Road Works Hampering Business in Bull Bay | 30% Increase in Murders – Westmoreland – Sept 15 2022


  1. I don’t understand all this nonsense surely before the roads works started there would have meeting between the contractors and the business owners and stakeholders, so, why are we now at stage where there is complain of floods and dust.

  2. This police Superintendent is hearing but he is not listening the message Superintendent THE PEOPLE HAS NO CONFIDENCE IN POLICE, THEY ARE AFRAID OF GIVING THE CORRUPT ORGANISATION ANY INFORMATION, DO YOU UNDERSTAND. The organisation which you are apart of it is a criminal organisation how do you expect the general public to divulge information to a criminal organisation. Please try and understand that you have a brain use it.

  3. The place full a murderers my God Jamaica need a stern security minister a stern commissioner and a leader who cares about it’s citizens. Jamaica has become the worst place on earth all because the lack of leadership.

  4. Sorry for there inconveniences but everyone complained about the roads are bad now there giving you all a new road, I think it’s worth the patience because it will be an better investment in everyone business in the future.

  5. Maybe the reason why so many Jamaican don’t have any respect for law and order is because the forces of law and order is still have the British crown and other royal emblems still attached to their uniform .

  6. We keep dumping up the morasses to build houses, beaches and complexes and these are a big part of the eco-systems that feed the sea and provides a base for the fishes and things that feed the fishes to thrive. This continues to happen as much as we know the dangers and we will soon not see any fishes in our waters. We the small persons only know the land gone when we see it already being dumped up.

  7. WE SHOULD HAVE POSTER WITH ALL THEM PICTURE PUT UP ALL OVER THE PARISHES – Put up some money too 100k for there capture.

  8. The national works agency that man who appear on TVJ beyond the headline he’s the problem I do not know what him is for

  9. The highway schedule to be completed in October of 2022 is taking way too long because no one is working everything is a standstill…now is September nd the highway is nowhere near completion

  10. Before the road even start that was the problem all along don’t make them trick you all, the sea affi ruff before it calm

  11. I know the roads very well .I don’t think these engineer’s plan so good they should lift the road at certain points and pitch the water at certain points .so that.the water run off into the water table and into the sea or gullys .broad roads and pretty roads don’t cut it .because at the end of the day when rain fall .and water is settled and the road dig.up .we are back to square one

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