Royal family responds to Harry and Meghan interview

The British royal family is "saddened" to learn of how challenging the last few years have been for Prince Harry and his wife Meghan, the Duchess of Sussex, calling the allegations of racism made by the couple in an interview with Oprah Winfrey "concerning," Buckingham Palace said in a statement.
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    1. @ozrics62 African Americans has our own dialect? Some people call our language Ebonics.. Crib= house, Finna- means going to do. Translation… I’m finna go to the crib 😂 that’s not even a fraction of the terminology we use

    2. @ozrics62 🤔 you really need to get some African-American friends, black ppl. Ppl isn’t ebonics but more technical language Ppl =people. Now, if I’d say, “you’re Slow.” It is referring to your learning abilities. Maybe it takes that person longer to learn 1+1 verses your classmates. Therefore in my neighborhood you’re considered “Slow.” Translation. “bro you slow🤣” bro= Brother or Being righteous towards others once again you have to get a black friend to translate. Because if you a lick 🤔😂 you better know what that means In my neighborhood

    3. If I’d spoke with Prince Harry 🤔 Knowing his wife background, and say the words, are you phony 🤨 I can bet he will understand what I’m saying 🤷🏾‍♂️ on this comment feed a guy asked me “if we pull up” something something. See in my neighborhood “Pull up” can means two things. 1. I’m coming after you. 2. I’m coming to pick you up? No matter what he meant I’m always ready for someone to “Pull Up” friend or foe. It’s a difference in Terminology also our dialect

    4. @James Burress I’m old school English, good luck with your form of American I’m not that overly bothered all the best

    1. @mulemule you guys have a competing show now it seems to America glad y’all hopped on board !

    2. Shame Americans don’t need that advice, as what’s been going on there for the past year lol

    3. @Rufus Lloyd you sounds even more stupid with such comment, selfish and self-important. If the Brits are so smart they should show us they can save themselves from all unnecessary crisis which are happening in UK

    1. @Christine Benson Dont tell ppl to shut.up.All the elites are involved.Higher ups too.Pizzagate is 1 example.Read up on that.

    2. @Ian S Exactly right.She has really focused All it on Her.And her skin.tone.Too bad she Checked White box, Till 2016.Then dont 4get other Band wagons shes Hitched on.

  1. Diana was a star, she was like a British Michael Jackson, and she was way too popular for comfort

    1. @Matias D.C just getting started. Oh and let me remind u. Black people are NEVER offended at being called racists. Only white people r. U know why? Because the truth hurts

  2. “While recollections may vary” lol I’m definitely using that line in the next argument with the Misses!

    1. carrot top Harry should just stop being selfish forget about the crown he will never be king he should become a youtuber and take his vulgar ordinary hollywood wife with him

    2. @Matias D.C vulgar is expressing your concern regarding the baby’s skin tone. THAT’S what vulgar is.

  3. Of course they would deny it even if it is true. Everybody knows that they have spin doctors around them.

    1. @Its Time : If you do not know, you are the only one who doesn’t. At the very least, cohort of Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell.

  4. My Grandchildren are the most important thing in my life. Their hearts are my utmost concern and I believe my grandchildren when they speak……my grandchildren are not liars

    1. I’d be honored if some fans of 70s/80s classics would give a quick listen to my acoustic piano & vocal performances of PURPLE RAIN by Prince and WHEN I WAS YOUR MAN by Bruno Mars on my YT channel in tribute to 2 all-time greats from different generations. Live acoustic with no enhancements. Peace & everybody stay safe.

  5. I guess we will have more interviews to watch if “dealing privately” didn’t work out for Harry and Megan again

    1. 100% – This Max guy is so blatantly BIASED. He’s acting like their first choice was to go public and they’re malicious for doing so. Obviously they kept silent for FOUR YEARS while the Royal Family allowed UK Tabloids to blast Meghan with no end in sight and no support from the family/firm. What other choice did she have to speak her piece – if she didn’t the press would just see her as a pushover and keep digging into her further and further.

    2. @Vlad Cirus i hope he eventually shares that informed information he has. but on the other hand the world is not really shocked about what megan brought to the table, i wonder why?

    1. @Susan Gardner In the interview Harry said those racial remarks was said to him about his son. From that he told Meaghan about it and she mentioned it in the interview. Im sure he wouldn’t make that up being that he is still protecting the person’s name who said it.

    2. @Laurie Solis The Queen gifted Beatrice and Eugenia the titles, but technically they weren’t entitled to them. It’s for the ones in direct line to the throne.

    3. @Reenesa Princess Anne’s children and grandchildren don’t have titles, Prince Edward’s children don’t have them and Eugenie’s newborn son doesn’t either. As Harry and Meghan are no longer working royals ( their choice),there’s even less reason for Archie to be a prince. He has been titled an earl which is an honour too.

    4. Right he was never gonna get the title, if harry is not in line how did they expect otherwise. Also if they did the same thing to Diana how is it racist that they are not protecting Meghan? And if the queen was so nice to her why don’t they say who made the “racist ” claim….. Something don’t smell right here.

    5. @Jamila Johnson its also weird how they made such a serious claim without sharing any details of the situation.

  6. The problem is the “Private” conversations. Hidden agendas ect. How can Meghan and Harry speak privately amongst those who do not wish to have his wife in the Royal family? So this statement makes absolutely no sense. The “privacy” of peoples true hearts is the issue here which is rooted in racism. Why ask to to speak “privately” ?

    1. Privately? Name names, goddamnit, and make the anachronistic monarchy fade the f__k away into history’s dustbin. Monarchies are so 11th century!!

    2. @mar delarr this not about the crown or anything else, Harry did this for his love ,nothing more or nothing less . Still leaving in 18th century . Racism is nolonger accepted in these times and clearly you are a racist yourself

  7. “it doesnt match up” yeah right, the senior royal members are the main problem, all about appearances

  8. When a multi millionaires sit with a multi billionaier to talk on national television about oppression.

    1. When a trailer park resident posts comments on YouTube to give ulterior motives to their actions😂

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