Sajjan knew of investigation into Maj.-Gen. Fortin in March | EXCLUSIVE

Annie Bergeron-Oliver has the latest on when Defence Minister Harjit Sajjan learned about the investigation into Maj.-Gen. Dany Fortin.


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    1. TRUDEAU Love’s his beard 😂 aren’t you suppose to be a clean cut guy in the army and not wearing a carpet on your face. Couldn’t image what’s crawling in there. Ewwww

    2. Sajjan is still the minister, because he and Derek Zoolander are very very close from all the dress up party’s they have together

  1. What happened on Friday that made fortin step aside? Trudeau and sajjin couldn’t cover it up any longer. He should have been gone in March. Yet another liberal scandal and coverup. It’s one after another now. Why is sajjin still minister? Why is trudeau still pm?

  2. Sajan should be court martialed. As for the Major General, his 32 year old allegation of misconduct should be thrown out with the trash. How old was the guy 32 years ago?

    1. Hmm since Sajjan is not currently in the military and only led a reserve and becoming Minister of defense automatically had him discharged so that he could not be given orders by higher ranks. This is done with every minister of defense. So a court martial is impossible.

    2. @Splaticus Maximus yeah I know all of that. I still think he should be court martialed.

  3. When is the Defence Minister Sajjan going to take responsibility for the shambles that the senior leadership of the forces is now in and resign!

  4. We can’t even look down our noses at Russia for being crooked anymore. Our country is in freefall right now.

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