Ron DeSantis threatens to build a state prison next to Disney World #Shorts

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis unveiled more legislation aimed at exerting control over Disney properties in Florida. He also mentioned building a prison near Disney World.

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It's the latest chapter in a remarkable saga that has helped define DeSantis' culture warrior image, pitting the governor against a company synonymous with Florida tourism.

DeSantis has slammed Disney for being too "woke" after the company opposed his Parental Rights in Education Act, dubbed by critics the "Don't Say Gay Bill."

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  1. Donate the money to the people of the state of Florida via debit in a random 200 person lotto and bank the rest for infrastructure damage… ijs be smart about the way you spend and where you spend it. The dollar is still an important factor right now, no offense to anyone

  2. This man is being aggressive to business. He can’t take criticism on a local level I will hate to see it to national level.

  3. He wasn’t threatening to build a state prison. He said someone suggested it. I’m not a Desantis fan but just saying…the title to the video is misleading. 😐 Tell the truth…okay?

    1. @Kezan Cloud Agreed. Disney is okay. Jiminy cricket and Donald Duck are cool. Disney is cool. I’ve heard that Walt was a bit antisemitic though. So if that’s true, not so cool. 🤷‍♀️ Mickey was cool.

    1. Yes, disney should relocate to a blue state and pay bigger tax where they’ve been trying to avoid. Move billions of dollars of 50 years of property developed amusement park. You’re a genius.

    2. Shutdown for a year or 2 would do just fine. Spike unemployment, cripple the tourist industry. That would make Desantis look more incompetent.

  4. There was absolutely no threat of Ron building a prison. It was one suggestion out of three or four that he talked about what a stupid headline.

  5. It’s literally just one thing out of all the suggestions he stated. And if he did build another one, it would help with the over population within the prisons they already have… 🤷🏽‍♂️

  6. florida needs another prison for all the sickos in that trash state. ronnie should be the first inmate!

  7. That does make the most sense since DeSantis worked as a “lawyer” at Guanatomo and apparently thoroughly enjoyed the interrogation techniques.

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