Ron Johnson ‘Sounds Like A Senator From Alabama In 1921’ Says David Plouffe | Deadline | MSNBC

Former Obama campaign manager David Plouffe blasts Senator Ron Johnson for his comment that he felt safe during the January 6th insurrection because the rioters were people who “loved our country,” but would have been scared if the rioters were Black Lives Matter protesters. Aired on 03/15/2021.
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Ron Johnson ‘Sounds Like A Senator From Alabama In 1921’ Says David Plouffe | Deadline | MSNBC


  1. Senator Johnson is a reflection of his constituency. Lots of but not all Republican elected’s have similar viewpoints in various degrees. Santorum said something stupid many years ago running against Mitt. Republican from Illinois a few years ago was pretty blatant about his view of black folks. And it wasn’t good. It’s out there somewhere…but over the last four years have been a rabbit hole for Republican/GOPQ stupidity.

    1. Bernie Sanders voter here, from Wisconsin. I didn’t vote for him but he represents me. Your first sentence is incorrect.

    2. @Phil Immerfall Let me correct my statement. The constituency that voted for him is a reflection on him. And in that pool I’m sure there are a percentage that raise their eyebrows to such comments. Will he be re-elected is the question.

    3. @JRG2733 I call them the HAG Corps. Hate, Animus and Grievance. Democrats for the last 50 years have been an ever increasing, inclusive, big tent party. The Republican base has been a ever decreasing number of older white voters. If you can’t run on the issues then your party will fade away. Unless you take what you have in the gerrymandered districts and twist the voter access, making it harder for those who maybe don’t always vote and aren’t as involved in the process. But the Republicans have a serious issue right now. Blatant racism, conspiracy theories, straight lies and a disjointed media arm (Fox, Newsmax, OANN) that have no intention on reporting the truth unless it’s in their best interest. Fortunately for Biden is the right can’t get stuff to stick other than his age. Good article in RCP…

    4. Trump gave permission for rascist white supremecists and christian evangelicals to crawl out from under their rocks. The GOP got on the bandwagon while holding their noses fearing for their seat in congress. They are fickle creatures and will turn on a dime if it is in their favor.

  2. Wisconsin, please vote out Ron Johnson! Such a disgrace to our country that WE THE PEOPLE love.

    1. @Phil Immerfall As a resident of Wisconsin, I do not agree with Seditionist Johnson. He is guilty of inciting an insurrection on the capitol. He is guilty of treason. He is guilty of complacency and is an accomplice to treason. I would have hoped that the Wisconsin Legislature would have acted to remove him by now. However, just because it hasn’t hit the news, doesn’t mean someone isn’t working on it. Politics in the DSA is toxic and corrupt. I no longer have any use for either of the GOP’s. Best of luck to us all.

    2. @Randy Couch Not sure what you mean by REAL AMERICANS, as opposed to unreal, uneducated, people that voted for a grifter, junkie?

    1. @Frederick0220 I once asked a guy who I knew was a hate filled racist because of the hateful comments he made about black people and other minorities, “who would you rather burglarize your home, a black guy or a white guy?” This idiots answer was “the white guy”. Ron Johnson said he would’ve felt threaten if the rioters, who by the way are not rioters but domestic terrorist who through violence and murder attempted to overthrow our government, were BLM. A movement started to stop police brutality, and the shooting and murder of unarmed black people a literal anti-violence movement. We live in two different Americas and it’s sad because some racist don’t know they’re racist. When racist people make racist statement’s, hidden racist always expose themselves by trying to distract, coming to their defense.

  3. I’m from Tulsa and 100 years ago, the Race Riots happened. We are still fighting for justice today.

    1. Focus on your own communities and quit relying on others to keep your people in line and out of jail, dead, or running out on their children.

      Be the change you want to see. If you can’t do that, that’s your problem and nobody else’s

  4. “These days you can’t see who’s in cahoots, ‘cause the KKK is wearing 3 piece suits” – Public Enemy

    1. As a liberal public Enemy was wrong on Elvis and look or read history of him instead of calling him a racist.Public Enemy is doing what white supremacist racist love to do is hate ignore the facts and read about the real history

    2. @Roger Martin – As a liberal, and POC…this line still has the ring of truth to it. That’s why I posted it.

    1. It’s all very confusing, isn’t it, RIU? You watch one channel, you watch another. You see it with your own eyes, you look at the statistics, you conclude based upon facts.

      I’m going to hazard a guess that I’m the only one on this thread who believes that all violence is bad, whereas you believe there’s a distinction between good violence and bad violence.

    2. yup Honest Ron will call the 6th a fine response by Trumps GOP Rescue Squad…. Saved every one… maybe call the National Guard the Traitors

    1. @Randy Couch You are too concerned about free abortions for black women. The borders aren’t open and we already have sanctuary cities.

    1. I would. Bc the Klan isn’t even an organization anymore. If you can give me the address of their HQ, I’ll admit I’m wrong.

      Don’t worry….. I’ll wait.

      On the other hand, I can name 3 addresses where BLM offices can be found. Those people are actually tangible humans. We can touch them. But you can’t touch a Klan member. Why? Bc they aren’t a real thing anymore. It’s just an idea, bro. Does that sound familiar? It’s just an idea lol.

  5. How did we get to the point where seditionists are ok in the government and we are now choosing between democracy and dictatorship??

    1. Ron Johnson’s constituents are now officially the dumbest people on the planet holding up the constructive progress of this country

    1. And the same 500 people will watch and go into some echo chamber to laugh to themselves.

      Nobody cares, you fool.

  6. Johnson along with 2 other GOP senators helped to organize Stop The Steal.
    Of course he wasn’t afraid. He is a co-conspirator.

    1. Meanwhile, I check viewers in Ruptly and their comments is: Stop the Steal as usual. Now the Former Guy has lost many of his businesses is not because of their investors fault, is his own fault.

  7. if Johnson is not a prime example of oblivious white privilege I don’t know what is. Milwaukee and Madison… remember this.

  8. There are people like johnson all over this country. The problem is, some of them get elected. At least he doesn’t need to wear his hood. He can breathe easier.

  9. Let’s not have another Missouri compromise and give the racists a seat at the table. It didn’t work then (civil war) and it won’t work now.

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