Rule Of Law Already Broken Where It Involves Trump | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC 1

Rule Of Law Already Broken Where It Involves Trump | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC


Rachel Maddow looks at reporting that shows a string of cases related to Donald Trump that are being influenced by William Barr either to help Trump's friends or publish Trump's enemies. And while Barr appears to prefer to do Trump's bidding quietly, Trump seems eager to make it known that he is flexing this power. Aired on 02/14/20.
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Rule Of Law Already Broken Where It Involves Trump | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC


  1. If only people could remember the lessons of the past, history wouldn’t have to keep repeating itself.

    In1933, Adolf H. became the Chancellor of Germany. Afterwards, he and his Nazi party immediately assumed dictatorial powers over the German people. That very same year, the Nazis opened their first concentration camp. In a time span of less than five years, Germany went from a democracy, to a dictatorship. That’s how fast it can happen. And if anyone thinks that it can’t happen here, then you are sadly mistaken. If you could travel back in time to Germany in 1933, and ask the German people what they thought of Adolf, they would have sounded very similar to Trump cultists today.  “Adolf is the chosen one. Only he knows what’s best for Germany. He will make Germany great again!!!!”  They didn’t realize how wrong they were, until after Germany laid in ruins, and 60 million lives had been lost. All because they traded in their democracy for a dictator.

    “If you can get people to believe in absurdities, then you can get them to commit atrocities.”
    — Voltaire

    History: “Don’t make me have to repeat myself!!!  You should know by now how much I hate repeating myself. Repeating myself is getting old.”

    1. I cried when I read this. You are so absolutely correct. We need to get everybody’s attention with this…..this needs to be plastered on every news channel….I don’t know how, but people need to hear this. I am terrified.

  2. George Orwell 1984. Like an old girlfriend of mine they are vindictive with a vengeance. The people of this country are being screwed.

    1. Mark R it’s not a secret anymore thanks to Snowden whom most hate, correct? Idk. He was a traitor according to Obama.

    2. @Tova Cox He did expose a lot of dirty secrets, and we are finding out more and more every day. The sad part is that they all get away with it.

  3. Any bets on when trump will use his lapdog barr as an attack dog? So far he only used it to defend himself and his criminal associates.
    This week he singled out an ordinary person who happened to be on jury duty in the stone trial. It was the opening shot.

  4. John N. Mitchell, President Nixon’s Attorney General 19 months in prison.
    #impeachbillbarr Doesn’t he realise that one day he’ll have to answer for his actions and maybe pay a high price for them…

    1. @Fidel Guevara Yea. That is one special “Orange Barking Clown”. Real special…. The freak show is about to end here in about 9 or so months. Then we will see if that clown can keep himself out of jail, or if he will be joining most of his friends there.

    2. @Fidel Guevara Are you even serious, you’re named after Fidel Castro and Che Guevara,are you sure you’re for Trump?

  5. A Majority of Americans are the only absolute power and we need to exercise that power… Time for People Power in the streets and protest…

    1. @Scott Sloop Nor you since he is at 50% and higher then obama before his re-election.You like apples? How do you like those apples?

    1. You mean like in the case of combover boy? He denied accusations in the impeachment charges then admitted that he was guilty. Then he added more new potential charges in his retaliation of his perceived enemies. The only thing keeping this corrupt man child out of prison is his complicit enabling Republican party.

  6. The GOP gave Trump the greenlight to act this way. The fact that they thought Trump would change is laughable.

    1. I think trump “earned” a very important lesson from all this……………..AS IN MILLION$………………LOL!

  7. By 2020 we were supposed to have flying cars and an egalitarian society in a globally connected world, instead we have a low life tv celebrity with illusions of dictatorship wiping his butt with the law. What a gyp.

    1. Fossil fuels instead of Tesla from the 1800s was and is the problem. Now Russia instead of England is Americas problem. Be prepared for a revolution or go easy into the good night. Your choice.

    2. As false claims of windpower causes cancer and the E.P.A. rids itself of the science advisory board in favor of industrial goons, how much longer until the movie idiocracy becomes real. If our supreme celebrity wrestler of the United States says gatorade is good enough for us it’s good enough for the grass.


  8. Barr must recuse himself. Period. That fat little hedgehog keeps breaking more laws than Trump. If it’s even possible.

  9. None of this matters to Trump’s supporters. They say Trump can do whatever he wants as president and whatever he does is for the good of America. Period. They are like programmed robots and always will be.

