Ron DeSantis to students involved in diversity programs: ‘Go to Berkeley’ #Shorts

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis signed legislation banning state funding for diversity, equity and inclusion programs at the state's public universities.

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A New College board revamped by DeSantis abolished the school's DEI office, and the college's interim president recently fired the diversity dean, a precursor to what other Florida universities could experience under SB 266, which was a centerpiece of DeSantis' aggressive legislative agenda this year.

As he gears up for a run for president, DeSantis has emphasized a culture war agenda against so-called "woke" policies, and universities have been a major focus. The governor has decried a campus culture that he views as overly focused on issues of racial, gender and LGBTQ equity.

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    1. I’m down the middle and think both sides, bless their little hearts, were window lickers as children. This guy, though, has balls and stands for his beliefs and doesn’t pander. I ketp my job and actually enjoyed covid and Florida. Half the traffic, barely anyone on the trails. Disney with a chin diaper at half capacity was the bees knees. Definitely needs to work on illegally immigration, Because as a mechanical contractor, there is a huge lack of communication and other wage issues that are causing big problems on job sites only to save a few bucks and always end up costing more. I pretty much rely on Google translator, and it never really comes out right, and there’s always some misunderstanding. The ones that had children here and decided to stay and not go back, they are different, and they just get it. Always remember those who hire illegals today were slave owners yesterday.

  1. He would make a really good addition to the Nasty Party here in GB. The title, The Nasty Party, is universally recognised as the definition of the tory party’s ethos. Why people would find him votable is disturbing.

  2. Educational standards should never be political. They should be rooted in facts and reality. He is an ideologue and needs to be stopped.

  3. I wish to see every migrant who wants to set up on Martha’s Vineyard to realize that Dream! MV residents, LEAVE THEM BE.

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