1. This policy of making Ukraine fight Russian federation with restrictions, i.e. no long range missiles, no aircraft is like making them fight an opponent – who has both hands – with one hand tied behind his back. Major Lyons, we’ve pacified Putin too long mate! Remember your history.

    1. The whole world, now is the time to call on Russia! Search for “новости” which means news in Russian and write in the comments. “Don’t waste your life for Putin, run away from Ukraine. The powers of the Kremlin are using you as pawns. Run away with your loved ones.” It demoralizes Russians. Reduce casualties! Russians have loved ones too, just like you.

    1. @angryktulhu I would hope that you’re right about that. Personally I’m not as optimistic about it as I’d like. Ultimately this is something awaiting final evaluation after this war is over.

    2. @magpie how is it ‘tough’ or ‘weak’ to make decisions on sending equipment to a country? What are you talking about? No one is talking about anyone fighting but you.

    3. The whole world, now is the time to call on Russia! Search for “новости” which means news in Russian and write in the comments. “Don’t waste your life for Putin, run away from Ukraine. The powers of the Kremlin are using you as pawns. Run away with your loved ones.” It demoralizes Russians. Reduce casualties! Russians have loved ones too, just like you.

  2. Of course they are. The main country protecting the naval route to Ukraine has been horrifically compromised by a natural disaster. If I were Putin, I’d be hopping on it, too.

  3. They’re saying there have been heavy losses for Ukrainian tanks, but another CNN report with that same footage shown there says there were heavy losses for Russian tanks.

    1. Repent…believe in Jesus Christ. John 3:16 KJV For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.
      Matthew 4:17 KJV From that time Jesus began to preach, and to say, Repent: for the kingdom of heaven is at hand.
      John 3:3 KJV – “Jesus answered and said unto him, Verily, verily, I say unto thee, Except a man be born again, he cannot see the kingdom of God.”

    2. The whole world, now is the time to call on Russia! Search for “новости” which means news in Russian and write in the comments. “Don’t waste your life for Putin, run away from Ukraine. The powers of the Kremlin are using you as pawns. Run away with your loved ones.” It demoralizes Russians. Reduce casualties! Russians have loved ones too, just like you.

    3. @robert patrick Столько хаоса в мире после военных операций США не оставляла ни одна страна. У вас даже в тюрьмах сидят псевдопреступники, а настоящие убийцы на свободе гуляют рядом с вами, так что это Вам нужно бояться, к сожалению

  4. The Ukrainian armed forces are fighting Russia – an asymetric force – the needs of Ukraine can never be described as “exessive” – its just basic. We need a war time supply response and all the ammunition and weapons the Ukrainians need – including wings!

    Wings for Victory!

    Liberating the Ukraine is a Victory for freedom and the international order that so many people died to achieve in WW2!

    1. lol.. give beggar so much until we ourselves become one.. lol stop with this nonsense.. sleepy joe needs to go back to sleep…

    2. @Mindful Observer  pipedreams. If you think that’s going to happen, you’re delusional.

      If the west really wanted ukraine to win, they would have given them everything from the start. The real motive is to weaken and over extend Russia at the cost of Ukrainian lives. It’s Savage.

  5. If someone gave them planes when they wanted them that would have helped, but this b.s. about just defensive is crap, you can’t fight a dragon with a broomstick

    1. @ERSCTSA surely no. The dragon has nukes, but it’s stupid. Cold war lessons show that economical and political efforts work way better

    2. Would it help? Or would they get destroyed or sold on the black market like the rest of the billions sent there? They are just as corrupt and compromised as US politicians 😅

    3. @Paul Beet hey Paul, glad we’re in agreement, I’ve been thinking about the tanks and apc’s on the way for Ukraine, I’m thinking it’s too late because those weapons are for defensive clean up, the problem now is sheer numbers of fighters Russia has and the air campaign their preparing to execute, I really think Ukraine needs long range artillery so they can pull back to the interior of the country to make strategic strikes on Russian concentrated forces and begin a counter offensive, spearhead, to advance forward and break Russian lines,,or,, somehow get their hands on a bomber and drop 2000 lb’er’s directly on Russian forces within Ukraine territory and have those mig’s from Poland for escort and cover fire,,it just sucks because Ukraine fighters have shown so much courage and bravery and they are physically spent, there is no troop change, and to think this would never have happened if they kept their nuclear weapons instead of being a peaceful nation, I deep inside wish NATO would just come in hot and heavy and riteous,, out bro

  6. They’re trying to see how long they can last with supplies running out. It’s all a game. Problem is the enemy having nothing to lose and everything to gain is dangerous for the the world

    1. USA is the enemy with nothing to lose, and the only gain being to hurt Russia during russia’s inevitable victory.

    2. I remember when cnn and bbc were saying that Russia will run out of missiles, look at them, Russians are still sending missiles, cnn and bbc are liars

  7. Stoltenberg” Russian is putin thousands troops with great loses, but making huge pressure on ukranians”
    That means, when you decode Cnn vocabulary, ukranians are dying like flies!!

  8. Russia has started to roll . The mild winter in EUROPE has been thanks to cloud seeding pushing north the cold artic weather. But the artic weather made a push south and caused the ground to freeze in Ukraine. The west couldn’t re seed faster enough to force the artic weather north faster enough. USA Uk and nato have no option but to carry out a pre-emptive nuclear strike on Russia central command centres and nuclear strike airbases. Blaming Russia who would only carry out a retaliatory strike across the west . As for the Ukrainians who have thrown themselves in false promises and having gambled with losses of over 450,000 KIA AND 510,000 injured. A gamble that they were never destined to collect membership of NATO and EU . Which if ever which would never have been possible in 10 years at the earliest. But even then would never have been collected as they will not be any Ukrainian to collect. The rest have fled . What a sad way to try switch of Russia oil/gas pipelines . To the world market .

