Royal expert on the Queen’s ailing health | “Very serious moment” for the monarchy


  1. What now? She’s lived a full life. Hopefully in 2022 we can move on from the royals and their indulging life styles and focus on humanity.

    1. Agreed. It’s disgraceful that Canada still bows to the British Monarchy whilst little Barbados kicked that Colonial Institution to the curb.

  2. She’s far too stoic. I hope she goes gracefully. My grandfather is 96 and he has a lot of similar health issues. Hard to hear this despite me not really caring about the monarchy.

  3. Wow like ya I know she is very old but still there is the meme of her being an immortal Eldritch entity but ya no when my dad was on his death-bed his hands started to look bruised and a couple days later he passed in his sleep

  4. Rest in peace our queen…! You deserve it after 70 year’s on the throne.. my condolences to the royal family.. πŸ‘Έ

  5. When I heard the news of Queen
    Elizabeth’s πŸ‘‘ death my heart stopped for a sec and i felt very sad even though I didn’t know much about her but I had the feeling in my heart that she was a great Queen πŸ‘‘ <3

  6. I am Canadian and I don’t care at all about the idea of Monarchy. That being said Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth 2 is a tough old bird. With respect to her family.

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