Russian Bounties In Afghanistan Clarified In New Report | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC

Rachel Maddow reviews past reporting about intelligence suggesting that Russia was paying bounties to Afghans for the deaths of U.S. troops, and shares new reporting from the New York Times on newly declassified information that explains the nature of that intelligence and why it was given a "low to moderate" confidence rating. 
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  1. AND Trump said he and Putin talked about many things, but not the bounties on our Soldiers. One big reason that Trump has fo answer for his crimes.

    1. psycobleach46 tullis – yes.
      And we learned that he lied about talking to the princes father after the report was released.
      Even though we knew everything in the report during the trump presidency.

  2. Be clear here Trump knew our soldiers were killed did nothing about it and then kissed the ring of the man who ordered the murders!!!!! Sounds like a Republican to me!

    1. Moscow Mitch thinks this is all good. It is all about the master plan to make america great again.
      This kinda makes all people that got this briefing complicit in treason. However treason in the US is so narrowly defined that if Trump were not there paying the Russian bounty’s to the talibans he will not be held accountable. And if GOP has any say even if he helped Putin hand em out in person with medals it would still be ok.

    2. It wasn’t a ring he kissed…unless you mean that ring of muscles around his sphincter..

    3. Even worse – says he’s “for” the military! Thankfully, most of them are smarter than his dimwit followers and abandoned him during his attempted coup.

    1. How could trump, Putin had him in his pocket even now Putin still Do trump said he hates rats/Informers so he himself will not be a Rat.

    2. No, it wasn’t that Trump said nothing to Putin about the bounties, rather Trump was negotiating his own deal with Putin in those phone conversations. How else do you think we have over half a million dead Americans thanks to Trump.

  3. Trumps behaviour around this would have been enough to get Trump strung up on the street a few years ago. How 75 million people can ignore so many disgusting actions that come from a traitor to the troops defending America is beyond belief.

    1. @Debbie Lawson
      “Make The BIG Lie, make it simple, keep saying it, and eventually they will believe it.

      Adolf Hitler!

      “Accuse the other side of which you are guilty”.

      Joseph Goebbels,
      Nazi propaganda Minister!

      Enough Said!!!!

    2. @Debbie Lawson
      HaHaHa, Your deflection is so apparent, you can’t stay on topic, like intelligent people can.

      So YES, I said that, and done no deflection.
      How’s the weather in Leningrad, Comrade??

    3. Ignorance is bliss. And research shows that people are attracted to “conspiracies” that make them feel more important than they are. Lots of serious personality disorders in the Trump brigade.

    4. @Debbie Lawson yea because dump buried it along with the military suckers lol wake up ; listen to the story from the reporter; oh u probably didnt listen just read the headline

  4. It’s fascinating to me, how we get the official stories about these things, and we all feel so frustrated, because we already KNEW. All you had to do was follow the news and put the pieces together. The tragedy of the information super highway is the pain of intelligent people, who get depressed at what they know, and how slowly the world catches up . . .

    1. @Luis Corona Borrowing from Good Will Hunting, I think they’re being deliberately obtuse. On some level they know Trump is a badly gilded turd and some of their most treasured beliefs are equally disgusting, but they fight to keep themselves from being fully aware of it. Why is probably very complicated, but I think it often involves a virtueless circle between Right Wing Media earning a living brainwashing them, and them seeking more brainwashing to suppress the truth from entering their awareness. I see in them a lot of anger and hatred but mostly fear of everything and everyone. Reminds me of Dune’s “Fear is the mindkiller” and Star Wars’ Yoda on fear.

    2. We did know but we as citizens hands were tied. Are hands aren’t tied now but we must be willing to stand up protest make it known we want further investigations we all know the corruptness of this current republican party and thier Communist Dictator.

    1. @IHC Terra
      The platforms could be sued big time, along with Trump. They share responsibility for content, especially content they monitor.

    2. @Marc F. Nielssen yet you continue to post. While being the only one not to make a point yet. And what was your defense? That you’re too smart to have an argument. Priceless. Liberals are funny in the way they’ll convince themselves they’re right… even with no argument! It would be cute if it wasn’t our country on the line

