Russia launches fresh attack on Kyiv as Ukraine claims Moscow is on the defense

Ukraine's Air Force intercepted 18 missiles launched by Russia at the country overnight. Officials said Kyiv was hit by an "exceptional" attack but that Ukraine's air defense destroyed most of the missiles and drones launched. #CNN #News


  1. very unfair that ukarine is only allowed to protect itself from the contineous onslaught but are not provided with the ability to do the same to russian cities.

    1. they do the same with Russian cities, if you get out of the CNN bubble, you can find out about daily
      shelling of border towns, as well as cities of Donbass, with photos, videos, marks on the map, civilian casualties.

    1. ​@crushnev nikita – Hahaha… well since you bring it up… the Kinzhal costs $10,000,000… Kalibr is $6,500,000… and considering Russia’s economy is smaller than Canada or Italy, those costs sting!

      They spent more than $100,000,000 last night… to set a few Ukrainian cars on fire. Temper tantrums are not great war strategy, but Russian incompetence starts at the top!

    1. Why would they be bothered as they own 29 percent of Ukraine 😂

  2. It gives the defence companies (or offence companies depending how you look upon it) Real data on how there creation’s behave in real world scenarios. All those countries that invested in Russian weapon’s will come to the embarrassing conclusion that they have bought a” pig in a poke”.

    1. Well ruSSias defence industrhas seen a down turn of 70% ,china has put its order of t90’s and ka 52’S under reviewand india has canceled its order of ruSSain anti submarine helicopters and that Indian order was worth500 million alone 🤣🤣🤣.

  3. Ukraine; shoots down 18 missiles coming from land, air and sea. Russia; shoots down 4 of their own planes… lol

    1. @Chris K “You know what they say, “If god wanted Russians to fly, he’d put them in a tank torrent.””
      i think its turret (^_^)

  4. I must say Im super impressed for Kiev to have a count and ID of so many missiles and types so fast. When I was an analyst in the Army, we couldn’t even pull and evaluate the contact logs that fast. Ukraine has done it, literally before the smoke cleared. Incredible.

    1. Im not a military person but surely counting the missiles you have intercepted is not very difficult? To ID the missiles must be a different story to be sure, I would not have a clue how that is done but surely since Ukraine has been accustomed to the Russian missiles and drones for the last year that helps

  5. It’s extremely valuable data for western alliance. Every defensive missile provided is worth every penny spent.

  6. ALL air targets were intercepted. Roughly $120 million of Russian equipment down the drain in one night.

    1. They’ve been stockpiling $65 billion a year worth for decades so whats that matter

    1. Mind Begs the Question:
      If in a World
      X oppose occupation – Heroes
      Y oppose occupation – Terrorists
      World Governed by – Righteous,Evil?

    2. God has turned his back on those heathens & you soon see the full extent of that

  7. Great stuff 🇺🇦🫡🇺🇦🫡🇺🇦🫡👍🏽🙋🏾‍♂️😃
    Thank u USA , uk , Germany , France , Italy , Nordic counties , eu , thank u for helping the most amazing people of Ukraine

  8. What’s happening in Ukraine is similar to what happened to the United States in WW1 and WW2, most of the men where drafted in the army so the women of the United States had to take on alot of , what was then, male dominated industrial jobs. When the war ended and the men came back, the women, who found they liked the work (and pay), fought and this eventually led to the glass ceiling on many those industries permanently breaking (at least in terms of hiring women). It’s very possible something similar will happen in Ukraine. Once again Putin is forcing Ukraine further into a western way of thinking.

    1. Actually ukranian and soviet society don’t reflect the same patriarchal structures present in the west. They’ve generally always been seen as equals to a much greater extent than men. Performing many of the same duties. Over time since the fall of the ussr some of the most dangerous jobs have been reserved for men as we entered the modern era but the war has of course led to some sort of reversal of these norms

    2. @AlexRios45′ In theory you are right, kommunist ideology stresses equality among the sexes. But for example, as the majority of medical doctors became women, the salaries and status diminished in the Soviet. And how many women are there in leading positions in Russia? (And in Soviet.) I wonder if women are at all allowed in the Russian armed forces?

    3. really? that happened in the US? who would have thought lol
      It happened in EVERY country that fought in the war, on both sides!
      Do you have any concept of the fact there is a world beyond your borders?

    4. @Me Here I do but don’t specialize in the events of other nations enough to know how the wars impacted them on a societal level. Which is why I only spoke of the the United States in my OP. When you have time perhaps you can give me a lesson?

