Rioter who beat police officer says 'death is the only remedy' 1

Rioter who beat police officer says ‘death is the only remedy’


Video from The Telegraph shows Peter Francis Stager, the man federal prosecutors say beat a DC Metro police officer with the American flag, saying that "death is the only remedy" for the Capitol law enforcement officers.

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    1. That’s the way I’ll feel on Jan 21. What a total Joke. I hope I am the one who is duped, or brace yourselves and prepare for some major destruction of the middle class.

    1. Again, So Using (what seems to be right where I love going…
      The Moonbat Echo Chamber)

      “EVERY 46 Supporters’ An Antifa / Burn it Down BLM’r …

      About Accurate??

    2. @Purplekitty81 ingram And beating cops with a Blue Lives Matter flag. Irony is lost on these morons.

    3. @Daniel Spidell Oh I think it’s pretty clear how they were _supposed_ to interpret Dear Leader’s words. What’s not clear is who you think you are calling others stupid while also claiming Trump is both a POS and the “best” candidate. Either you’re an idiot or you think I am. If genuine it seems like you view the world through some sort of “Q” shaped hole. Smh.

  1. These terrorists should be treated just like we would treat Al-Qaeda or ISIS. They have given up their rights by attacking democracy.

    1. @Tavia Lativia
      oh dear you support the liar of the century.
      he’s going to keep lying, lying on his dunk bed in jail.

    2. @Tavia Lativia Hey, I’m still waiting for the evidence that BLM or antifa leaders were advocating burning both the White house and Capitol down AND did something to White house and Capitol. (just saying isn’t crime unless you committed something. that’s free speech you’re saying right?)
      The biggest problem with dumb Trump supporters is that whenever I asked any evidence, they stop replying it. If you’re so much confident, you should have something, not just “some people say…”.

      I’m sure you are NOT one of these idiots and true patriots, so please please show us the evidence.

    1. @Mastertilt 6969 please. if he had done that, you people would have said that he has no right to do that because he’s not in office. “why should anyone listen to biden?” that’s what we would have heard. being a private citizen has everything to do with it. meanwhile trump is supposed to be leading this country, and he’s completely checked out since he lost the election… because he cares about no one but himself. remember when he said that he’d be too busy being president to be playing any golf? literally all he’s doing these days is playing golf (when he’s not inciting violence). wake up.

    2. @dlb dlb So wait – just so I’m clear about your point. Are you saying shame on Sullivan for being an imposter with those attempting a coup via insurrection and sedition? Is that your point? You’re calling out the act of an infiltrator to the rebellion as some kind of….what?

    3. @dlb dlb so the Trump supporters were stupid enough to follow a guy who wasn’t even one of them? Followed him like a puppy? Followed a leftist? Stupid trumpys made the republican party look like a bunch of dogs.

    1. @Donald trump Needs to die I don’t think anybody cares if they are trump supporters. That’s a libbie thing.

    2. @Jordana Beaulieu he wasn’t necessarily the one that did it and a white female was shot and killed. How many BLM rioters were shot by police? ZERO so sit down with that “white privilege” BS

    3. @David Hansen Between 20 and 36, depending on your source, died during BLM protests. Not all were shot. Some were beaten. Some were run over by police cars. Some might have been bystanders, police, or counter protesters. I don’t remember the details, but they’re available to look up, and it’s not fake news.

  2. “Wouldn’t you rather someone kneel” I loved that.
    smh this is sad n pathetic. . These people are disgusting and we need to be honest about them and the fact that this is not an anomaly. This IS a huge part of our society in America. We need to be better. We need to face who we are.

    1. @Fred Hollis Yes snide, watch him say it again with no empathy for the man who was killed. Lemon is a borderline psychopath.

