Russian rockets land near Europe’s largest nuclear power plant | USA TODAY


  1. نحن العرب الفنا هاته المناضر الكارثية والاجرامية التي قام بها معسكر الشيوعية والرءس مالية الذي اذاقنا شر العذاب …فلو يعود الزمن للوراء هل ترسل اوكرانيا جنودا الى العراق يقتلون الاطفال النوويون😠😭😭

  2. Joe Biden said during his campaign, “if you vote for the other guy you risk nuclear war. So true. I voted for the “other guy ” and now we’re at grave risk of nuclear war.

  3. Fear not Christ is King. Confess with your mouth that you’re a sinner and that Jesus Christ is Lord. Repent, take in the Holy Spirit and be made a new. Time is running out. Stand strong with Christ our Lord

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