1. @Super Nieva foreign mercenaries (those who survived) have long been sitting at home under their mother’s skirts

    1. Ти ботоферма маніпулятивна. Це все – цілі для кожної армії світу. Паливно-мастильні матеріали.

    1. @Chikush Odiz not is an special operation, invading one country with 45 million peoples with 150 thousands military can you believe that? Why Russia doesn’t destroy Kiev?

  1. Ukraine is in need of some long range missiles to start hitting Russia lands the same way they are attacking Ukraine. You can only be defensive for so long before you have to step up and give it all you got.

  2. Anti ship missiles are urgently required to get rid of those devastating pounding from safe places in sea. And important to know: no new ships for Putin allowed because Turkey doesn’t let warships trespass through Bosporus which haven’t their home harbour in Black Sea.

  3. Could someone send Putin a nice present for his ‘victory’ parade on Red Square on May day, a wee little bit of his own medicine!

  4. Ukraine is going to need a “marshall plan” .
    Maybe one for russia once lil’ vlad kicks the bucket, assuming the place doesn’t completely break apart .

  5. One thing not covered was reporting how these weapons were delivered. Off-shore missiles from ship, land-based launchers, or aircraft delivered. I suspect this attack was from the sea. If that’s the case, Ukraine should considering their own long-range strike against Sevastopol in Crimea.

    1. Does Ukraine have a warship? The few matal junks they had were captured by the Russians, infact they abandonned it. By the way even if they had warships, they can’t fire missile from the sea . Only Russia and USA have that capability

  6. This is nothing compared to ” Shock and Awe ” CNN is very careful who it wants to criticize!!

  7. I live in Ukraine. I have always loved America and admired its traditions and strength. My country is suffering, Russian troops are killing people, raping women, bombing cities. America, please help my country. Russia is killing my country.

  8. Sure, soldiers can use drones yet are soldiers required to wear body cameras during a time of war to show just how soldier’s work is done? And if they wore body cameras, would that prevent genocides. Russia isn’t offering guarantees to anything it seems.

  9. “He is a Genius!!” “He is Savvy” “He is Smart!!” “He declared the area as Independent how Wonderful is that!!” Famous Words of the Twice Impeached Insurrectionist.

  10. What if you were a group of mercenaries, and you got your hands on military equipment the US abandoned in Afganastan, and you spread it around a battlefield as evidence of US participation, and Putin used it to rally support and instead of escalating the land war, Putin went cyber and paid you with a check? Man, would that suck.

  11. Everyone knew this was coming. ??? Missles from the sea also? There should have been an instant response to that ship, or sub blasting that off. Ukraine does have some ships in the sea they’ve stayed before.

  12. This port is Russia’s next goal.

    They port city needs protection from ships. Russia will come by sea and land.

  13. So why can’t they Ukranians sell the oil refinery to Germany and Germany can subtract what Russia owes to repair their refinery from their Russian gas bill? The same could be done for the stolen commercial airliners.

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