    2. @Susan D. Booker idk what you’re on about, but he’s talking about the right wing complaining when blacks kneel, saying it’s against the troops or some other bs, but then those same people resorted to this

    3. In 20 years the Democrat party will be defined as, “Cognitively dissonant.” What would you recon would happen if you took away the fear of God the Conservative party shares? Degrade them to a point in which they question the God they have followed since birth? What if they came to the point where their morals no longer mattered…they were no longer afraid of their God? Reality doesn’t care if you’re comfortable with her or not. Stop thinking you are in control just because you’re comfortable playing make believe. You know damn good and well, this ain’t gonna end in a way where you’re the, “Comfortable one.” There is no God, but, there is a hell. When you die you stand over your rotting physical self in disbelief. You lie to yourself & play it off as if it’s all but a dream. You could stand there for days, even years, lying to yourself just so it makes you feel better & right about it all. You will stand there and you will see through a ‘Curtain, or, veil.” Witnessing the deaths, rapes, beatings and murder of everyone you have ever known & loved. That’s your hell. I was pronounced dead three times for a total of 117 minutes. Am I brain dead & crazy, or, are you in for a, ‘Ride of a Deathtime?’ I will allow you to make yourself comfortable rearranging, ‘Your demise,’ any which way that makes, ‘You comfortable.’

  3. How did we “get to this”?
    America has always been this way. Those crazies have always been here, hiding under their rocks until the whistles called them out

    1. @Sunrise & Sunset the diffetence was that close to 300 innocent people were murdered before our eyes by the terrorist demokid rioters, just so that they could steal sneakers and t.v.’s. That’s a pretty big difference. 6 months of demokid chaos will never be forgotten by the entire human race, not just Americans.

    2. @waqaa it will happen again. Thanks to the power of social media. Those people, once the watch conspiracy videos, YouTube will provide them more and more same kind of videos. Illusion becomes facts for them. Then frustration. You know what happen from there.

    3. @Lunker Pond
      Stop deflecting.Last summer has nothing to do with this.
      The terrorists that attempted to overthrow the government were motivated by a liar that refuses to accept the truth.

      Blaming soneone else for your actions is what a child does.
      Grow up.

    1. No. Which was the last dictator we took out? Who ever that was would probably be a better letter than peach fuzzz here.

    2. DORIAN PRIME “I shall not today attempt further to define the kinds of material I understand to be embraced… [b]ut I know it when I see it …” US Supreme Court Justice Stewart.
      Shall we agree that “stupidity” is the same?

  4. It’s remarkable, the calm in which these “white” officers exhibited while recounting the events perpetrated by “white” rioters that could’ve cost them their lives. It is remarkable.

  5. “These people don’t represent me!”

    If you stood elbow to elbow with these guys, then I’m here to tell you – they Definitely represent you.

    1. @Brian Neil BLM is an organization, they have a website dedicated to their vision of what they want America to be and they have leaders. You are confusing Antifa who Biden excused as “just an idea” with an actual organization called Black Lives Matter.

    2. @Brian Neil “predictable and laughable” “violent criminals you once openly endeared as comrades.” ….where is your actual response to what I posted? A BLM leader is openly inciting insurrection and violence and instead of addressing it you just reply with personal attacks.

    3. @Thyalwaysseek stating that an act is laughable and predictable is not “petty name calling”.

      Referring to you as “delicate” would be an example of petty name calling.

      Violent criminals is what these people are by law. The violence is documented and replaying literally everywhere right now, and there have been more than 100 arrests and several incarcerated without the option of bond.

      I don’t have to answer any of your whataboutism deflections.

  6. “How did we get here?”
    The country is literally living in 2 different realities, being guided by 2 different moral compasses. When you watch Fox News for years and it tells you that you’re right and they’re wrong, over and over is it really a wonder? If society allows you to keep pushing the boundaries and you’re called a patriot, is it a wonder? When they reference the “radical left” the same way they describe ISIS, is it a wonder? When their horrible behavior and lies are supported and reinforced by the president and majority of their party, of course they think they’re normal and everyone is crazy!

    1. just what I’ve been saying. Then again, when you think about it, nothing that the Republican party does is based in fact. Their trickle down economics don’t work, their climate denial is based on money from the fossil fuel industry, and their fiscal conservatism doesn’t preclude them from spending millions or even billions on a useless wall that will have long term consequences for the local environment instead of, say, a countrywide rail system for improved mass transit or fighting climate change.

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