Russian missiles hit Ukrainian port after grain export deal signed | USA TODAY

Russian missiles hit Ukrainian port after grain export deal signed | USA TODAY 1


  1. How many grand deals in the world and then no one cares specially the government of USA UK France etc when rassia defends thier own interests why western shouting

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  4. Who takes the MSM news seriously anymore? Patrick Lancaster and New Atlas knows what’s REALLY going on in Ukraine

    1. Yes, tiresome in the extreme. There is an almost desperate focus on Russia. I have a strong suspicion it is to distract people from how pathetic our own leadership is.

  5. Reading a lot of sources about this, it seems to me like theconservativetreehouse has the more likely reason. I’ll cut and paste a little

    Let me say from the outset, with a degree of specific assurance we generally reserve for other matters, Russia had nothing to do with the targeting of a grain facility in the port city of Odesa. Geopolitically and strategically, such an action would be against their interests. These events have the smell of the U.S. State Dept and CIA all over them.

    Russia was particularly a geopolitical beneficiary from the agreement itself. No longer could NATO and the western alliance blame Russia for the void in gobal food markets associated with the conflict in Ukraine.

    From the perspective of Russian President Putin, the grain movement through the port city of Odesa was a net benefit. “Russia has taken on the obligations that are clearly spelled out in this document. We will not take advantage of the fact that the ports will be cleared and opened. We have made this commitment,” said Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu.

    However, from the perspective of the Western alliance, the agreement mooted one of their biggest justifications for the upcoming global food shortage. If Ukraine and Russia are exporting food, and yet food costs are still rising…. well, the food shortage impact from western energy disruption, the Build Back Better agenda, starts to become increasingly visible.

    Suddenly, within hours of the trade agreement, the grain transportation system and the port city of Odesa come under fire from mysterious cruise missiles.

    1. I seldom watch corporate media and always know it’s male bovine excrement. Usually, it doesn’t take long to hear a different, more logical, explanation. You made this one real quick. Thanks.

  6. Yeah maybe they’ve seen some military Ukrainian activity or weapons that’s only why, but don’t worry everything will be transported your grain

  7. I thought Russia was running out of weapons, ammo, hardware, etc. I thought Putin was dying, like of a different disease each two weeks. I thought Ukraine was winning EASY thanks to the heroism of The Ghost of Kiev and Ben Stiller. Who could imagine that “evacuation” actually means surrender, “strategic withdrawal” means running for the hills dropping weapons, leaving wounded and equipment after total rout? How are they going to call Ukraine’s unconditional surrender? May be strategic evacuation across the polish border .

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