    3. @IHC Terra If you read that as “I know you are, but what am I?” Then it went way over your head. You see, you made an argument that favored my point more than it favored yours…Whooshh.
      And everyone but the liberal brainwashed knows what it means when you say he “lied over 30,000 times” (I’ve actually heard up to 300,000! lol). Want to hear my favorite reoccurring “lie” on that this list? “This is the best day ever” – Donald Trump. It’s been 5 years and you guys still haven’t caught on to what was told to you from the beginning; “The right takes him seriously, not literally. The left takes him literally, not seriously.” . You make yourselves sound dumb when you say stuff like that. “Trump said he had big hands! Liar!”. That’s where all your “lies” come from. You can list lies all you want and I can do the same with democrats but I think we both know politicians lie. All of them. They are all corrupt even if you think one side is more corrupt than the other, which both sides do. How many emails did Hillary delete? Wasn’t that somewhere around that 30,000 mark you mentioned? But all I’m saying is that’s a dumb argument and the common ground here is that we have enough years behind us that we know you can’t trust the government to do what’s best for the people.
      Here’s what you’re missing (because you live in an echo chamber and a liberal bubble): Only democrats and corrupt politicians call it an “insurrection”. Get out of your bubble and you’d realize that! Deaths, injuries, property damage, looting,violence, innocent people being attacked etc., literally any statistic you can think of was much worse at any of the riots from BLM and Antifa. When the left riots, its a “mostly peaceful protest” when the right does, it’s an “insurrection” lol. Democrats are played so easily by the media. The only difference between the two was the right occupied and shouted some mean things (like “Fry them like bacon” or was that BLM?) at the government (aka the people literally everyone in the country think are corrupt) while the left burns down innocent people’s business, attacks them, blocks roads so people can’t leave etc.
      It’s funny to see how the left reacts to the right acting like them for once. The right is new at it though so they didn’t rack up the “innocents injured/killed” like the left’s protests. Does the government and the government run media not like when they’re the ones being protested against and occupied? No. Who do they use to spread idea that this protest was actually much worse? Far left Liberals. Useful idiots.
      Or who do we use to spread the idea that the government is run by Satan worshipers? Far right Qanon. Useful idiots.

    4. “Make The BIG Lie, make it simple, keep saying it,and eventually they will believe it”.

      Adolf Hitler!

      “ Accuse the other side of which you are guilty”!

      Joseph Goebbels,
      Nazi Propaganda Minister!

      Also, remember how businesses can operate.

      No Shoes, No Shirt, No Service!

      This is a 21st Century Version.

      Enough Said!

  5. Nothing was ever done because Putin is his friend. Our troops had bounties on their heads under Trumps watch…..remember that……and that Trump did nothing.

    1. @MrTommyboy68 I didn’t try anything. I just pointed on that fact, that Putin is not the cause of every bad thing that happens with americans. How can you argue with that?

    2. @ТОЛЯ Н Read the book: “Putin Country, A journey into the REAL country” By Anne Garrels and “The road to Unfreedom” by Timothy Snyder.

      It is a sad day when our FAKE PRESIDENT BELIEVES daddy Vlad over our own intel community AND STATES SO ON WORLD WIDE TELEVISION.

    3. @Randy James , I don’t think that it’s a matter of Trump fearing Vladdy the person. I think it’s a matter of Donnie fearing some “critically damnming info” that Vladdy has on him. I think that it’s much bigger than some “pee video” that’s being suggested. It’s big enough that Trump never mentioned Russia/Vladdy in 4 years of being in office. That’s very unusual for a USA prez to completely abstain from calling out Russia about one thing or another. The only thing Trump ever did was to publically dismiss US intelligence, while Vladdy was sitting right there on stage, looking on.

    4. Our soldier know….and don’t care. That’s the pathetic thing.

      Putin has no friends. He has useful corrupt collaborators, and blackmailed idiots like Trump. That’s all.

  6. Rachel! Great reporting. I cannot wait to watch your face as you discuss the arrest of Rudy, Gaetz, and the big “Orange Jesus” himself. It shall be a day filled with laughter, libations and butterflies in the park.
    Cheers 🍻

    1. Amazing how the neoliberal left and MSNBC is so enthralled and enamored with the CIA. Folks, the CIA has lied us into wars, funneled drugs onto American streets, overthrown democratically elected governments, corrupted journalists, columnists and editors at big name newspapers, kidnapped and tortured, smuggled Nazis into the country and government after WW II, partnered with organized crime … and more. And this is who we are to trust on such an explosive story just as an American president announces partial withdrawal of troops (but not the mercenaries, contractors and CIA) from Afghanistan? Please.

      The business — the only business — of the United States is war and exploitation and seeing so many on the American left falling into line with the agency most responsible for all that is confirmation that the American left has disappeared. So sad. So stupid. So amoral.

    2. @Kevin Turner It has been proven just because you aren’t paying attention doesn’t mean it hasn’t. Facts exist whether you are aware of them or not.

    3. Love Rachel, she is fantastic. She can summarize complex situations in words than anyone with an open mind can understand. She’s second to none.

  7. At every opportunity and in front of the world Trump sided with Putin and Russia against America’s National security agencies over and over again. Russian bounties and still nothing.

