Russia Growing More Bold With Deadly Retribution; Spy Hides In US | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC

Russia Growing More Bold With Deadly Retribution; Spy Hides In US | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC 1


Rachel Maddow looks at a murder in Berlin, Germany that U.S. officials believe was a Russia-sanctioned assassination and notes that Russia's past reticence to commit killings in Western countries appears to have faded, raising concerns about the recently outed Russian spy living in the United States.
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Russia Growing More Bold With Deadly Retribution; Spy Hides In US | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC

83 Comments on "Russia Growing More Bold With Deadly Retribution; Spy Hides In US | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC"

  1. Trump will roll over and help his boss, mr. Putin, to do anything he wants, including the murder of people in Witness Protection. Nothing is beneath this cowardly Pretender in Chief. All he cares about is himself and lining his pockets with money.

    • @@davie didgood Sit quiet on your island. Feed koalas and kangaroos. Let big dogs play.

    • @@Steve Selke So, no proof? Your bla bla bla does not work… Give us a meat!

    • Steve Selke I gotta go with my man Steve on this one, Steves usually dont stear ya wrong!

    • Dude this is ‘fake news’. The person who killed him was a Democrat from California. The Russians are a good people who would never assassinate their own people. Thats the Democrats and Nancy Pelosis job lol!

  2. Of course Putin is running hog-wild, who’s going to stop him? America -in electing Quisling Donald Trump- has completely emasculated itself. Way to go, imbecile Trump supporters/enablers

    • Ofcourse Putin is running this Country, Trump does anything that Putin tells him to do, Putin is gonna help trump’s win again.

    • Todd Taliaferro | September 15, 2019 at 8:20 AM | Reply

      @Kadiatu Koroma ~ You’re absolutely right. The money to investigate and deal with Putin’s meddling was allocated before Trump even took office, but Moscow Mitch is making sure that money stays put.

      With Putin’s army of trolls, Republican gerrymandering, minority voter supression and an Electoral College that clearly favors Republicans, it’ll be a lot more difficult for any Democrat to get elected in 2020.

      Trump cannot possibly win without cheating, just like he did last time.

    • @Todd Taliaferro yep, and Putin is ready to help him again. Because Putin is running this Country and he’ll do anything by his power to help Trump’s win again

    • @Kadiatu Koroma there’s been zero proof that Trump was helped by Russia nope none 0 you cannot present any proof did Russia help Trump if you can’t please do but I know you can’t and I know you won’t. Go iron that blue ribbon….

  3. “I asked Putin and he was very powerful and strong in his denial”
    – 🤡👐👐👐

    • ABC : Son, you’re grammar demonstrates that English is not your first language, or you’re 9 years old? Who’s going to, “believe,” such an OBVIOUS Putin Poodle? 🤣

    • Ann Owens : Putin’s career escalated because Boris Yeltsin was an alcoholic. Putin was a yes man, who used the mob to erase Yeltsin’s enemies in the press, government and business. And, by establishing his connections in all of these sphere’s, he stole fortunes, giving Yeltsin his cut each time, and Yeltsin was happy not to ask questions. By the time of Yeltsin’s death (probably hastened by Putin, personally) Putin had his hands on all the levers of power anyway. He’s just a devious little corporal, like Hitler, in the end. A nasty mafia type, using Stalin’s techniques, and schooling his student, Trump, in how it’s done ✌️👍

    • O SNOOPY SNOOP COLEMAN : Good advice ✌️👍

    • Mike Hegarty : Exactly right ✌️👍

    • Yeah, because Trump is a traitor too

  4. This administration cannot be trusted regarding Russia, at all! It is obvious why this is so!

    • Fernando Castillo | September 14, 2019 at 5:28 AM | Reply

      mike swiental
      It seems like you don’t believe any what’s being reported; why do you watch MSNBC?
      I’m honestly curious why anyone would waste their time; I wouldn’t and I don’t waste my time watching FOX News. That said, whenever I hear stories like this one, I’m curious enough to do more research on it especially from sources outside the United States.

    • Russia, give your hit men better training. James Bond this guy was not. The CIA has been assassinating guys for decades – sometimes heads of state – but they generally don’t toss their gun and wig into a river in broad daylight.

