Ron DeSantis to remove DEI programs from Florida state universities | USA TODAY #Shorts

Governor Ron DeSantis plans to remove and reform education programs that focus on diversity, equity and inclusion initiatives from state universities.

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DeSantis blasted Florida universities, and New College in particular, for their DEI initiatives. He also accused New College of teaching theories that have become major conservative talking points in recent years, including critical race theory and gender theories.

“The mission has been I think more into the DEI, CRT, the gender ideology rather than what a liberal arts education should be," DeSantis said of New College.

Christopher Rufo, a conservative activist who DeSantis appointed to the New College board, joined the governor at Tuesday's press conference. Rufo has been a leading critic of DEI, CRT and transgender policies.

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    1. Ummm….that’s avoiding the issue completely. Don’t think that’ll work. You can try though. The actual way to end racism is to do the inner work to heal the wounded parts of you (any human) that holds this hatred in your mind and body based on past trauma, life experiences and societal programming.

    2. Those who ignore history, are doomed to repeat it.

      The people who want to continue the bad behavior, are the people who want to erase any discussion of the bad behavior. So they can continue to get away with it.

  1. Ron your the man we need you as a president but florida needs you more right now don’t take this the wrong way it’s
    Trump 2024
    DeSantis 2028
    Eric Trump 2032
    It must be this way to save the country

  2. When it comes to morality it is best to keep it to yourself the world does not like people judging right from wrong anymore. If you are married and you like your wife to drink out of the toilet before sex what is wrong with that? It is all being done for love.

  3. Because African Americans don’t have a history and your children will NEVER meet any minority! The reality is we are becoming a MORE diverse nation. A reasonable response would be to help students become accustomed to “others”. This response is burying your head in the sand! Minorities are here, have every right to speak, organize and vote!

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