    1. @speks36 No, it wasn’t that Trump said nothing to Putin about the bounties, rather Trump was negotiating his own deal with Putin in those phone conversations. How else do you think we have over half a million dead Americans thanks to Trump.

    2. @Denise Andrews Oh yeah! That fu**ing traitor! As soon as he did that he needed to be impeached!

    3. @BorvoTraitor45 is heavily indebted to Putin, who has ‘kompromat’ on him and his family. I have constantly asked how many dead Americans did the traitor promise Putin to keep his dirty laundry (pee tape?) hidden. Over a half million souls and a country still on the brink of civil war is too high a price to pay…while Putin laughs..

    4. How could this happen to our sons,husbands,families our love ones our own Americans plp
      This is totally non patronizing
      towards our military, our
      country period!!

  8. I remember reading about that allegation that those Afghan fighters are now in Russia hiding. I can’t remember which publication reported on that but I know it was reported right after NYT reported about the bounties.

  9. No-one even has any idea what Trumpo blabbed on to Putin about because he was actively stopping and hindering those who were supposed to be minding him and keep track of what was said…

    1. And Republicans Trump supporters will say otherwise. Fake news?? Don’t think so. However it wasn’t reported on Fox so it has to be fake. Right?!! And The Cult is supposed to be so patriotic.

    2. No, it wasn’t that Trump said nothing to Putin about the bounties, rather Trump was negotiating his own deal with Putin in those phone conversations. How else do you think we have over half a million dead Americans thanks to Trump.

  10. The news about these secret events just confirms the absolute need for the first amendment.

  11. “Until Republicans return to reality and become responsible, they should not be trusted with power again.”
    That’s been obvious for some time, the same warning many of us have been advocating, but it’s good that Rep. Sean Patrick Maloney is amplifying that message. More Americans need to understand this.

    1. @Bryan Reynolds ~ While Reich-wing politicians, demagogues, and media have poisoned our politics and democracy, it was a poison pill eagerly swallowed by most Republicans. It is Republican voters who are really to blame for the lack of accountability. It also points to just how fragile democracy can be. I also think our MSM bears some responsibility, failing to recognize the danger for too long, providing a platform and equal time to those on the right pushing the poison, often with little or no debunking of the misinformation and disinformation. Think they are sometimes still guilty of this, more interested in appearing fair and objective than delivering the truth to the American people. There needs to be more recognition that the truth is non-partisan.

      The smaller fish are still getting caught and charged for January 6, some of them guilty of more egregious offenses, but the big fish most responsible—-Trump, Giuliani, and certain other Republican leaders—-may well escape any accountability, although there are already civil lawsuits against Trump for his role in inciting the violence. I do hope that political considerations don’t play a role in the DOJ, and that charges are brought against those most responsible where warranted and sufficient evidence for a solid case exists. However, that can take time, so it may be premature for any final judgment by us in that regard. The DOJ doesn’t advertise its intents while investigating, and Garland has only been AG for a short time. But I am curious as to why Trump hasn’t yet been arrested as “INDIVIDUAL ONE.”

    2. The Republican party is now morphing into the Fascist Party. I don’t know if most of the recent dimwits in GOP realize it or not – they seem to mostly just be after greed & power – but the ones who know and approve (looking at you Moscow Mitch) that’s an even greater sin.

    3. Until Democrats realize if we don’t have a border we will eventually have no Country it may be too late.

  12. Did anyone really expect Putin’s poodle to bite the hand that helped him get (fraudulently) to the White House?

    1. There were, without question, Russian influence operations aimed at destabilizing our democracy and ensuring that Hilary was not elected. Trump was elected by actual votes though. People trusted and many still do trust him. That’s the concerning part. Oh, and Russia isn’t done yet. Anything they can do to fan the flames, they’re on it. Let’s all be kind to our fellow Americans and work to build a stronger country.

    2. @mohamed said No! Hillary has scruples, despite the fact that you might not want to believe that.

      However, Hillary would have faced more obstruction than Barack Obama, which would have made her seem more ineffectual than her immediate predecessor and, thus, critics would have been, oh so quick to eviscerate her. Little, if any of it, would have had anything to do with her policies. It would have been ALL about the fact that she was a woman, just like with Obama, it was ALL because he was black.

  13. Over and over I ask myself what it would take for Turdrump’s supporters to abandon him? Evidently, nothing ever would do. There should be some class of criminal offense for supporting a traitor.

  14. These heinous actions go on and on, yet Trump & friends are worried about space lasers and bamboo hidden in ballots in Arizona.

  15. Racheal you always bring news that we all want to hear and take the time to dust off our cobwebs on the issues and talk to people so they know exactly what is going on

  16. This story makes my blood run cold. If the facts bear this out, then the GOP is traitorous and corrupt beyond all recourse. God help us.

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