1. I mean… ukraine blew up part of the bridge in crimea. What did you expect would happen? My condolences to the innocent lives lost in the cross path of this political nonsense

  2. This is heartbreaking…the natural world is challenging enough that we should all be helping each other survive, rise up, and prosper. Sadly, too many don’t have the ability to grasp the significance of our short lives…or ability to give a crap.

  3. applesauce brains no way he can negotiate a peace deal here we need someone who can for a complete sentence on his own to help us here.

  4. More military. More war. More missile defense systems. Endless billions to Ukraine. Let me American people go without clean water! We will not be satisfied until 100% of all US money goes to Ukraine

  5. Hey remember when you guys were cheering the terrorist attack on the bridge? Seems like it goes both ways

  6. I can’t imagine having that feeling that you might not be here tomorrow and you know there’s that risk whatever you do. Lately I’ve had an uneasy feeling even wo watching much on here. I generally have the I’m not worried attitude, lately it just crosses my mind often.Maybe just bc if it does happen humanity may just destroy themselves and we have no choice in the matter our own selves.😢 stay safe and be prepared.

    1. @Skimask exactly why I commented. The state I live in come next year makes me think about the safety more for my loved ones and friends. If at anytime they need me, I’m there.

  7. Things haven’t seemed to change so much from late 1944 when V2s were starting to drop on Britain. I wasn’t born too many years later and now late in life I see the same attempts at terror in color, in near real time.

  8. 😭😭😭 Why won’t people leave each other done? Why do they think they have to tell us how to live? 😭😭😭

  9. At this point, I’m just curious of how WWIII would play out. This is getting worse and worse by the day… 😞

    1. Well it’s start with you fighting in it if you haven’t already done you 8 years in the military(US, Canada, UK, Australia). If you did, we will just have to sit back watch the world go at it I’m afraid.

  10. My heart goes out to those hurt or that lost family and friends in this senseless tragedy. It should never have happened. I guess I do wonder if the UN and Ukraine care about the folks in Crimea and Ukraine, why would they launch missiles into Crimea and provoke a retaliation against Ukraine in the first place? Doesn’t seem like a great defensive strategy. This is just senseless death on both sides.

  11. This has been going on for so long, both sides have had plenty of time to think of a solution and negotiate a stop to this. But both a hardheaded and would rather see their people die.

    1. I’m not a political science guy
      But I have been watching them
      For years
      Go back 8 to 10 years see what they have to say about this
      If you want to know

  12. If you want to live in a good world you have to sop fighting. You have to take it upon yourself to be the bigger person and just walk away. That is, if you want to live. There’s always someone who will escalate. Don’t be part of the crowd.

  13. It’s sad that mostly people that want nothing to do with war get killed or hurt. The people calling for war or ordering the strikes should send the missiles to each others homes and leave everyone else out if it.

  14. This report has the look and feel of being staged. Perhaps the background music and the noncommittal images, the smoke and camera quality. But mostly the creepy music. Why is this style of reporting being used?

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