RJRGleaner Group Under Fire on Social Media – October 20 2020

RJRGleaner Group Under Fire on Social Media - October 20 2020 1


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4 Comments on "RJRGleaner Group Under Fire on Social Media – October 20 2020"

  1. Some people have nothing to do so they waste time on foolishness Some of you Wasters on social media need to find yourself a job People and And Andorse who they wan to what’s the big deal Everyone has a personal life and has the right to choose or To endorse whoso ever they want to

    • Stop talking nonsense, the very reason ppl continue to accuse Media outlets as being biased is based on a perception. Now here is the Chairman of a Media house publicly endorsing a political candidate this is now beyond perception. The damage he has knowingly done to Ms. Hannah campaign by endorsing her opponent is deliberate. Should he be a honourable person he would resign but I now know spineless ppl are not only in politics but Private sector as well.

    • @D. McKenzie You are talking nonsense and some time we follow too much Instead of being ourself The media house did not endorse Golding One person indoors Golding which he has a right to So whether I do it public are secretly its the same thing what difference Every one of their preference in every media house but they just keep it to themselves I guess sometimes some of us of too much time on orhun so we find time to make fuss over nothing Why don’t make a fuss about the kids that cannot go to school the ones that are in the street of nowhere to sleep have nothing to eat Don’t know where the next meal is coming from Use the social media to do something constructive Something to help the less fortunate Instead of talking about who endorse who are his what how does that help Like seriously some of you people need to get a life

    • @Eric Watson you clearly don’t understand politics, the homeless children you are referring to is a result of Political inaction in many cases. The Chairman have sat in the past and possibly present on Many Govt. Boards collecting Millions that could have helped many homeless and destitute ppl. I’m happy you mentioned that Media practioners keep their Political views to themselves because thats what professionals do. Clearly the Chairman lacks professionalism by your observations.

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