    5. ​@RenegadeElite101 I learnt this stuff at school, learnt about what was said by the others in this thread as part of that, how there wasn’t the same level of women into mens jobs in Russia under Stalin, cause it had already been implemented under communism, but we still saw the photos of tanks etc being built by all women production lines.

      I’m on the other side of the world, know it happened in my country, which was in a similar position to the US, being mostly not directly fighting to defend it’s own territory, but rather our soldiers were fighting in Europe & the Middle East & later Asia, so it went without saying to me, that if my country was experiencing it, given the low impact the war was having on it, then OBVIOUSLY countries directly fighting were going to be experiencing the same thing & yes, we learnt about that too, really not possible to properly study or understand womens & minority rights fights without understanding how the wars impacted on them at a global level. Even fashion was massively impacted by the wars, in England women were wearing flour sacks as dresses & then Princess Elizabeth was wearing trousers as she climbed under her ambulance to repair it, seeing the future Queen Elizabeth in trousers had a huge impact on other women also wanting to wear them & also wanting to become mechanics & serve the war effort. In France, women were using their womanly charms to gain intelligence & play a huge part in the resistance. In the Middle East, Gertrude Bell was having a huge impact on military strategies, way more than the more famed Lawrence of Arabia. Women were being empowered all over the world & once they got a taste for it, of course they weren’t going back to how things used to be. In most of Europe, it wasn’t even an option for a lot, because so many men died in the wars that even once they were over, women were still needed in traditional mens jobs, so when some jobs tried to push women back out, so as to provide jobs to returning soldiers, it caused total society unrest & change, why could some women continue working mens jobs & not others? Women weren’t going to stand for it! With husbands dead, they weren’t going to accept not being allowed to vote themselves either.

      It’s good you’re only speaking of what you know, but it’s bad you don’t know basics of the evolution of change in society that has created what you live in today. The US was barely touched by either war! Almost every other country on the planet saw much larger impacts from it than the US did & the US simply received those impacts down the chain, but you can’t understand that without the context behind it. Did you know it was the black marines that were the first from the US to arrive in much of England? Do you know how that impacted on your history? They took jazz & their various dances with them when they went there & the English girls LOVED it. When the white troops from the US later arrived & tried to impose the segregation they were used to living with in the US on their forces already there & the English civilians interacting with US forces, they learnt VERY quickly how unacceptable that was to the English civilians, because the black culture had got in first. Should be obvious to figure out how that’s going to then impact on your culture when those black soldiers return home after half a decade of living in equality & being loved for their culture. Without knowing that bit of history that happened beyond your shores, how can you truly understand the motivations behind your civil rights movements there? History is never confined to one place or one time! Likewise it was how the US manage Japan’s choice to isolate itself from the world, using “gunship diplomacy” that resulted in Pearl Harbor 100 years later. Learning about all countries is the only way to understand your own history

  9. As a Ukrainian 🇺🇦, I thank to the US 🇺🇸 for “Patriot” systems 🇺🇦🤝🇺🇸 ! Excellent job !

    1. Des LoW no iron dome .Rabbi criticises Ukrainian vote for nuclear disarmament of Israel
      01-11-2022 .they also did this
      Israeli Envoy ‘Disappointed’ by Ukraine’s Vote Backing ICJ Occupation Probe
      ‘Supporting anti-Israeli initiatives in the UN doesn’t help to build trust’ between Israel and Ukraine, ambassador Michael Brodsky says, after Kyiv supported a resolution asking the ICJ to opine about the 55-year occupation of Palestinian territory

  10. I am proud of Ukraine too. I hope we have the same pride in our country if we have to defend it. Women are partners to men. We are equal and we will always stand by side. We are more than baby makers, we are together a whole person in everything.

    1. In reality, when you say you “hope” it means you know you don’t & so you really should do something about that now, rather than waiting until your country’s tested. I know my country acts like we’ll never have to deal with this sort of stuff, BUT we also all know in our hearts that we may & if we do, we’ll handle it head on & unified & be impossible to take. We were challenged during covid, when China thought we were an easy mark. We mocked them so unrelentingly as they did what should have been capable of destroying us, that they fell apart & destroyed their own economy & the global supply chain & started making complete fools of themselves with their officials literally making comments such as “you hurt out feelings” I kid you not, that’s what one of their top government officials said about us as they executed our citizens!

      If your country’s not united for it’s common good, if you don’t have everyone knowing what’s needed if the odds are against them, if you don’t allow women to mine or do whatever jobs they like, the time to fix it is now! (note, my country still has to address issues with women in parliament, we’re making progress, but we have a LONG way to go to reach acceptable on that one)

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