Russia intends to be first in the world to approve coronavirus vaccine

Russia intends to be the first in the world to approve a coronavirus vaccine, despite concerns about its safety, effectiveness and whether the country has cut essential corners in development. CNN's Matthew Chance reports.

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  1. What? I thought Clorox was more effective. Damn it Trump!

    1. @Robinson Bardonski u know uv raylights actually work right like its an actual scientific way to remove a virus from us but maybe he was talking about this or he was just talking non sense i agree the lysol thing was dumb lol

    1. @burny6666 No, because unlike Russia, Canada wouldn’t bypass proper procedures for human trials and all. So even if the Canadian vaccine would be ready in a couple of weeks, they wouldn’t release it without months of proper trials and safety checks.

      But in Russia, they don’t have to follow guidelines and ethics. They can come up with something and Putin can just round up random people and inject them to see if it works.

    2. @Snoy Fly but if the vaccine has major adverse effects then lots of people will die thats why many countries will test a vaccine for months or years unless the virus is like a movie type virus that kills everyone.

    1. Wow, people still believe that old lie… amazing: HAARP is a radio, Aliens could never fear us (energy requirements), the earth is spiracle but the universe may not be, and guess out Biden’s son was bribed by both Russia & China while refusing to pay child support?

    1. Well it could be real but the safety and efficacy would be unknown and probably not ever reported unless it actually turns out to be safe and effective and even then we would never know till testing was done by a more reliable country. It’s just Putin’s version of Russian roulette.

  2. Only 1 government that lies more than Russia…no, not China, no not North Korea, yea! Trumpy!

    1. @Rich And that is worse than the number of lies North Korea has told its own people? Get real lol

    2. Actually in reality Democracts support BLM, LGBTQ and defunding the police 😳 *FACT 🎶

    3. @Trump is my President I bet you defend landmarks for and places holding the names of those who defended slavery in the 1860s rather than wanting to put those landmarks in museums for people to learn in depth details about those individuals and those times and rather than renaming those places after people who did not fight for the division of the United States.. Oh yeah.. That’s the President lol

    4. @Trump is my President Actually, China is NOT the worst communist dictatorship and is only a communist government with a communist government-run highly capitalist economy. The worst would still go to North Korea, dude.

    1. @Ruth Harris, I know you all never talk about Joe. You don’t even like Joe. You just like to hate Trump. It’s funny. This will be a presidential race of those for or against Trump. Joe has nothing to do with it.

    2. Cold War between who? China, the EU, Venezuela and Democrats on one side vs the US, Britain, India, Brazil and Russia on the other? I think I know who’s going to win…

    1. Very likely a move of desperation. The pandemic situation is probably far worse than officially reported. There’s also the prestige of developing a vaccine first. For the rest of us, the entire Russian population is now the phase 3 trial group, the question is how to get accurate reporting from it.

    2. Well, we’ll have to see how many people die horrific deaths…
      Oh wait, it’s Russia, we wouldn’t hear about it even if it happened. :p

    1. Well, whether or not the anonymous storm troopers gets vaccinated will tell us if it’s intended to work or inhibit the forces.

  3. North Korea’s got dibs on the first available Russian vaccine, even though NK only has once case of coronavirus.

  4. The title is misleading
    Should be

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