using lies about ivermectin???

    2. @Swole Town Vaccines are not a ‘treatment’, generally speaking. They are meant for prevention. Any ‘treatments’ Fauci is referencing are, of course, for those who become sick with Covid despite the vaccine, or the lack of a vaccine. Prevention is still worth a pound of cure…didn’t your mother teach you that?

    3. @Kellie Patrick actually, this vaccine does not “prevent” anything. You can still get sick, in contrast to past/other vaccines that actually give you active antibodies to a virus. Also, does the vaccine even work for the dreaded “delta variant?” Kind of an important question since they’re trying to force everyone to take it….

  7. “I have my car mechanic here ready to testify about the effectiveness of ivermactin to treat human cases of covid-19.” – 💀

  8. Any Dr caught publicly (or privately) promoting this nonsense should lose their medical license immediately and permanently.

    1. The only reason people in Africa take it is, many places don’t have drinking water, and they get infected with parasites and use it as intended, as a de-wormer, and the does is appropriate for a human, not a cow.

    1. @Chris Parker There’s nothing ‘ignorant’ in the OP’s statement. People who are dumb enough to opt for cow dewormer over man made vaccines literally designed to keep Coronavirus from killing them are Failing the IQ test. Covid has made Idiocy transmissible, but it’s not the people who’ve been jabbed that are dying. That’s a proven statistical fact.

      Don’t get pissy because you’re being called out for sounding like one of them.

    2. @No Chance Without Pasta I can see the meaning of my initial comment went over your head too. Imagine my surprise.

    3. @No Chance Without Pasta They have been conditioned by decades by the Religious Right Pastors, Media, and Non Profits to secure them for the Republican vote.

    4. @No Chance Without Pasta Nobody is opting for dewormer over the vaccine. You’re listening to propaganda. We simply don’t want the vaccine, idiots.

    1. Oh, we’re just the big stars of the show, the show is called the end of the world, everyone is at least a bit player.

    2. Handmaid’s Tale (Atwood)and Adjustment Day (Palahniuk) and Idiocracy (Judge) all confluencing. IT’S REAL!

    3. @Lonnie Manuel not sure what Siberian politics is. There’s a hermit who lives in a cave in Siberia that, when he heard about Covid, got the vaccine and encouraged others to. “Because it will reach my cave eventually.”

    4. @gilesluver yesss 😅🤣😂. I so much more enjoy the comments and banter from the sensible ones. Good show!

    5. @Best Grandma Were they all along or did Trump infect them. They were capable of being infected, if they weren’t already. I am still thinking that through myself.What I think depends on the day. I am scared to admit that someone could negatively impact so many people.
      But you are right….they are now, and you are right about the rest of it too. Good job.

  9. American lack of intelligence never ceases to amaze. No wonder the rest of the world shake their heads in dismay at US

    1. Statistically, about half of every population has subnormal intelligence. Not a huge deal, and most people do just fine (I’ve done okay with my room temperature IQ). But when you mix in toxic politics and an uninterrupted stream of lies and propaganda, the wheat gets separated from the chaff and you find out who’s been dwelling on the ‘challenged’ side of the bell curve.

    2. It’s a human condition. Emotion controls over logic, because what’s imagined is more exciting than what’s real, and its just that American’s have more media to publish their preference for conspiracies over reality.

    3. Oh sure Sam, you speak for the world…. How lucky we are you have time to post on YouTube in between your time polling the world for their opinion.

      You are blue version of a trump supporter/pretender..

    4. It’s not a lack of intelligence necessarily, it’s due to religious craziness. Scientists are liars because Evolution contradicts the Bible. And keep in mind that this is only about 40% of our population, the other 60% is relatively sane.

    5. Well, it’s probably not intelligent to broad-brush Americans like that. After all, every quality of life indicator that you enjoy (where-ever you are) was either invented by an American educated scientist or was the result of American Humanist activism.

    1. Stupidity/Psychosis is only considered patriotic by those who live in a Fictional World Created by trumps Lies. The healthier portion of our population, (78%) know that those fighting against trumps Fictional Reality, that the 22% live in, are the true patriots.

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