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  1. Cooking of Survival | October 25, 2020 at 11:45 AM | Reply

    Hello American,

    Don’t trust them polls!

  2. Captain_Mulligan | October 25, 2020 at 12:33 PM | Reply

    Don’t crap the bed again, America. Go do what your founders fought for, and VOTE

    • Gregory Alfano | October 25, 2020 at 10:40 PM | Reply

      @Siblits Central
      Fear not fret not Siblits.
      Double down on this link. I highly reccomend a large screen tv with excellent surround sound..
      A masterpiece of video presentation.

    • @John michael Jesus said “My book says my followers must worship in truth. Donald Trump please stop telling so many lies so my followers will not believe falsehoods and be conned by you”

    • Siblits Central | October 25, 2020 at 10:46 PM | Reply

      @Gregory Alfano okay- thank you !! I’ll check it out. Have a good evening

    • @John michael Jesus says “My worshipers must follow truth. Please Donald follow the scientific experts on climate science and health science so science can protect my followers. I love the over 200,000 people who have died needlessly”

    • Siblits Central | October 25, 2020 at 10:59 PM | Reply

      @Gregory Alfano hmmm. So approximately 300 miles accomplished and only 5 of that is “new”, the rest seems to be improvement to existing and all at our expense? Not really what I was told to expect. I’m not trying to be picky I just believed him.

  3. Don’t listen to this, go out and vote. Polls mean nothing.

    • Don’t vote, no need

    • You say that yet Trump seems to be paying attention to them because there following them to decide where to go

    • Voting is the polling that counts.

    • I AGREE

    • @John michael JESUS NEVER SAID ANY OF THAT CRAP. Those are echoes of the FOX/TRUMP propaganda vibrating in your ears like the sounds of the sea.
      They who have adopted the ELMO method of brain washing. “TODAYS WORD IS HUNTER BIDEN… Thats HUNTER BIDEN….NOW YOU SAY IT ….HUNTER BIDEN
      and so on, AS FOR ALL THE REST. TRUMP has privatized the Presidency Thats why he always talks about the TRUMP Presidency.. He is adding his brand name to any and all comers both Foreign and Domestic. In 10 days It will go the same way as trump STEAKS, trump UNIVERSITY, trump AIRLINES, the short lived TOUR DE trump, Trump CASINOS, trump VODKA and he has not just had ONE meeting with his son in the WHITEHOUSE as you claim. HE HAS HIS WHOLE FAMILY WORKING THERE AND RUNNING THE WHITEHOUSE give us a break.
      TRUMP imputes a single crime, or act, or saying to his enemies projecting the EXACT VERY THINGS he does x a Million.


  5. For the love of god VOTE

    • Madeline Schaffer | October 25, 2020 at 7:38 PM | Reply

      And country… please VOTE.

    • @B Moore you’ve had four years to factcheck Trump’s statements. If you don’t know his lies by now, my telling you is not going to make an ounce of difference..it would be like words bouncing off bricks. I’ll tell you what, why don’t you ask each of Trump’s wives if Trump has lied.

    • @D M Typical left cop-out. No links, no proof. So gaslit. So sad.

    • @B Moore nah, got the proof, got the links, just don’t have the energy for people who aren’t honest players. However, if you wish to be an honest player, will be happy to provide info.

    • Excatly!……the orange baffoon is finished!!! 😁💪…walk of shame time for trump

  6. I hope everybody isn’t going to cling to these polls like last time and get complacent. Get out and vote! These polls are meaningless unless you actually vote!

  7. AGAIN: Don’t trust the Polls!!! VOTE, VOTE, VOTE!!!! That’s the only thing that COUNTS!

  8. Vote people, vote. This all means nothing if you don’t vote.

  9. Make America united again!

    • @Herakets Games same same same

    • Herakets Games | October 25, 2020 at 7:17 PM | Reply

      @Loch121 A child narcissist actively dividing it never helps that aspect.

    • @Herakets Games Facts but to racists Obama did the same from their perspective.Just mentioning history makes you un American

    • Joe Biden has great decision making skills.

      My stance on busing was a mistake.
      My vote for the Crime Bill was a mistake.
      My vote for NAFTA was a mistake.
      My vote for the Iraq War was a mistake.
      Obama/Biden Immigration policy was a mistake.
      Opposing the Bin Laden raid was a mistake.