    • This administration cannot be trusted regarding anything.

  5. This period of history sucks.

    • @Councilman Les Wynan Less councilman, more whining.

    • *Political history & arguably societal history, agreed indeed …lotsa different kind of histories tho Fred…* 🤔

    • @Fred Freddy *Some would argue that a lot of our problems are generated as a result of this exact belief most folks have that Murica **_actually_** operates under a 2 party system …..and also at the same time wonder why, decade after decade, very little ever changes whilst dismissing those trying to warn them as “conspiracy theorists” without so much as making the slightest in efforts to research what is being gifted them…divide and conquer*

      *Tons of literature, papers and quotes throughout history that prove our governments are not for the “everyman/lady” (nor are the elite which comprise most all of said Governments), and certainly are not **_by_** us*

      *”It is easier to fool people than to convince them they have been fooled” – Samuel Langhorne Clemens*

      *”It is no measure of health to be well adjusted to a profoundly sick society” – Jiddu Krishnamurti*

    • @Silent Rocks *And why it is so very important to make sure google et al are not ninja deleting and censoring everything….all information must be archived and shared immediately after receipt and as best we can*

    • @Nevyn of OZ 1973 *the conditioned cannot possibly understand this in time…LDO*

  6. Andrew Mitchell | September 14, 2019 at 2:35 AM | Reply

    You don’t get any bolder than installing your own man in the WH.

    • TRUE ! TRUE ! TRUE ! THE Russians got their revenge. They installed the leader and his cronies, Bart being chief among them

    • + Tim S
      You “white” Americans are so racist ( NOT ALL, but still, many many millions), that your bodies produce many poisons and toxins as a result of your terrible (and many times unfounded) hatred, and you die prematurely from diseases (some known, some new), wondering why such misfortune has overtaken you. God’s natural law , I dare say. If you’re a bible- believing Christian, (and I’m assuming you are, based on your “Muslim” comment), you might have read this passage sometime in your Christian life: “Be not deceived; God is not mocked: for whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap.” Galatians 6:7.

    • _”You don’t get any bolder than installing your own man in the WH.”_

      You mean like Israel did while controlling our media at the same time?

  7. Trump is in bed with this murderer Putin and beholden to him thus putting our nation and world at risk. Trump’s/Kushner’s Deutsche bank red flagged Russian transactions as problematic and Trump hides this and his taxes which clearly show an alliance. Moscow Mitch takes massive bribes from the NRA and Russian oligarchs doing much the same. Our founding fathers are rolling in their graves at these traitors.

    • @Debate Me! I will debate you first off we’re not a democracy.

    • @Debate Me! You can boycott all you want throw temper tantrums it’s been done for 3 years now it’s only drawing more people towards Trump I appreciate it I really do.

    • @Debate Me! There have been three investigation so far, he’s still your president. There’ve been three impeachment votes so far, he’s still your president.

    • @Ash Roskell : Wow, we really must have accidentally use some words that make the Trollish Search Engines light up and sound the alarm! They are crawling out and trying to make their 3 cents a post like crazy! Or 192 rubles, depending on where the troll is posting from. (If that exchange rate website is right, anyway.) Have a great day, Ash!

  8. Alberto Venegas | September 14, 2019 at 2:49 AM | Reply

    Putin made a master play by placing an operative in the White House!

    • @Ash Roskell Impeachment is well deserved and would be ideal. Surly Moscow Mitch and the other traitors will surly understand that.They just won’t allow it to happen. Our only hope is a Blue wave. I don’t see that happening either. Democracy is done.

    • @Chris H Well he sounds like a rarity, an intelligent Repub. Loyal American.

    • v blackwell : There are no Conservatives left in the Republican Trump Cult. Only greedy racists. The Midterms were an indication of that. The ones who can’t bring themselves to vote Dem, will stay home, as they did then. I will be voting for whomever is NOT Trump. But, that will not be the end of the journey. It will actually be the beginning. The Electoral College, our country’s racism, our poor education system, healthcare, etc, will ALL need to be addressed, while we sift through the wreckage of what was once a Republican Party, that turned into the agency of Division and Hate that threatened our very Republic, so that it can NEVER happen to us again. People will need to be courageous and resolute. The writing is already on the wall, and there is no erasing it. Our shame can never be forgotten. But, we can still finish that sentence, and prevent Putin from doing that for us too?

