1. This might be a problem, because Ukraine might have a few non-Ukraine nationals involved. They might actually have more of these people then Russia.

    1. @Stan F a problem for Ukraine because Putin can always turn around an claim Ukraine is breaking the Minsk agreement by allowing foreigners to fight for them. personally i dont think that would matter now in this stage of the war but whose to say how politicians think

    2. @Nephilim ivritt first off, the minsk agreement did NOT mention anything about foreign fighters. so you can let that go. second, the agreement NEVER actually went into full effect by either side. and lastly, putin himself declared the minsk agreement void before he even invaded ukraine.

    3. @government cheese so he did void the agreement than. i heard he did but wasnt sure and i know in 2014 he kept pushing it with Ukraine and claimed it included foreign fighters. he was probably doing the same thing democRATS here in America do and thats making the rules up as he goes

  2. FYI everyone: Aiden Aslan has a Ukrainian wife, is a dual Ukrainian citizen, was inducted into the Ukrainian armed forces, and swore an oath in doing so to protect his country. He is literally a a regular citizen and soldier of Ukraine with a moral and lawful obligation to fight.

    1. @paul harris You sound so certain. I hope you’re right but why was he sentenced to death in the first place?
      I have doubts as to the fairness of his trial or appeals

    2. @paul harris there’s a name for the condition you have. I forget what exactly what it’s called but from believing in the Just World fallacy.

    3. Funny that nobody mentions the fact that DNR doesn’t exist and it’s court is not recognized by the world to begin with ! It’s not a state or a country, but a part of Ukraine under Russian occupation. …If some pirates tomorrow will capture yet another ship and decide to put on trial sailors are we gonna discuss what are those sailors origins ?!!!

  3. Both Putin and western leaders gave warnings. If you knew you would be in a pickle you were better off getting out of dodge.

  4. To those who forgot – Syria at one time had lot of youth from Europe to join against Assad forces ( Hillary Clinton was instrumental in organizing that) Stiil, Syria and Russia are two different things. Those who do not recognize this are more likely to end up in a ditch. Mercenaries cannot expect mercy.

  5. Yet you promote the Ukrainian prosecution of a soldier for murder while following orders?….which is a war crime…both in my mind but one for sure is

    1. We has Americans use mercs cuz they aren’t covered by the Geneva convention and when they die we dnt have to report it has causalities…..gotta love those loop holes

  6. Hell on earth. I can’t believe this is 2022! And that young kids voluntarily threw themselves into war and death.

    1. Dont feel bad for em. They willingly signed up for it they knew the consequences and went ahead.

  7. There’s so much gaslighting on all sides here that I’m surprised they’re not shipping it to Romania.

  8. This is so unfortunate that people as far as we know only have one, human experience. I would never want to live in this world again so help me god! I’m at the mercy of all politicians, and it’s so unfortunate that people in this world are so corrupt, and sometimes just plain evil. Life is hard enough, and y’all make it worse. It’s depressing, and if I could end my life without hurting the ones I love around me, you can sure bet I’d leave this earth in an instant!

  9. Just shows the power of the media machine. These guys fell for the propaganda that Russia was on the back foot, and the indestructible Ukrainian resistance led by the ghost of Kiev was winning this war. Feel really bad for them but when you are considered part of a mercenary force, neither side really trusts you.

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