    1. The GOP of yesterday has mutated into the
      *Red Hat CULT* with Trump evidently their supreme LEADER??

    2. Trumpsters would gladly see democracy destroyed if it would irritate “the libs”. They are like the spoiled child who, not winning at Monopoly, tips the table over, thrilled to have, at least, ruined the game for everyone else.

  10. If you want to know what Donald J. Trump is guilty of, observe carefully what he accuses others of. It is a list of his own sins.

    1. He can’t be guilty of anything if no one actually holds him responsible for his corruption and convict him
      So, all this is for nothing…

    2. @Danny Ball and you better never say a bad thing about your leaders, when if it happens… Your head will be on the block and you will be called All the names you calling the Democrat even if you not one…

  11. God bless you Rachel! Free press is more important now more than ever when the justice system is under attack from within by Barr.

    1. @Carol 70-year-old English NATIONALIST you told me to “keep off the streets”, the word I was looking for, isn’t “used”.

    2. snowflake liberal hi, I’m just another voice from across the pond. I’m here to tell you that the democrats are going to be annihilated at the election, the same way the Labour Party were over here. The reason, people are waking up. People who have always voted for the party that they’ve assumed represents their interests, have realised that they no longer do. They’ve witnessed their party being hi jacked by the far left with its hatred, spite, hypocrisy and thuggish violence (traits of the left) and they’ve had enough.

      Trump will win with a Landslide. And the left will be in the political wilderness for a long time to come.

    3. @seanie002 oh pumpkin. Trump lost by 3 million votes in the last election and the Republicans lost a historic number of seats in 2018 but sure, keep thinking that. His hate, idiocy, incompetence and total disregard for law and decency, will not stand here.

    4. snowflake liberal the ‘shy republicans’ will win it for Trump. Those that didn’t vote for him last time but who’ve witnessed The loony left in the shape of the squad and all their hangers on.

      The shy republicans are not vociferous, they won’t show up on any polls, but they sure will turn up at the ballot box. Then all you snowflake liberals will be crying your salty tears again, because you vile, hateful leftists never learn.

  12. “The great revolution in the history of man, past, present and future, is the revolution
    of those determined to be free.”
    – John F. Kennedy (35th President of the United States)
    Rise up America – This is NOT a monarchy led by DJT.

    1. @john lee I think the human race is somewhat narcissistic but trump takes the cake reads mein kamps and putrid Putin’s advice.

    1. @K H Obama pulled us out of the Bush recession? Lol. If you read my comments above, the recession was caused by the housing crash, liberals blamed Bush, as usual, anyone but themselves. Not to minimize Obama’s stewardship of our economy, he wasn’t the worst president, but i remember democrats in the media complaining frequently about The Wageless Recovery, and telling you that The Gig Economy was the new normal. The gig economy was a travesty for americans…no benefits, short term employment…it was terrible. I never once heard Obama mention his objection to either. Under Trump companies are hiring people for real. Actual jobs, and wages rising at about 4% per year.

    2. It’s a dual assault. Whilst the Trump administration launches its noisy assault on the rule of law, in the background the GoP have been quietly undermining democracy via gerrymandering, voter suppression and the appointment of conservative judges.

      The American people need to WAKE UP!!!

    1. He’s operated on that frequency his whole life. It’s sad to see how many people believe(d) that he had, or ever would have, gotten any better for or from the presidency. Quite to the contrary, he’s only ever gotten worse over the years, and the presidency has merely accelerated that worsening trend…….

    2. In the name of ’FREEDOM’ “my will to do what I want, my right to define evil to be good and good to be evil “.
      …POTUS Trump EXALTS & MAGNIFIES ’his will’.
      …Is POTUS Trump speaking as a dragon?…
      …is he the last “horn of the 7th head”.of the beast power?
      .. The prophet Daniel wrote that the last king of the north “shall do according to his will; and he shall exalt himself, and magnify himself above every god, and shall speak astonishing things against the God of gods, and shall prosper till the wrath is accomplished: for what has been determined shall be done. Neither shall he regard the gods of his fathers, nor the desire of women, nor regard any god: for he shall MAGNIFY HIMSELF (HIS WILL) ABOVE ALL. (Daniel 11: 36-37). And so it is , in the spirit of ’FREEDOM” “my will, my rights, my desires”…..and ALL worship this ’FREEDOM’ ’as a light’.

    3. Susan Collins: “See Trump has learned his lesson.” You misunderstood his words, intentions, and actions.

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