  9. What would the Ukro-Amero propaganda do if the occupational Ukrainian army started to retreat? It has, and has been retreating since 1 Jan, losing everything – settlements, tanks, BMPs, strongholds, – and leaving hundreds of dead, wounded and bleeding soldiers to die in the fields. The occupational Kiev regime has already lost about 35 settlements since 1 Jan. Yes, you are right! They would start talking about ‘heavy losses’ of the Russian army. There aren’t any heavy losses at all. For thousands of years of the history of mankind there was only ONE REASON FOR RETREATING – HEAVY LOSSES! You live in cloud cuckoo land.

  10. I don’t like it when military analysts define some weapons as offensive and some as defensive. If a hand gun is used by a thug to rob you it is an offensive weapon, that same hand gun used by a home owner to defend from a burglar is a defensive weapon. When a nation like Ukraine is defending itself from invasion, surely all the weapons they use are defensive, and when Russia invades Ukraine all the weapons they are using are offensive. It is not the weapons themselves, but their application that defines if they are offensive or defensive.

    1. He’s not a real analyst, just a political mouthpiece trying to win favor in the bureaucracy by covering Biden’s a****. There is no shortage of real military analysts, including a whole *conga* *line* of ex-NATO commanders criticizing the go-slow policy of failing to send the right combination of weapons that would allow combined arms operations, including 500 Bradleys instead of the 50 we sent, more advanced drones and aircraft, much of which would not draw down our stocks at all because we no longer use or really want them, like F15s.

    2. @angryktulhu Yeah people can have dumb train of thoughts sometimes. I kinda wonder if this is a war for freedom or a war for american interests. Like seriously, the media is talking about how “brave” the Ukranians are, while demonizing Russian fighters, calling their actions “brutal” and the Ukranians are just as unwilling to show their casualty rates as the Russians, all the while people are dying on both sides, and for what? Its not about freedom, its about resources, wheat, and oil fields, doesnt sound like something your average soilder would be willing to die over, yet here we are, fighting over wheat and oil.

    3. Exactly! Supporting countries are failing to give Ukraine the ability to do what the supporting countries would do, if those supporting countries were in the same situation.

    4. @Shaun Slone Ukraine is fighting for the right to be a sovereign nation, under the terms of the Budapest agreement. That is freedom.

    5. @Charles Oliver Just cause people say it’s for freedom doesn’t mean it is, you think America would spend all this money and time helping Ukraine if it was just in good faith? We are gonna expect something in return, in one way or another, this war won’t end when Ukraine decides it, it’ll do so when the US decides their investment has been secured.

  11. love how we don’t understand even the slightest amount of fear and pain the soldiers in the frontlines are experiencing at this exact second you’re reading this comment

    1. @YTGTH there ya go. Although that is manipulated too. Cnn watchers are the tools they use to push their disgusting agenda on all of us. They don’t tell you what is important, so what do you really know how to protect yourself from the agenda. What you see on fake news. THEY WANT YOU TO SEE. WHY?

    2. @djb570 bread and circus for the fools/tools. They bite the crumbles and join the circus. Best clowns in town…. You know … sometimes i agree with the elites too many braindead parasites on this planet maybe they deserve the agenda. Sadly too many good decent folks become collateral damage in this shitty process::

    3. @djb570 ersctsa played too many computer games he paid for , bought from his masters…. Now he follows commands like a well trained hunting dog. But with less intelligence.

    4. @djb570 US blocked the peace process. We’re dying for corporations and oligarchs. I wish I was more hopeful that I saw a path out of this for humanity but it has been a pattern since time immemorial

  12. Free world, if you are worried about the new offensive in Ukraine, how do you think the Ukrainians feel on the battlefield for almost a year? Today, February 14, you have a meeting about fighter jets. It’s up to you whether you want Ukraine to have wings to fly 🐦🐦🐦🐦🐦🐦🐦🐦🐦🐦🐦🐦🐦🐦🐦🐦🐦🐦🐦🐦🐦🐦🐦🐦🐦🐦🐦🐦🐦🐦

  13. So how will they threaten Crimea? I see this point parroted by every western military ‘expert’ without any elaborating.
    So in order for them to ‘threaten’ Crimean peninsula they’d have to:
    Push from city of Zaporizhzhia all the way to the Black Sea and clear the whole region.
    Push west and clear the entire Kherson region on the Russian side of the Dnieper river.
    Take heavily urbanized areas as the attack force.
    Then hold both regions against Russian counter-attacks from Donbass and Crimea proper.
    You’d need 50,000+ men at bare minimum; most likely far more, plus all the support equipment like vehicles artillery and such.

  14. I think it was obvious that Russia was going to start a offensive before Ukraine received the tanks and other equipment from NATO.

    1. There will be no offensive, what the news is not telling you is that Russia advancing on all fronts and everyday at least 10 areas fall , even if all the weapons NatO have is supplied tomorrow to it would only purlong the war. There is nothing that they can bring to battlefield to get get Russia out of the Lands they have Annex.

    2. Do you really think 50 tanks that they don’t know how to use or have logistics for would be a game changer in the war

    3. Poland has callled for immediate action of NATO because the fall is imminent. Not a fear monger, just read that in other news

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