Russia is sending some US weapons captured in Ukraine to Iran

Russia has been capturing some of the US and NATO-provided weapons and equipment left on the battlefield in Ukraine and sending them to Iran, where the US believes Tehran will try to reverse-engineer the systems, four sources familiar with the matter told CNN. #CNN #News


    1. @spaghett about it “Native Americans versus colonist?” was not America genius! We were not even a country then, genius!

  1. Yep the RQ-170 from Lockheed. You think a company that big would implement software that in the event of any anomalies on the aircraft, have destruct software on board. Other companies with similar drones did lol

    1. @tehbakinblack Like Fox…..CNN….MSNBC….ABC…..NBC….every news network is a business comparing one company as a boogeyman can give you blinders

    2. No they don’t. There are no such things. Such things only happen in Hollywood. The guy is just spouting lies and you people actually believe it. That’s freaking hilarious.

  2. The one silver lining in war in my opinion is that you see the most technological military advancements during these times and that at the same time can help advance other commercial technologies faster as well, It is a shame it has to be war that makes that happen though.

    1. @Mark M what is when in ww2 human m experimentation under the Jewish command or SS were approving human advancement. With the medical, after ww1 their was a real need for it as our military tech was advance but our medicinal was still 100 years behind so in essence war was the motivation for more better methods and understanding. Industrial methods changed when war hits and a needs for advanced ways of building and making things was needed so you wouldn’t waste your resources.

  3. About weapons:
    1. It is concerning, although both current and future benefits of providing weapons to Ukraine are still are much bigger
    2. It would probably still happen if Ukraine wouldn’t be able to fight, but with a NATO country in Eastern Europe. If you think it wouldn’t because it’s an irrational decision, try russian tsar’s power trip for 20 years…
    3. As said, russia is good at stealing things. They even managed to steal data on nuclear weapons. That is why the arms race never stops (unfortunately). At the time enemies are able to duplicate the weapon, NATO and US would have 3 more generations of that thing.
    4. There are tons of valuable equipment (like s400) acquired by Ukrainian soldiers provided to NATO for analysis.

    No military expert, just an opinion

    1. *сделать, поскольку она в первую очеред*

  4. Excellent if you have ever been in a fight and you take another opponents weapon it is seen as a trophy momento ?

    1. They will manage until they get to the latest generation chips,then they will
      realise they’re beat.

  5. Nothing is difficult when it comes to studying and assembling complex structures or systems to engineer unless you’re not entirely engineer. All engineers learn from one other and then develop their own theory or concepts to make new designs that you won’t imagine exist.

    1. This is good and very poetic. Iran can reverse engineer and provide weapons that can be used against America and its interests. Rest of us can laugh

  6. OGG the caveman 100,000 years bc found a way to turn a stick into a weapon and the other tribe (Bad Guys) had a few cave scientists that figured out how it worked.
    It is what we do 👀

    1. They took the stick and taped a rock on one end. The other side took the stick with rock and invented a bow to throw it out at the enemy. Then the enemy took the stick, rock, and bow and made….

  7. In the first weeks of the war, Ukraine captured a big ‘ radar blocking’ truck that had crashed into a ditch and was abandoned by it’s drivers. The program to produce it cost Russia a billion dollars, and the truck itself cost over 200 million dollars and was one of only 3 produced. It was immediately shipped to the USA. This kinda stuff happens all the time in war.. and I think it was one of the reasons the US didn’t want to send anything besides Javelins the first month of the war. It would be interesting to know what the USA has sent that might be useful to Russia or Iran.

    1. @Peter SedesseThere is no such thing as “first weeks”. That’s doesn’t mean anything in English or any other language. I’m not adding any words to your haphazard destruction of the English language. The fact is you didn’t know what you were talking about and still don’t.

  8. He is right. A latest generation missile is hardware + software. The hardware is just the platform. Most of the know how is in the software. Complex software is not so easy to reproduce.

    1. @john smith :”Iran has already re-engineer one of the most advanced US drones… bla bla bla”: no Ivan, they haven’t. Go count your potatoes.

    1. @Cool New York Cannot keep secret how weapons systems work forever, something always happens. During Korean war the US developed heat seeking missiles. One missile went right up the exhaust of a MIG fighter but didn’t explode. After landing, the Russians got their hands on that missile and reversed engineered it. We have been training Chinese engineers in our universities since the 90’s and have also handed over our technology & manufacturing. Russian & Chinese engineers & scientist are just as good as ours, except Chinese have more engineers & scientist than the entire US adult population.

  9. That’s cool that’s why we won’t send our tanks with the armor in them because we’re not gonna send stuff that could possibly examined when captured

  10. The American anti-tank missile she is referring are the BGM-71 TOW ATGMs supplied to the Shah back in the 1970s and yes it is a capable design however it is old (The TOW was developed in the early 1960s and first used in the Vietnam war).

  11. This equipments can be equipped with self destructive equipment inside the main equipment, that can be destroyed remotly in the event of it fell in to the enemy’s hand.

    1. @valerie except it’s not, how do you detect enemy from ally? and self destruction doesn’t mean it evaporates, you just broke it into chunks, still can be stolen. the last point is that failure would cause the destruction of your weapon stock.
      Imagine it sitting in a warehouse and the whole thing goes to flames due to a glitch.
      Not worth the trouble.

  12. Back in the Soviet Union days, Russia was capable of reverse-engineering captured technology without help. I would think that turning to Iran (or also China, probably) for this kind of assistance is an embarrassment. It shows weakness, especially since everything that Ukraine is getting from the USA is obsolete.

  13. I’m sure the anticipated this happening, that’s why they are specifically sending certain weapons

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