Sajjan should resign, has ‘failed’ as Trudeau’s defence minister: strategist

Sajjan should resign, has 'failed' as Trudeau's defence minister: strategist 1


  1. Who would have thought, what just wearing a turban will not make you a competent defence minister?!

  2. The Liberal strategist wants to reflect and see if the failure can recover. Step down Sajjan!

  3. Did Sajjan tell you he denied a crimes against humanity investigation which included Vance?

    Why should she resign when he will not for protecting him the same? Both let him stay in a position he should not be in.

    Do an access to information request. You will find he ignored it. Like many others did.

  4. Sajjin needs to go. Telford needs to go. Blair needs to go. Hadju needs to go. Anan needs to go. But most importantly, trudeau needs to go.

  5. This guy who was in charge of operation honor did nothing to help over 500 woman who reported sexual misconduct. How can he fix the problem when he does nothing other than collect his great salary. Get this guy out ASAP. As a woman in the military I would have no use for this guy

  6. Trudeau will fire him and appoint a woman to replace him and call it a win for diversity. That’s where we’re at today…

  7. Sajjan is just angry that he’s disgraced his whole career serving this country by not taking care of and ensuring the safety of women in the armed forces.. I completely agree that Sajjan needs to resign for this massive scandalous failure..

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