      Vote for me!

    • @Karen Schumer oh lady you need to do your own research and not listen to any news station.

  10. The Militant Dilettante | October 25, 2020 at 2:28 PM | Reply

    So heartened to see many here writing this, so I’ll just continue the plea: GO VOTE!

  11. Ignore the polls and VOTE. Love and Light from Mississippi. Y’all stay safe, wear your masks, and take care of each other. ✌🏽🖤😷

  12. Let’s get them out ! Vote vote vote!

  13. Time to show the power of Democracy and Vote in massive numbers.

  14. VOTE!!! Show up everyone!! This is the most important election EVER!!

  15. Don’t let these polls make you lazy!!! Go out and vote early

  16. The billionaires are hoping you don’t vote, so piss them off and vote.

    • Gregory Alfano | October 25, 2020 at 9:07 PM | Reply

      @Gemma Murphy
      Good question that won’t ever be answered. Last January, people were aghast at the windfall Trump had accumulated in a short time. While simultaneously, the Democrats were doing nickel ante. Then this summer…while Joe slept in his basement and longingly sniffed women’s hair in magazine pictures, tanker sized loads of unfathomable wealth and riches began to slam into the Biden campaign. Last I checked, Biden has about a 7 to 1 advantage over Trump in cash.
      Amazing, Republicans supposedly party of the elite, multi national corporations… and Democrats, party of working people, minorities, disenfranchised…and yet…

    • @Gregory Alfano I’m so glad you wrote back to me cause I think I have something to share with you that will help you understand how it works. I hope you will hear me out. Australia has had Medicare for all, since 1974, under right and left wing governments. Under right wing governments it has faired less well because of their belief in private markets and profits, they have tried to sabotage it through a thousand cuts. However, it is so popular that they have almost lost elections over it. Even with all their misdeeds, Medicare continues and for the most part it’s free. You can go to any gp and they will send the bill straight to the government. Some gps still charge over the threshold but it’s a small amount, $10 or $20. It’s the same wigh most specialists. The majority of gps bulk-bill the government so there’s no out of cost fees. Public hospitals are good, sometimes better than private. Private insurance funds exist, I have it, but because they are in competition with free services, they have few rejections, pre-existing conditions are covered and the fees are like $100 a month for a single top cover. I just went to hospital for surgery, paid nothing, was treated well, had my treatment within a month of it being requested, no fees for the ultrasounds, blood tests, meds, etc. The only reason I took out a private fund is cause I have one of the few conditions the government doesn’t cover, otherwise I wouldn’t bother. I also pay only $6 per script cause of Medicare. I have never heard of anyone going into debt in Australia due to medical costs. Now, when we compare a person in Australia with a person in the US, statistically, Australians pay half of what Americans pay and we cover everyone with good quality care. The US ranks at 37 globally, under Slovenia for healthcare. Your statement about the quality of medicine in the US, respectfully, it might have been true in the past but not anymore. However, even if it was true, what does it matter to a person who can’t afford it…it’s like saying that you’re living on a deserted island made of gold…it’s useless the the bulk of the country. From my understanding, what Biden wants to do is create an opening for those who want a government funded insurance scheme to access it. He is not going to stop private insurance companies from existing, everyone will have a choice in this. However, what I imagine will happen going on the Australian experience, is that a lot of people will opt for the government scheme, and leave private insurance or for the first time have healthcare. This is good for people like yourself cause those figures you used will fall dramatically. Like any business, insurance companies need to compete and if they find themselves competing with a cheap alternative, guess what they will do to get your business…they will stop finding ways of rejecting claims, they will end their attacks on pre-existing conditions, they will lower their prices dramatically to match the government’s. This is being pro-life. What’s Trump plan only God knows cause he’s had four years and to be honest, having seen Republican politicians on this issue, it’s going to be more free healthcare for them and death to everyone who isn’t doing well.

