1. @NOYDB bruh u killed me ☠️☠️, it’s what I get for not paying attention while typing

  1. Other than investment and speculation what’s the purpose in having and holding crypto?

    You have to have extra cash that you don’t want in the banking system. Apparently there’s not as much demand for under the table banking as we thought there would be. Or it’s declining.

    1. Wait up…you think it’s limited to 2 things? Investment and speculation as you say? Crypto is an alternative and limited currency, or atleast it was designed for that purpose. The fact you couldn’t grasp that main purpose says lengths about the failure of both crypto and understanding of the general public.

    2. Well, now that you have to declare your crypto holdings and gains, it’s not so anonymous.

  2. Our systems are slow and clunky and do not work for most people? What? Apple Pay? Credit cards? Cash? It’s slow and clunky and doesn’t work? 😂

    1. It’s not instant settlement, tons of fees for merchants, cross border payments are slow and work on a messaging system. Yes, they are slow, clunky, expensive and don’t work for most people. You’re the dude who says why send an email when I can send a letter.

    2. @Frank Atherton so bitcoin is secure and fast?😂 bruh every crypto transaction comes with fees, fees which are way more expensive then CC or cash. Like dafaq

  3. It’s cognizant enough to read one thing two ways at the same. The hand paints itself

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  6. Imagine a video game creatively rendered by AI… Anyone who’s read Ender’s Game will know what I am talking about

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    1. I’ve been doing pretty much intraday trading previously with a bunch of indicators and sick of it. Most technical indicators gave late signals. At last I realized that price action is the best of all and I’ve to switch to swing trade. Reason I started using his signals.

    2. . Met him during one of his seminars here in North Carolina. he has a very large clientele, majorly into digital assets NFTs and Stocks with dividends.

    3. He’s honest and straightforward, my spouse and I went in with 350k from our portfolio because we were down 65% but now we’re basking in profits and saving in USDT which is wise right now to recover.

  8. Opportunities come infrequently. When it rains gold, put out the bucket, not the thimble !

  9. Money (usd or euro ) is virtual like crypto but we (global banks) can create infinite money $1,540 trillion in da world mostly virtual so crypto have an finite amount … cryptos are more real than euro /usd etc what makes money real is the “trust” that we put in it ,fiduciary money (banknotes ) dollar bills …fiduciary (physical money)come from latin “fidere” that means “trust”…. But usd euros etc are mostly scriptural (immaterial )so basically money doesn’t really exist it exist because of the “trust” if people continu to believe in crypto currency crypto will continu to exist … and last thing imagine a world without crypto …we cannot going back.. fiduciary money will inevitably disappear 🔺

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