1. This should be a message to the rest of those Russian soldiers he’s in trouble now and Putin can’t get him out of it🤔

    1. Actually Putin can help him. It is extremely common for countries to exchange prisoners, regardless of peace or war. The US and Russia have exchanged prisoners even during the current conflict. Russia has been confirmed to be abducting civilians in Ukraine specifically for the purpose of taking them to Russia to be held hostage to be exchanged for Russian people held on Ukraine.

      Every country exchanges prisoners.

  2. Ukraine had two options: either become slaves, or fight. Ukraine chose the latter.
    Glory to Ukraine!!!! 🇺🇦 🇺🇲

    1. @James Faulkner Justice for atrocities he committed have nothing to do with whether I think I am God or not… We are humans and we know when we are treating each well and when we’re not. In this case I think it’s a good thing that a monster was apprehended before he could evolve into a hardened one.. At least he even pleaded guilty…

      ……. What was your point exactly, Mr.??

    2. @Mohammed Allah It’s Mr Faulkner, don’t you know how names work, Mr God. He isn’t a monster he is a product of his job and his mission for his country. The only thing that makes him a criminal is the side he is fighting for. If killing POGs, persons other than grunts, makes you a criminal, every single combatant that has ever fought for their country is a criminal. Either they have actually done it or in support of them assisted. There is a reason Infantry are kwon for catching babies on bayonets, because we are killers. Issue us a weapon, train us to kill, show us who is bad on the map, we kill. It isn’t hard to understand. You like a standing military, you will deal with the consequences.
      I saw a video where some Pinkos had their Bimp on the side of the road and a POG drove up and asked them if they needed help and he offered to tow them back to Pinko Land. As a former Infantry Fighting Man, that vehicle would not have made it close enough for me to identify the driver, the vehicular threat approaching, being in a hostile country, would have been nullified long before they got close. At minimum there should have been a road block protecting the Bimp.
      I am in no way endorsing what is happening, only trying to make people aware that this is what you get when you have a military, POGs will die. They will die indiscriminately and die by the droves.

      Read my other response to another POG such as yourself for a couple of scenarios and answer them.

    3. @Bill Sloan Truth isn’t capitalised the way you are using it. It isn’t a proper noun.

    4. @James Faulkner No ,I am an ethnic Liberal Singaporean!! Just as I brought up about the unscrupulous tactic of the Corrupted Communist Pariahs Regime of Russia, hence,I have to be an American??

  3. A soldier is an honorable man/woman. Honorable soldiers dont kill women and children, these are criminals

  4. “The world is in more peril from those who tolerate evil or encourage evil than from those who actually commit it.” -Dr. Albert Einstein, March 30 1953

  5. This soldiers trial is a message to Putin that Ukraine will make sure that Russian forces will pay for the horrible things that they’ve done to Ukraine and its citizens.

    1. So you think all Russian soldiers will fall into this ? Hahaha , remember that azov battalion its going to disappear

    1. russia has alot of catching up to do with the civilians killed in iraq, afghanistan, vietnam by usa

  6. The absolute lies from Russia fail to deal with the most significant aspect of this War Crimes case, which is that from when he became a POW he has admitted to carrying out the murder for which he is charged and to which he has again pleaded guilty for.

    1. @Iemran Juffri how old are you 2?
      Don’t know what 9/11 has to do with this conversation. But I was at home watch The West Wing when the TV switched to live coverage. My much younger brother was in America on business helping to set up the plant layout of of an autoparts company.
      I remember the fall of the Berlin Wall the condition East Berlin was in when it fell like WWII had ended yesterday not even the bullet holes had been patched. In contrast West Germany & Japan had been built back better. I remember all the defections before it fell. & people dodging bullets to get out.
      Most of this Z cannon fodder have no idea what they are fighing for I have a feeling if they survive some of them are going to be in for a shock.
      I will say one thing for 9/11 it took a while but it sure made most our muslims realise which side their bread was buttered on.
      Anymore history you would like to discuss.

    2. @Lyn S Youre being Muslim means youre probably familiar with Al-Araf. That, is history and foresight bound together. Or Furqan 30.

    3. There are video’s of him being caught and openly admitting to the murder, with no coercion of any form. There was no fear in his voice, just shame and regret. These young guys were scared to death, starving and were afraid of everyone because of the fear stoked by Russian propaganda but he still admits he was in the wrong. I admire his honesty and remorse, it is the real deal.
      But the videos and paper work that Russia has been forcing Ukrainians to claim it was Ukrainian troops who bombed their buildings, murdered their people, in exchange for paying to rebuild their buildings (which they wont after they get the signatures/video) are NOT the real deal. Russia will be paying for the rebuilds through confiscated items from sanctions, so people, do not fall for their empty ultimatums!

