Russian oligarch’s superyacht seized by Biden administration | USA TODAY

Russian oligarch's superyacht seized by Biden administration | USA TODAY 1


    1. Cause so many yacht owners travel to the Arctic ocean and Sea of Okhotsk with all the lavish vacation sites and beautiful beaches.

  1. Rich people with ill-gotten gains stealing other rich people’s ill-gotten gains. What a country.

  2. If this was my yacht, I would like to place 100lbs dynamite in lower deck operating by phone.

    1. @Just A Hair Do you get paid for this or is it a public service you offer, like a urinal at a road side gas station?

    2. @Just A Hair By the way, you don’t get to charge President Trump rent for living in your head 24/7 when you’re the one keeping him there.

    3. @Just A Hair Did you actually have anything to say that relates to my comment in any way, shape or form or did you just come here to scream about your favorite bogey man?

  3. 🇷🇺 is doing what’s best for the union, Ukraine tried to go against big brother.

  4. And I’ll bet none of the money from seizing the yacht will go towards homeless veterans or our own bills.

  5. We get a yacht thats a money pit to maintain…Russia keeps its Boeing jets and stops making payments. We got a bad deal. Hunter running drugs in that might work tho😂

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