Russian fighter jet brings down US drone over Black Sea

The US military's European Command has released footage of the encounter between a US surveillance drone and Russian fighter jets over the Black Sea. The newly declassified video depicts critical moments of the mid-air encounter, which the Pentagon said lasted 30-40 minutes. #CNN #News


    1. @Duck of Death I’m disgusted at my US government for allowing ANY of this. If Ukraine had some oil under it Putin would have been hanging months ago.yall see what we did to Saddam

    2. @Frank Dezso it took two su 27 … to mess with an unmanned drone !! It took the USSR pilots , 19 passes … 19 times on a slow straight trajectory unmanned drone …then the pilot pulled up too soon and hit it !! Lmao !! And you want a dog fight !! Omg !! That’s funny

    1. @KLT I believe it was a joke. There have been lot’s of Gas Prom executives, Russian oligarchs, and potential rivals of Putin whom have (conveniently) fallen out of windows or experienced unusual deaths lately.

  1. Reaper needs to add a couple of flares that can be released when Russian jets try to pee on it again. Sorry Putin, must have been an electrical short.

    1. @Reaperr™ they saying at if not winning begins 3 world war or will use atom and we all in heaven for them everything finished trying others damage he began for that everything he wanta world

    2. @Reaperr™  nah, it’s a defensive measure that shouldn’t be able to damage another aircraft. Sort of like dumping fuel on an unspecting little drone minding its own business in international airspace just seeing the sites.

  2. Russians: let’s down their drone without firing a missile
    Americans: hey we think this was intentional but we’re not sure lol

    1. @Haldogo it was a recon mission why tf would they put missiles on it? They don’t put $150,000 missiles on it for recon missions.

    2. @D didn’t have a reason before, do now, fighters cost much more than that. What do you think the US uses to attack terrorist. Drones with missiles on them, FYI

    3. @D you’re absolutely right, but it’s not me. Do about 3 minutes of research. Why do you think they call them a platform, depends on what they’re using the drones for genius

  3. Thank goodness the drone was defenceless on a steady course. Russian pilot was lucky that he never went down when he misjudged the distance.

    1. ​@Good Guys jet fuel (kerosene) caused damage to the camera? So how did we see the video genius? 😅😂🤣

    2. @Droid User that’s what your LGBTQ media said, in reality there probably wasn’t any impact at all or else you’d see it on the video which you don’t since it’s cut short of anything

    1. They should have it explode and remotely self destruct it just as the jet was next to it that fuel would help too. 😂 Tell the Russians your plane crashed when it hit our drone 😅

    2. @God’s Soldier they lost their most advanced drone and the enemy took it out in a hilarious fashion.

    1. @michelle quinn lol lizards. Cold blooded yah, but Lizards? why you gotta go and disrespect Lizards like that! Love those little dudes.

    2. @Mr.Ch4rli3_ lol yeah so do I ,used to own a 4 ft water dragon. Ok then let’s call them SWINE or do you have a pet pig too???? Lol

    1. @storm shadow Korean airlines flight 007 or KAL 007 had US Congressman on the airplane when the Boeing 747 was accidentally shot down by the Russian Air Force

    1. @E Hassan 😂😂Let’s hope the USAF doesn’t figure out that they could just get their DJI drones on Amazon (like Ukraine) and put out local industry out of work!

    2. ​@Jevaunne Headley I guess if the Russian news keeps telling you that, eventually you start believing it.

  4. I’m just hoping an American jet doesn’t hit a Russian drone over the Gulf of Mexico.

  5. The propeller of that drone was not just damaged, but it also changed the yellow stripes. The CGI guy had one job… ONE job!

  6. Apparently the drone was ” harassed” by the Russian Jets.
    Poor drone.
    Hope it’s feelings weren’t hurt too much !

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