1. America needs President Bidens infrastructure now!!! Look at what happened in the northeast with floods, California with fires, and Louisiana with a monster hurricane. The infrastructure couldn’t handle it.

    1. Read the bill. Very little of it is for infrastructure. It is full of the left’s radical socialist programs. Haven’t you figured it out yet. The dems lie.

    2. Also it’s essentially disaster capitalism because they know the cycles of this type of weather as well as have weather modification systems and geo-engineering so they can capitalize on natural AND man made disasters.

    1. @Winston Smith well the repubs are already asking for 25 billions more than the already inflated new defense budget.

    2. @Jazzy And I suspect the Dems will almost immediately back down and give the Repubs what they want. Dems never stand up to Republicans (because I suspect they agree with them) but they have a habit of telling us progressives that what we’re asking for is impossible. Which is why I almost never vote for Democrats (I usually go third party)

    3. @Winston Smith yep. I understand the 3rd party vote but if it only dilutes the Dem votes then repub have more chance to win unfortunately.

    4. @Jazzy Yeah, it’s a very tricky thing. The last four elections I voted: Obama, Green, Green, Biden. If third party candidates get more votes, it’ll force the Democrats to adopt their platform. If no one votes third party, the Democrats will keep doing what they’re doing.

  2. Those who regretted the financial cost of the Afghan war may appreciate spending in our own country, for a change.

  3. By the time moderates are done cutting this “infrastructure bill” no one but Mark Zuckerberg and Jeff Bezos will qualify to get any money.

  4. It appears as if despite all we are facing this day with this pandemic and the constant drumbeat of this ‘socio-political-cultural’ morass we have created is tearing us apart and will not go away soon. I mostly read on these videos and other social media site comments. The words I have read do not bode well for our nation.

  5. Pass the bill !!! We the people NEED help now. Why is it so hard for the leaders we voted in and are paying their salaries to help people who really need it? Military complex? No problem. American People? Sorry we can’t afford it, you’re not worth it. I’ll tell you, WE ARE GETTING SICK AND TIRED OF ALL OF YOU. Time to stop paying their salaries until they help the people.

  6. And come 2022 biden’s outrages and awful standing in the polls is going to inspire American voters to give you all the boot.

  7. California is the next Detroit, ppl who can leave are. U cant even find a U-Haul in Ca without waiting a while bc so many 1 way trips out of the state. I am in sales & apx 50% customers r ppl who fled Ca.

  8. The way to crush the middle class, is to crush them between the millstones of taxation and inflation. John Maynard Keynes.

  9. Chuck Todd thinks there’s just no money to give Americans everything they need, but there is money to fund forever wars.

  10. Just a couple days ago, Ro Khanna said Biden’s withdrawal was a “resounding success”. Then today he admits they left people behind. He’s just another political hack and the epitome of what everyone hates about politics. If Trump was in office he would be calling for impeachment over the withdrawal debacle and the 13 dead MARINES. Ro Khanna boasts about being part of the biggest Afghanistan community….That community is in Fremont, California, not Cupertino, another lie, another fraud.

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