  7. I’m interested in how they’re going to continue this. I’m surprised that Russia hasn’t sent in troops to rescue this prisoner! Unless Putin is arrested, or dies, I’m not sure how any of these evil Russian Troops, and leaders will ever be held accountable. I hope this may be a deterrent to the other Russian Soldiers….but I wouldn’t hold my breath.

  8. There is no excuse at all for shooting and unarmed civilian ever, The Nuremberg defence of “I was only following orders” won’t help him either, It was murder plain and simple a war crime for which he and others in the Russian Army should pay for dearly.

    1. @Counting Stones The Israeli Army Should Also Pay For Their Crimes Against Palestinian Civillans!

    2. @Spring Bloom Any country has a right to prosecute murder, which is what this was. Most perpetrators are in custody before trial. What exactly is it that you’re whining and swearing about?

    3. @Jasmine Bali they should. Why not write that comment on a site that’s discussing that issue. Why write it here?

    1. @The Empire Was Right Like it or not the ‘war criminal’ sign has been stamped to his forehead forever no matter how hard he pleading guilty. And i’m sure many Ukrainians now already mark his face to the point after the war ended he might not going have any courage anymore to face Ukrainians that may look down at him with similiar judging stares people gave to criminals.

    2. Forced choices bring out the worst of any age, but give them peace in the end. Let the Russian prisoners stand trail in Ukraine and help the Ukrainian youth. With a watcher of course to not let them flee.

    3. @The Empire Was Right Oh, yes, it’s on all mankind to condemn him. Otherwise, we lose all right to judge evil in general. I watched Russians interviewed in the street, that stated “It’s Ukrainians’ fault! Why don’t they give up!” In other words, “so what our soldiers are killing you? You should offer yourself and if you are killed, oh! well”

  9. it happens because those people are helpless. the power of life and death is in the hands of others. so the people being held have no value. they are victims only living or dead. its how its always been . and it needs to end.

  10. It is a well established convention in war to depict enemies as less than human. This is particularly the case in the aggressor in a war as they do not have the same motivation as someone defending their homeland. Many countries have done it in the past and we know that Putin did it saying he was “de-natzifying” Ukraine. Remember that this is done to trigger you to react in a certain way. Learn from history ( the Nazis promoting irrational hatred of Jewish people leading to the Holocaust, the Hutus promoting hatred of the Tutsis leading to murder of estimated 500-800,000 people in Rwanda) and do not dehumanise those you think of as your enemies. It is difficult to be just when you want revenge.

  11. Such a shame.
    A life lost. A young man’s life ruined, instantly, permanently, forever. Suffice it to say, his choice, that said his government failed him, sending him for slaughter and with horrible guidance. Ultimately, it is his fault, his choice, but it becomes clear, if he was born in a normal place in the world, his life could’ve been so different. Unfortunate he chose, such as this, as he had. Even so he may have felt forced to invade, forced to kill, he did not have to.

    1. And what of the person he killed in cold blood? This older man was probably someone’s son, brother, husband, father etc. And his life was taken away by this low life.

    2. @Christina Lynn You’re welcome. Just keep in mind, while I might lay out the scenario where a decent human in times of exceptional strife might do something inhuman, I do NOT excuse the behavior. I only tried to illuminate, for the potentially uninitiated, the circumstance, in as vivid a detail as I could manage. We’ve had an interesting, and very good, exchange.

    3. All of us are born with freedom to choose…. . He chose, therefore he will reap the fruit of his choice

    1. Russia: it’s not a war crime, it’s a “Special Tactical Lawbending Operation.”

  12. russia: there is no war crimes because there is no war

    also russia: verry well my soldiers,i will award you the highest medal for executing civilians in bucha,you are a hero of russian state

    1. THIS!!!!!
      I agree 100%
      If they want to turn back time and force people to live with zero rights and the such, then they could do what honorable kings and rulers did and actually fight at the front line with their troops instead of cowering in planes and bunkers. Thing is, its getting very hard to find honorable rulers. There are just a few around these days, Zelenskyy is 1 of them. He will walk away with man of the year and a Nobel!

  13. A true show case of what is ‘forced confession’.
    Thank you CNN, you finally let us see how it works instead of just hearing specious accusations from Antony Blinken.

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