Road Block in Portland – No Water, Patience Done | Homeless Under Attack #tvjmiddaynews

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  1. 🙏🏼💪🏼💜blessings to everyone, if you haven’t yet repented and accepted christ Jesus as your Lord and Savior,please do so before its too late its not God”s will for none to perish.Acts 2vs 38 John 3vs16 Romans 10 vs 13

    1. Amen we striving for our Rev 22! Repent for the kingdom of God is at hand, stop kill and hurt each other and stop conforming to the world! Live up, get in the Word! May His grace and mercy and the Holy Spirit guide you to all truth.

  2. Portland have the most beautiful Water coming from the highest region of Jamaica the Blue Mountains. Shame on the Andrew Holness administration still making it Impossible to survive Jamaican people under the Same old Colonial Dams And Reservoirs

    1. If your arty did make the preparation they would not have this problem your party rule thier for 30 plus year

    2. Don’t know what you talking about. Here, Boston side of Portland the water is as salty as F…

  3. Be careful of foster caring Foster carers husbands will abuse them. Its being known

  4. It’s so tragic that so much people are homeless if only we where looking out for each other helping some one who is in need of help

  5. Canada hasn’t been using mask for over a year, and no problems. Teach better immune responses.

  6. NWC needs a complete sweep fron top to bottom and a lot of its directors; managers; supervisors etc Fired!!! They claim water is the source of life yet they have no regard for their customers plight, and kindly refrain from talking about drought. We are sorrounded by water and if only this govt would use the money to benefit its citizens we would not have all these problems.

  7. If these people learn to vote on issues rather than for party they will have better representation from their MPs.

    1. You couldn’t have said it any better….one of the greatest problems with this country is those people who claim this rubbish about”die harted” PNP and JLP

  8. I agree with Professor Morrison!
    I do not go to church, work or on the street without mine. I only removed mine when I’m eating, yet I contracted covid earlier this year from a child who was sitting close to me!

  9. Jamaica needs to upgrade NWC for the 21st Century, develop our reservoirs so that they are more efficient or buildout news ones. This is unacceptable, heads should role.

    1. Be patient…when Jamaica removes the Queen and become a republic… ALL water and infrastructure problems will be solved….just be patient Nuh🥸

  10. Its very sad when read of these comments first people deserve to have water good road and all the basic necessity for them to live comfortably but i have some questions when did all of these problems gotten so bad is it from the last 5 years.???

  11. Water commissions are collecting water bills and now water is coming in the pipes. Port Antonio is a rainy parish and people cant get water. What is going on in Portland. Serious time.

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