‘Rock-Ribbed’ Conservative Mike Pence Booed During Conference | MSNBC

Former Vice President Mike Pence was heckled Friday with calls of during the Faith and Freedom Coalition event in Kissimmee, Florida. The Morning Joe panel discusses.

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'Rock-Ribbed' Conservative Mike Pence Booed During Conference | MSNBC


  1. Invite him on the show, ruffle his hair and have a laugh. Did wonders for your friend, Trump

    1. @Steven Cahn we should tag team more often. Catch me at 5 on the Arizona audit and videos of Rockton

  2. Poor Mike Pence is like one of those sad dogs that always returns to the master who beats it.

    1. Pence morphed into a fly. he hasn’t been a WH poodle for a long time. No more rolling over and showing doinky for treats.

  3. If Republicans in Washington can’t make a difference, what are they doing there? “Rank and file” are followers of their leaders. You’re saying Republicans cannot lead. What a waste of space. Sick of everyone saying “I have no power and can’t do anything”. Everyone abdicating their small areas of power is exactly how totalitarianism arises. Take some responsibility for yourself and your platform, especially as an elected official or a talking head.

    1. If one can’t see the invalid 4 year impeachment, maybe one could see ivermectin, that should shake the faith in the evil facebook,google,twitter,media, medical establishment, big government

    2. @Sam Harris blame all those things as much as you like. But at the end of the day the only man responsible for the impeachment of Donald Trump is Donald Trump. Period. Not “but whaddabout”. PERIOD.

    3. Washington Republicans are the ultimate Welfare Queens. They get paid handsomely and many freebee perks for doing absolutely nothing. Certainly not representing their constituents.

    1. @Sam Harris They are not the same for both republican and democratic states. States with Republican governors have experienced 57.53 coronavirus deaths per million of population, states with Democratic governors have 179.74 deaths per million (probably due to the democratic population distribution being more concentrated in cities.). Right up until June and in July where it flipped and deaths with Republican-led states saw 1.17-times more cases and 1.8-times more deaths probably due to the republicans reluctance to inflict tighter controls.

    2. @James Griggs So, Sam Harris don’t intend to receive or to give the virus? The virus doesn’t have an intelligence. The only thing viruses want to do is to infect with or without permission of the carrier. As I told him, my brother died of Covid-19, he took zinc, vitamin d etc. Still, he died. He just died, alone in his bedroom. The coroner performed an autopsy, his lungs were destroyed by the virus. Did I mention that my brother was 47? Healthy? No other sickness was found? Took vitamin C, D, zinc etc. The virus “intends” to stay forever. So let Harris “intend”, until he gets infected. He is old enough to take the risk for not taking a vaccine.

    3. @Paulus de Boskabouter Trouble is you can carry it and not know. then pass it on to others. He may not want to get the vaccine for himself but its worth doing for other people. Its exactly why i got it.

    1. @Jennifer Middleton I know… thank you, Jennifer. You ladies have a pleasant rest of your day, got to go. Peace.

  4. No Matter! Laughing and jeering at
    Pence, is like doing the same to a
    Wall. Pence withstood 5 years of
    being Trump’s lapdog, he can take
    Anything; he’s Oblivious to it! LOL 😄😄😄😄😄

    1. He put up with Trump putting a target on his back & sending his fanatics, who then threatened to hang him & came within 2 minutes of catching him & his FAMILY in the hall, as they escaped. It’s INSANE. He threw his soul & brain in the garbage for an insecure con man.

  5. Man when even your own religious people turn against you for the unholy one, that has to hurt.

    1. It’s amazing, mind control Pence gets heckled and immediately says three positive reaction trigger words and gets a positive reaction. Religious people are trained to following the preachers word and they didn’t disappoint. I’m convinced republicans equate the GOP to the word of GOD.

    2. @INCARNATE The House of MAGA , Tea Partiers and True Christian Conservatives…. (Just like Satan) divided against itself, can not stand.. in other words It Will Fail

      You are right it is a Fairy Tale but one that has a very good lesson.
      Don’t assume that people who quote the Bible are believers. I am an atheist, but I know it well enough to know its a fraud.

    3. Pence didn’t do or say anything in 4 years so now he wants to set the record straight, it’s time for him to go back to his day job cuz him and politics are like oil and water, plus he hasn’t got a clue what he’s doing until he talks to mother.

  6. I think it’s hilarious how these republicans sold their souls and still get heckled by the soulless.

    1. I hear the crowd reaction. They dare to accuse Democrats of cannibalism while their own mouths show us who is guilty of that crime.

    1. @Jennifer Middleton Because they’re told to be grumpy by their conspiracy theory “news” and cult leaders. Oh, America is losing at everything says the orange assclown, look over there at this outrage I just made up, so you can’t see what I’m stealing over here.
      The CARAVAN of MS-13 is coming to the border, and to your town NEXT!

    1. Did anything like this happen during Reagan Bush I or Bush II? of course not! Donald Trump is the worst and he brings out the worst in people! Don’t get me wrong, Mike deserves everything he gets but the sad thing is the crowd is siding with the person who is lying and cheating!

    1. It isn’t about the “big lie”, it isn’t about Trump, it’s about right-wing Christianity. Trump’s power over the Republican Party comes from comes from the evangelical Christianity voting block. All the liberal media avoids any mention of this.

    1. @Deb Shaw Mcconnell is another one “Donald Trump is responsible for the Insurrection and Must be punished BUT if he is Chosen by the Party to sit in the White House have a Second Chance for Another Insurrection,i will support him”

    2. @Julie It sure does,but when Money and Power are involved,pretty much ALL BEHAVIOR IS ACCEPTABLE,Including and Unfortunately,Sexual Assault.

    1. You are correct, if you say you are a Chtistian, your ways and actions will show you are or not.

  7. McConnell backtracked after he spoke up he’s been sticking up for Trump ever since and he knew all along he wasnt going to vote for conviction. He is the worst of them all.

  8. “Conservatives” have held this country back with their fear, hate and stupidity since the 1700s

    1. We called them Tories back then, loyal to the King of England, because that was the conservative thing to do. LEFTISTS with RADICAL ideas, like democracy, founded America. I hate when Limpy’s reich wing traitors try to take full credit for founding America.

    2. The GQP is the party of fear, and the party of if you don’t look like them you don’t belong. ” I’m a Christian” YOU MR. PENCE ARE A FAKE CHRISTIAN. HE AS A CHRISTIAN DOESNT KNOW GOD SEES ALL HIS LIES?

  9. Riding on the coat tails of an Orange Anti-Christ, he calls himself a ‘Christian, Conservative and a Republican.’…….the 1st of the 3 being a complete blasphemy.

    1. The problem is, he should have said ‘American, Republican, Christian…….’ The US is first and foremost a secular democracy. What Pence is describing here is a theocracy.

    2. @Kevin Pitt DEFINITELY!! They are SO confused, and FULLY will believe whatever shovels full of manure is slung at them. 😜😜

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