Romelu Lukaku | TVJ Sports Commentary - June 24 2021 1

Romelu Lukaku | TVJ Sports Commentary – June 24 2021


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  1. Lukaku was and probably still being judge based on his first touches and somewhat clumsy handling of the ball. Nevertheless I’d still pick him over many other stickers.

    Manchester United is still searching for a striker but yet let Lukaku went to Inter Milan.

  2. Romelu can’t match R9 skill. R9 kept defenders up at night, shivering with cold sweat. When R9 run at defenders, they have to change their underwear after. Lukaku has prolific has he has been, does not have that same effect. R9 was complete.

  3. People, in the video it has already been said that he “not the most flashy”, “not the most skillful”. The point being made here is, that he has a better goal-per-game-ration on international level then those players mentioned and it is not being recognised. Why not debating that point PEOPLE, instead of referring to his first touch and his other short-comings already mentioned, him not to be good at?

  4. Skin color has nothing to with it, man play in serie a where it’s not that popular compared to the other leagues.

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