    • now there is more than one… and don’t forget the asset heading the DOJ

  9. Trump is in charge. The Saudis can murder a Washington Post journalist and Trump will support them. Putin knows he can do anything.

  10. another dingbat | September 14, 2019 at 3:19 AM | Reply

    “NO one has been tougher on *RUSSIA* than mE!” 🤡

  11. The trump loves and Envies his rich buddies who Murder. NO ONE IS SAFE IN THE trump-Putin and Moscow Mitch’s USA.

    • The list of MURDERED Putin-adversaries speaks for itself: Anna POLITKOVSKAYA . . . journalist shot at age-48 in her staircase 7 Oct 2006 (PUTIN’S birthday). Boris NEMTSOV . . . opposition-politician shot at age-55 on a bridge in Moscow 2015. Anastasia BABUROVA . . . journalist at the newspaper Novaya-Gazeta shot at age-25 in Moscow in 2009. Paul KLEBNIKOV . . . American journalist working for Russian-edition of Forbes. Wounded by gunshot 2004 at age-41 in Moscow. Alive when brought to hospital , but . . . the lift up to the emergency-room UNFORTUNATELY broke down in that very moment. Sergei YUSHENKOV . . . opposition politician shot 2003 in Moscow. Stanislav MARKELOV . . . lawyer shot 2009 in Moscow age-34. Natalia ESTEMIROVA . . . human-right-activist shot 2009 in a Russian province. Sergei MAGNITSKY . . . lawyer beaten to death 2009 at age-37 in prison in Moscow. Mr. GOROKHOV . . . lawyer hired by the Magnitsky-family after Mr. Magnitsky’s death , because the family was in possession of papers about a 200 mio-dollar tax-fraud inside the Moscow tax-authority. In 2017 the DAY BEFORE Gorokhov were to appear in an appeal-court in Moscow he was thrown out from his 4th-floor-balcony but survived. He has now given up the Magnitsky-case. No occasional killer could have known that Gorokhov had a date next day in a courtroom. Alexander LITVINENKO . . . Russian who fled to London poisoned by Polonium in tea in London in 2006. Polonium can only be made in a nuclear reactor and is far more radioactive than Plutonium. R T , Russia Today.

    • Wake up dummy. Rachael Maddow is an operative under “operation mockingbird.” She is a plant, and a liar. Wake up.

    • You’re really screwed up in the head

    • Wow Deanna Delmar your channel suggests you were born this week and your comment suggests you know about as much as one knows at age 7 days old. Perfect viewer of MSNBC

    • @whatwhyandwhos she has mad cow

  12. Happy Golden-Mountain | September 14, 2019 at 3:44 AM | Reply

    The Maralago Magoo has already destroyed decades of Intel acquisition. Yes. More American will die. And yes, more strange deaths on American soil will occur. And yes, it include north Korean arms. And who loves biological/chemical/nuclear weapons? Are you prepared? No. Trump can live in one of his many hotels.

  13. Wow! I literally said it yesterday; “Putin’s getting more bold, with their assassinations, because America won’t DO anything about it,” was how I put it, or something close to that. When your own words are in the next day’s headlines, you know you’re onto something, right?

    • Americans are to busy killing other Americans to care including the us government. The us government is only concerned with eliminating black people period!

  14. If the whole putting an asset in the WH was part of a movie script, it would have made compelling viewing. This script however is real life and unprecedented. US intelligence can now not trust the White House, which is pretty insane to contemplate. This is uncharted territory.

  15. He would have gotten away with it if it wasn’t for those meddling kids.

  16. Kudos to the kids for warning a police officer instead of dismissing it as just something silly.

  17. Good job of those teenagers. I am not sure if I would have done the same when I was 17. Also good thinking not to approach this guy themselves.

  18. Be aware and beware Barr – he has absolutely no problem destroying American justice as head of the DOJ. Be very careful of your state’s rights. Russia / Trump must be paying Barr a heap of money for him to turn traitor to his country. Be careful of the judges this administration has elected as well.

  19. Dude thought he was Jason Bourne, gets caught by a kid.

  20. Barr is a threat to our Intelligence community.

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