    • Gregory Alfano | October 25, 2020 at 10:02 PM | Reply

      @D M
      God almighty! I’ve been known to throw out comments that size occasionally…
      Since I hadn’t even heard of Outbackcare, I had to diligently research the merits n such. Also, personally, I agree that good healthcare insurance is essential for everyone. It’s just how that’s arrived at that elicits my opinionated responses.
      So,the web of interweaving health plans is extensive. And while the costs to the individual can vary widely, Australian healthcare ranks @ the top end. Congratulations. Some cons,which aren’t necessarily related to the plans themselves, nonetheless are having an impact. Such as out of pocket expenses going up in costs 4.5% faster than government contributions. Australia has a rapidly aging population that’s exacerbated at times by large areas of remote populations. Also there appears to be a pretty serious doctor and nurse shortage looming on the horizon.
      Personally, I’ve got this thing called a VEBA (retired)through my union, USWA. Then in a few I’ll go to Medicare. Currently I pay about $300 a month towards premiums for a single and copays, deductibles are pretty reasonable.. there’s a little dental, a little eye care. I compared it to Obamacare and the first year it was close $$. However, Obamacare now would break my little bank.
      Say there, I see where the the best and baddest Rock n Roll band ever AC⚡DC are putting out a new album Powerup, gonna do a little touring… It’s ANGUS, Brian Johnson, (I saw him and the band live for his last performance before hearing issues forced him to retire February 29,2016, Sprint Center Rock or Bust Tour) Steve Young who replaced Malcolm, bass player Cliff Williams, and the original drummer who was in deep doodoo in 2016 in New Zealand, Cliff Rudd.

    • @Gregory Alfano What the hell are you yapping about?

    • @Gregory Alfano yeah, ACA wasn’t going to work, not because it couldn’t but of because Republicans did to it, same here, what the Liberal National Party are doing to Medicare here. Remember what I said about how Medicare was totally free here in the 1970s+ and cheap in terms of gdp. Well, the whole copay idea, yep, LNP(right wing), the more profit is introduced into the system, the more expensive it becomes. The only way Medicare or ACA or any universal healthcare stays cheap or free is to take profit out of it. I’m a pragmatist with politics, if you go too left, you risk stagnation but if you go too right, you risk chaos, economically speaking, and lives since they are intertwined. I vote left mostly but if I see a decent Rep leader and I think the country could use a kick economically, then I will vote right wing. There’s some areas however, which are worth the cost of taxes and should be a cornerstone of a civilized country…that’s healthcare and education. There should be an independent body running those, headed by the best independent minds and totally free. There’s no reason why a smart country can’t have capitalism and yet have some services which are considered so central that profit is not involved. You could have public and private options, let people have the freedom to choose…chances are, if it’s done right and not chipped away by bought politicians, you’ll get a free public option and a cheap private option. Btw, the $100 a month I pay, that’s inclusive of everything. And again, even our private cover has gone up, because with a right wing government, they know they have the support to raise fees. I hate to see people suffering needlessly and have met a few people like that on fb, who feel like they have to leave their own country because they can’t get medical care…drives me nuts…which is why you got the long reply. Wishing you the best, whatever happens.

  17. Yeah let’s not do this again. Just go out and VOTE.

    • Joe doesn’t have a chance if he’s going to keep hiding in his basement and dodging questions about his pay-to-play scam with his son. Trump will be hitting 4-5 states per day while Joe hides from the media…and that will be during the MOST crucial time!

    • @Joe Citizen Biden isn’t the one with a VERY shady Chinese bank account, and Biden is also not the one facing criminal bank fraud as well as criminal tax fraud. Trump’s going down, an intense humiliation.

    • @codent Thank you!!!

  18. Ignore these polls and vote!

  19. BAD Politicians are elected by GOOD people who DON’T VOTE…VOTE BYE-DON 2020💙

  20. I swear, if Biden loses, these “news” stations need to rethink how they cover elections. This sh*t is ridiculous.

    • There have to be more of us than there are of them. Most Americans are decent and honest. I have to believe that. The first time was a fluke because people didn’t really know who he was. Now they know.

    • Because they’re all FAKE NEWS! When will you all realize that?

    • @R M No fluke at all… He’ll win again! The American People do know him and most ARE decent and NOT “deplorables” including those who vote to keep this country from becoming a socialist nation where we are NOT truly free. It’s not a “personality” contest. It’s an election for a President. But even if it were… Many, many, many would NEVER vote for a person as demonstrably corrupt in office for almost 50 years as Biden. He’s an awful person.

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