1. The damage was all they emphasized on. A few broken windows, burnt garbage cans, litter on the street, and that poor woman who couldn’t hear her tv.

    2. @James Glasbergen And what would you have them focus on? That IS THE STORY. Although yeah, I would have interviewed the rioters themselves, and let them show what raving lunatics they are. How selfish and spoiled adults can behave just like spoiled little children. And like hoodlums and criminals.

    1. @Cartoonishly Inept they are not protests, most of them really immature teens like lowlifes who is addicting drugs omg u need get a life

    2. @Anti-Mask and Anti-Vaxx is New World Order _”omg u need get a life”_
      This is exactly the level of discourse I’ve come to expect from state apologists.

    3. @Cartoonishly Inept We get it, you’re an edgy libertarian kid. Very cool, we’re all so impressed…

    4. @Cartoonishly Inept I dont care what u said but I bet u have no life whatever Iosers

  1. The average gym owner needs to stay shut but Costco, walmart, SAQ and the weed store get to stay open. It’s about time we wake up

    1. @Moms MADD You are completely right. It’s all because of the idiots that lockdowns are needed because they don’t know how to or refuse to follow health guidelines. You have to treat children like children and treat idiots like idiots.

    2. @paulcorda At Costco in Manitoba all non essential items were blocked off and couldn’t be bought.

    3. @Tsung-Yuan Kuo I consider myself a specialist in this area, I’ve had to eat food all my life so I can tell you with certainty that it is hard to survive without groceries.

    1. @Mary Lawrence Neither do they WHAT? And who are you talking to? Wow! You guys are a real bunch of stable geniuses!

    2. @Mary Lawrence This I do understand. Possibly even agree. But it’s still impossible to tell what you are saying. Or what you mean.

  2. Leave the small businesses away from this. They are the victims/ innocent ones and have nothing to do with this 🤦‍♂️

    1. @Mike Davis The News didn’t ignore the damage and looting by the rioters. The BLM protests were mostly peaceful in case you didn’t know, which you probably don’t. Floyd may not have been an upstanding citizen and role model, that does mean it’s ok for him to be killed.

    2. @Bob Kozalov 2 billion dollars in damage and a handful of deaths are peaceful to you…your a very sick individual then.

    3. @Mike DavisHow many protests were there all together and how many riots were there? Riots meaning anywhere there was looting and vandalism. How many please.?

  3. Lock everyone down and don’t forget to keep the airports open to let in the “variants “

    1. I wouldn’t be surprised if we’re still hearing of lockdowns in 2022-2023, that’s what you get with half-measures.

  4. “the businesses have insurance” I think that’s what you guys said all last summer during the peaceful protests

    1. BLM is an organization that organizes riots and accuses anyone who describes it as such as racists.

  5. These children should be tracked down and charged. Businesses are already suffering and those business owners should be able to sue for damages

    1. That they can get some money from insurance because they are not working they have family to feed

    2. @No name Women insurance only pay for damage, not includes loss business due to closure for renovation. Also think about employee that work in the shop. They don’t get pay when the business is close for renovation.

    1. Yeah maybe switch focus to gov. buildings or big businesses? Not that I support it or say it should happen.

    2. @Tony Roberts I think it was both because the riot police in Montreal tried to disperse a protest that became violent an threw stuff at police weeks ago in March.

  6. I don’t like the news these days because the reporters don’t remain impartial. Just tell me exactly what happened, not your thoughts on the matter.

    1. Reporters are idiots they say what their bosses tell them to say after they chop off the stuff they want to choose off. it is all about sensationalism not fact!

  7. Pay attention how they switched it. All the sudden they care about small biz. Meanwhile Politicians put those small biz in to starvation mode, This is sad,

  8. I would have been against this a year ago, but now that I know “riots are the voices of the unheard” I’m fine with it

    1. Google: “Riot News” in Any other country. A dozen kids who were only there to vandalize & try to loot had nothing to do with protests. LOL

  9. So that woman talking already knows businesses are suffering. Yet you’re not doing anything about it.

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