Riot Police Clash With Hong Kong Protesters As Demonstrations Grow Violent | Craig Melvin | MSNBC

Bill Neely reports as police and protesters clash at Hong Kong airport: "I think we're seeing an escalation in this dispute by both sides … we haven't seen the end of this."
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Riot Police Clash With Hong Kong Protesters As Demonstrations Grow Violent | Craig Melvin | MSNBC


    1. @Jay Zenitram write your Blue reps and get someone to get a march on Washington together…huge with progs and centrists hand in hand…the Parkland kids…the 2020 candidates…celebrities.

      We need it ASAP because it really could be our last chance to do it peacefully.

    2. @Jay Zenitram I sent letters to Colbert and Jon Stewart….some of the 2020 candidates sites…my Congressional reps….someone’s gotta get it started or we’re just frogs slowly coming to a boil.

      “Hanging on in quiet desperation is the English way…the time is gone…the song is over…thought I’d something more to say”

      -Pink Floyd “Time”

  1. More people with Americas than protestors 2.5 billion Chinese what is that a few hundred protestors .. So even in Chine the Chinese people are not so enslaved they can have a political protest on the street lasting months , NOT IN THE USA !

    1. @w41duvernay when trump realizes that he won’t win reelection, he will implement martial law…and declare himself king of the united states..

    2. @socal rocks And then he’ll get a bullet in his brain. Patriotic Americans won’t allow Trump to succeed in stealing our democracy.

    3. It’s impossible, the US police will never care about your safety, they care about the national security

  2. in amerikkka Officer Tony Baloney Pepper Spray will be happy dealing with kids protesting.

    1. good then call the mainland police.

  3. the 99% is getting tired of the 1%. the 99% has recognized that it’s time to stop the 1% at any cost. that’s just what I see. REALTALK

    1. Jackie C speaking of incorrect, 7 billion is closer to the population of the planet and not China. like all other racist you seek to destroy me with semantics not real facts. it’s not just the 1% in China it’s a worldwide phenomenon. I’m not going to quibble with your small mind or the exact numbers but what I say is accurate about the 1% and what the 99% has to do to achieve their freedom from authoritarian and racist individuals that wish to rule the world. So I say unto you stay in your lane. REALTALK

    2. @Mrmain One ok, I got the Chinese population wrong, it’s 1.4B. But that doesn’t change the percentage ratio.

      Look, I’m just correcting your numbers. Since you can’t handle a correction, you resort to name calling and unfounded accusations.

      Bottom line, you can just correct your numbers. This isn’t going to your permanent record. Geesh

    3. Jackie C Trump supporters, always looking for the fight. my numbers and percentages may have been wrong as well, but as usual Trump supporters can only see what you done wrong and not what they’re doing wrong. y’all are so shameful. go away do not speak to me until you can recognize things that need to be recognized about those in which you refuse to see with the open eye. Stay in your lane and go away. REALTALK

    4. @Mrmain One you sound like a Putin’s puppet supporter and a troll. Again name calling and spouting unfounded accusations. Can’t handle being corrected. Grow up.

    5. Jackie C I am not a Putin puppet, as a matter of fact I’m a angry black guy that do not support Trump. Whoever you are get off my jock, because it is so apparent that you stupid and you talkin about something that I’m not talking about and we are not communicating on a level that is conducive to Bringing about an understanding. therefore stay in your lane and I’m pretty sure as stupid as you are you are the one that support Trump and Putin. go away your conversation has no validity to it especially if you see me as a Putin puppet no. You are so sad. REALTALK

  4. This is how dictatorship handles citizens who threatens their power, in front of the world. Imagine what would’ve happened already to these citizens if no one were watching.

    1. @Lin Da Han you’re the less aggressive and least provoking Chinese govt worker to write comments on YouTube. I hope this doesn’t get you in trouble at work. Best wishes!

  5. Stay strong and safe, Hong Kong!
    Don’t allow the Criminal Chinese Communist Party leaders to steal your Freedom forever!

  6. This is the means by which autocracy handles residents who undermines their capacity, before the world. Envision what would’ve happened as of now to these natives if nobody were viewing.

    1. Musicinmotion same as what happens in France and USA and every other western democracy? They get bashed and shot?

      So you’re saying hk and china is more democratic and enjoys more protest freedom than the west? Ok then

  7. We pay for the police’s salaries. If they don’t protect us, fire them all. One way or the other. Same goes for any government. Also, we outnumber them vastly.

  8. When people gain Democracy they will not give it up. I am hoping Americans don’t have to go here to save our democracy. However, we have a lot to hit the streets about. If republicans cheat their way into the presidency next year we will lose our democracy…It will be a lot harder to get it back so VOTE……VOTE DEMOCRATIC AND VOTE IN MASSES. Register people to vote. Help the campaign for Democrats.

  9. I’m on the side of the brave Hong Kongers vs CCCP! Whose side are you on? Good or evil? Left vs right? Yin vs Yang? Liberalism vs Authoritarianism?

  10. The United States wants to establish an intelligence department in Hong Kong. The Chinese government is preparing to eliminate this sector. The United States will launch a color campaign in China to encourage young people to riot. if the rioter in America,they already died

  11. The only thing we can see is a lot of people who call themselves “protester” hit a innocent person who think the police should protect the democratic environment of HK…

  12. I don’t the footage of a journalist and an innocent tourist got beaten up hardly by the “protesters” at the airport or the footage that HK police was attacked and hurt badly by the”protesters” in any of the main western media! How ridiculous that none of these media are telling complete and true stories. Shame on them!

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