1. The man who knows what the humanity and peace mean to people. I wish he stays safe with his family. And hope all the Ukrainian people stay safe from.this war too. 🇺🇦

  2. This former Russian officer has a big heart, he and others like him will be the hope for a future Russia.

    1. Unfortunately, I doubt he will really be safe in the future. He will either defect or be punished by the fascist regime in Russia. I just hope he and his family get out safely.

    2. How do we know this is true? If he resigned, he would be in military prison and not contacting CNn

    1. @Sean Padgett And how many American citizens came out to demonstrate against the bombing of Serbia, Iran, Iraq and Libya from Vietnam, not to the citizens of the country that used a lot of nuclear weapons to tell about humanity, at least to whom, but definitely not to you

  3. I’m impressed he had the steadfastness to take that course. If only more of the Russians would come to the same conclusion.

    1. I’m sure many Russian soldiers don’t want to be there. However I’m surprised he contacted CNN and he is back with his family and not in a military prison

  4. We all know this guy might be dead by now. My respects go out to him for standing his ground, for recognizing the injustice, for naming it and for refusing to participate in it.

    1. @CLUELESS JOE hmm when an army large enough to take over a country retreat with significant losses then regroups and take over a small town here and there an objective person can hardly see this as a great success, advance undoubtedly, but success? I would think the troops on the ground would have a different take.

    2. @The Island Gardeners 110 000 km square. The Main trade port (Marioupol). The whole Azov shoreline…

    3. @CLUELESS JOE I guess comrade didn’t know the area before the invasion? Did they google afterwords?

    1. Thing is, they can’t. I’m not saying anything, but if u join army, you follow what is told. If u can’t follow, don’t join army or you will be counted as a traitor. Army is not only about training and doing some drills, it’s about war to. If it happens, u go,right or wrong, none of your business.

    2. @Lifes so Good Russia though ukraine would fall in a few days. It’s been months. Nice try bot

  5. I respect and applaud his courage to resign – he has more principles than his Generals . I sincerely hope and pray that he is still alive and safe …

    1. To be fair he prob had more Generals than his principles, but they do insist on visiting the front line…

    2. @hhhhbbbbjjjmjjhhhhhhfff kindly explain how 5 russian generals got killed so easily LMAO!

    3. @hhhhbbbbjjjmjjhhhhhhfff kindly explain how 5 russian generals got killed so easily LMAO!

    1. @prizefighter “So if you quit your job you are …” — if you ever had one, you would not ask. That’s unless it _is_ your job.

    2. How do we know this is true? If he resigned, he would be in military prison and not contacting CNn

  6. This action is often seen as cowardice by the soldier’s army but in reality it is bravery. Knowing the grim consequences of this resignation and doing it anyway. I applaud his his moral compass and integrity.

  7. As some experts or Russians themselves have said already, there is no current Russian law which says you aren’t allowed to quit the army now. It’s only valid at declared wars. But as we all know that is a “Special operation”, NOT a war – in the official speech by Russia.

    1. ​@Philip B Yes, the world is certainly changing right before our eyes, and all institutions created to enable checks have failed. But I would not say that Russia is setting new standards. It only dismantles the old ones.

    2. @Sergey Shlykovich The trolls need to put bread on the table, too. Not the most honorable job tho, especially ironic in the context of the report.

    3. ​@Henry Tuttle Thank you for the first person account! If you don’t mind to clarify, is it entirely correct to say so? I’m hearing what you’re saying (possibly misinterpreting you) that one would not even be prosecuted for a murder or a burglary unless “someone powerful” wanted them punished (“laws _only_ apply when…”, italics are mine). It’s kinda hard to believe in the total absence of legal restraint. My impression was that the law on the books applied _until_ “someone powerful” would want otherwise. Is my understanding incorrect?

    4. @Cy “kkm” K’Nelson No, I was saying that the laws do apply UNTIL someone powerful wants a specific result. At that point, doesn’t really matter what the laws are.

      So, if a person murders someone, the police will investigate, prosecute, etc. and try to administer justice “fairly”. However, if someone has a powerful friend or relative either involved or interested, nothing really matter anymore.

      But it’s often complicated by the fact that most people can find a powerful person to intervene – either through connections or money. Then both sides have a way to manipulate the law in which case the law carries more weight.

      In the case of Putin, the law means NOTHING if he has the slightest interest in the outcome.

  8. We need more Russian officers like this hero. Obviously Putin’s regime is gradually collapsing, which means the sanctions are working. We must stick together during these hard times and help our Ukrainian brothers and sisters to protect their home and children.

    1. @XXXX можно часами повторять слово “сахар”. Но разве от этого станет сладко во рту?

  9. Respect to Russian officer to have the courage to do what is right. God bless him and his family 👍🙋🤗😘🙏💪

  10. If true, good for him! Shows they’re not all mindless human “mo-chines.” Warm heartfelt salute Sir, you are NOT a traitor. Anyone who says so is fulla crap! They can take your place.

  11. The world would be a lot more harmonious if every individual was as reflective as this dude.

    1. @Hans Otto Kroeger Kaethler This guy has had his Russian brand Purple Koolaid this morning.

    2. @DontBanMeBroDontBanMe! That is part of Russia’s military weakness. There is virtually no empowered NGO class. A well-trained NGO corps will enforce discipline which includes respect for the rules of war. Twelve Russian generals have been killed because they could not trust a sergeant to get on with the job.

    3. @triforcelink “Tell Sleepy Brandon to keep his greedy little hands off of Ukraine.”

      Some posts are really soooo ridiculous, one has to turn them back in the right way!

  12. The accusation of betrayal is not justified. In fact the military betrayed his own officers and soldiers by luring them into a trap. They didn’t provide proper information and they made it impossible for them to get it by taking the cell phones.

    1. In Russia this is irrelevant. They shot soldiers who refused to cooperate on the field. An individual means nothing in Russia.

    2. @WokeAF In that case the soldier and officer have nothing to worry. They just can quit the job. So one way or the other they can’t be prosecuted, but I’m afraid justice is nowhere to find in Russia.

  13. Russian soldier’s dissenting sends a strong signal to future regimes and their people. In our time and age, universal values can talk and support each other, worldwide, in solidarity of peace and rejection of inhumanity.

    1. Hello from Russia. it amazes me that you really believe in what CNN is showing.

      no wonder you live in an aquarium and think you’re free.

  14. a soldier that actually has a brain, a soul, and the balls to question orders given to him by his superiors and his government. shame. that is a feeling not many feel when invading a country. i hope he and his family will be ok.

  15. This man did the very thing many Russian soldiers are afraid to do for the safety of their own families.
    When people from the outside ask “if the economy is tanking, why aren’t the people revolting?” and get the response of that the revolt would be crushed with an iron fist and the families of the revolters would be under danger, is the same reason why many russian soldiers who want to quit, don’t.
    I respect this man, for this is true bravery (reminds me of that one picture from WW2, where a crowd was giving the n@zi solute, but one man wasn’t); change begins with one man.
    I pray for his and his family’s safety and this man is prime example of God always giving one a choice.

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