1. I would like the Italian television to interview these brave journalists too, not only those other journalists who keep working for the Russian’s establishment like propaganda-minions!

    1. @ Maschera Bianca Absolutely. The more their statements are spread around the world, the better.

  2. You can see in their faces how good it feels to do the right thing, even in the face of such harsh consequences.

  3. Both of you are the heroes! not only for your country, Russia. But for the sake of lives in Ukraine and the world too. We’re really appreciate for your bravenes, effort and risks for the live of Ukrainian people and solider. Wish you guys all the best and stay safe!

  4. COURAGE….that’s all I can say to these two extraordinary young Russians! Much respect from Canada

  5. Love to these hero’s from Russia just need more strong people like these to glory to these hero’s SLAVA UKRAINIAN HEROS

      Wadoh wadoh
      WE REMAIN!

    2. @Chief Wildhorse sorry you have lost me ,,,of course native American Indians are a very strong people but what does this have to do with 2 Russian reporters um SLAVA UKRAINE 🇺🇦 HEROS

  6. “…there are no excuses for doing nothing…” so true. Thank you for standing up and being brave, for doing something.

    1. not wanting to look over your shoulder is a pretty good reason. That’s what makes this impressive

  7. “Fear is just an emotion. We can’t let fear define our actions.” These two journalists are awesome.

    1. @Chief Wildhorse Cause most ahem…Grandfathers know better than to argue with the internet…..

    2. @WarSprite
      Ok kiddo
      Let me guess you are my elder because you are white lol

  8. A credit to themselves, and to the innocent people of Russia, and most of all, TO ALL JOURNALISTS AROUND THE WORLD, who will speak up, and to tell the truth, even when it means putting their own lives in danger.
    May they survive the evil, of the leadership of their country.
    Some day soon, the leadership will be gone, and the Sun will rise on a new leadership, and just maybe the world can be more peaceful again.

    I sincerely hope, These people will be remembered, and rewarded for their heroism, and hopefully, like modern Germany, will never let such tyranny take control of such a lovely country and people.
    May the many thousands of people, who have lost their lives so far, both soldiers and civilians, never be forgotten.

    This will end, but not they way Putin wants, its just a mater of time, hopefully much sooner than we can hope for.

  9. Just imagine how Brave you must be to go against Putin in his own country. Even russians outside of Rússia are being poisoned for years… Without consequências for the gang leader… I truly admire the courage of these guys.

    Heroes still existe.

    1. @peter baker He hasn’t any. 1 in 10 people in first world society is sociopathic, lacks empathy. Of those some are extreme – how many varies by location, environment, childhood experiences, etc. In Putin’s case I would suspect the “dark triad,” the combo of narcissistic, sadistic, & sociopathic disorders if not psychopathic, definitely antisocial, & I’m sure being a fascist megalomaniac applies. We are not all wired the same way. Not all sociopaths or narcissists are toxic but all sadists are. He’s gotta be one. & I could see the case for psychopath &/or high degree of toxic narcissist bc all those lies to kill as many people as possible, to steal a swath of land to steal oil, uranium, titanium, iron ore, etc & as a direct land route to already stolen Crimea. I think Dude has ALL the personality disorders & there are some psychoses idk the names of specific to guys like Charlemagne which combine those traits, along with the form of homicidal mania where having a position of power to abuse by ordering people killed floods their brain with “reward” chemicals, happiness or sadistic triumph, dopamine, oxytocin. Most people with a mental illness mind their biz, but then there are the ones who crave power, have access to seizing it, and are driven to abuse it, so I should add that there are multiple markers for a disorder & most people have a few & learn to manage them & some people have them all and have no desire to manage them. No diagnosis describes the personalities or desires of all those who have it. They describe symptoms. Then, there is also a bunch of other factors, what else is in someone’s life, what they’re taught. So if a disrespect for life is encouraged, or if nobody has ever treated someone with kindness or someone had experienced it then was suddenly cut off somehow from it or, at a certain age the treatment changed, & instead of someone wanting to have friends they had only negative ideas of relating to others or contempt bc of trauma … They’re not going to seek support, but ways to use the lack of empathy to their advantage in getting even or keeping people away… Or becoming a dictator, invader, war pig, or serial killer…. Anyway experts have written about it in layman’s terms online in reliable medical and psychological sources. & Environment can mean everything, just by itself. & Imagine his!

  10. They are heroes. Western media should give them as much publicity as possible. They are no longer ordinary people, they are world’s heroes.

    1. @davidkachel Exactly, What These 2 people have Done, Could Save Thousand of Lives, If the Russian people Actually listen to what they’ve Told them.
      This makes them Both HEROES.

    2. @davidkachel it takes courage to do this, their heads are in the mouth of the tiger and you respond while sipping your tee.

    3. And work, they are professionals who lost their jobs for this good act. They need money to survive.

  11. So brave! “Fear is just an emotion. “We can’t let fear define our actions” ❤ Amazing! Stand with Ukraine 🇺🇲🇺🇦

  12. In every country there are people that just rise to levels of bravery that inspire people globally. These individuals give hope that we as human beings can do better than to be selfish, arrogant, ignorant exploiters of everything we see and do. These journalists…the brave people in Mariupol…

    1. Good post. I totally support these brave journalists. Especially with Igor’s great beard!!!

  13. Both these people are real journalist, not bias, not brainwashed and no fear. I hope that you both stay safe and keep up your real journalism. So much respect for both of you.

  14. That is what bravery looks like. Do it even in the face of fear….it is only an emotion. I hope I can live my life as bravery as these two journalists.

  15. Many, many blessings to all journalists who honour the truth. “The most difficult thing to do is to live with two eyes”. Bravo to both of these true journalists. A free press requires heart and heroism.

    1. CNN should do a better job captioning the narratives of these and other brave heroes to go along with the interview so that we can at least read exactly what they are saying. C’mon, CNN. Do Your Job!

    2. Was he trying to say “two lives,” as in a double life, working for the Russian media and at the same time plotting against them?

  16. Give these two journalists a hug, they are risking their lives speaking out, that was a very courageous act indeed. Best wishes to them both.

  17. “Fear is just an emotion” “There is no excuse to do nothing” The mantras of heroes. Strength to you both.

    1. @ScaryClouds Maybe not, but it proves that at least some people in Russia, such as these journalists, prefer to think for themselves rather than being a mindless puppet for Putin’s own gain.

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