Ro Khanna: Dianne Feinstein is unable to ‘fulfill her duties’ #Shorts

Rep. Ro Khanna is joining the growing list of Democrats calling on Sen. Dianne Feinstein to resign her Senate seat.

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Two House Democrats are calling on a member of their own party to resign from her Senate seat before the term ends. Reps. Ro Khanna of California and Dean Phillips of Minnesota say Sen. Dianne Feinstein, D-Calif., needs to step down. They claim the 89-year-old Feinstein, who has been in the Senate since 1992, can no longer fulfill the duties of her office.

She has been on a leave from the Senate since early March, when she was hospitalized for shingles. Feinstein has since been recovering at home. The pushback comes as Feinstein's prolonged absence from the Senate has delayed President Joe Biden's judicial nominations in the chamber narrowly held by Democrats.

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  1. She’s too OLD and her hanging on is a Danger to our DeMockery. She should be FORCED to resign if she doesn’t leave voluntarily.

  2. Why would she even ask that question she is being paid to do a job!! I can’t sit out of work for 2 years and still have a job under any circumstances.

  3. This seat will likely be a “lifetime” seat and should be filled by citizens’ vote — not politicians trying to firm up alliances.

  4. Full battery neuropsychological testing should be able to be used on any government official where ability to perform duties — or possibly even basic competency — might be concerns.

    Think about this as applied to the former guy in the White House (who could fathomably be functionally illiterate at baseline — from observations.)

  5. Age limitation for tenure isnt unreasonable. Also another restriction should be in place. They cannot be a millionaire or billionaire. And no investment ties.

  6. Yeah, we know, she is retiring in 2024. Why are we still talking about this? She is not running for re-election, so you go through a primary and you let her finish her legal term she started.

  7. She’s 90 yrs old. Her best years are behind her and her continuance at half speed is a hindrance. Diane, thank you for your service.👠♥️

  8. I have been say this about Sen. Feinstein for two year. Even asked her aide on the about it all.

  9. All representatives, should be subject to immediate recall. Regular citizens live with the extraordinary fact, they could be fired at any time. the privilege that so many businessmen and their politicians they buy, have, of “failing up” the career ladder, needs to end.

  10. Forced retirement at the same age for maximum Social Security should be the norm. That age is 72 !

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