Sanjay investigates “Weed” Pt. 2

Dr. Sanjay Gupta examines the potential benefits of medical marijuana. Over 10 years, Dr. Gupta's reporting on the topic has produced six CNN documentaries and a seventh is in the works. In this episode, the very first of those CNN documentaries. Dr. Gupta travels the world and speaks to experts and patients looking for answers. What does marijuana do to you? What does it do to your kids? In the process of his reporting, Dr. Gupta made some discoveries of his own. This special report originally aired on CNN on August 11, 2013.

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    1. @Zero Cool If you spend your whole day playing xbox and trolling for Fuentes then you are 100% VOLUNATARILY CELIBATE.

  1. I’d rather chill with people who smoke weed than alcoholics who become aggressive. But like alcohol has many supportive agencies we need the same for drug use. Like anything we take into our bodies please don’t overdo it, there is a link to overuse of weed to schizophrenia for those who are vulnerable to this affliction.,

    1. Alcohol will and can and does kill you. Have you never seen a drunk schizophrenic ? I’ll take the high schizophrenic than the immediate physical threat of a drunk schizophrenic. Swap out alcohol of 12 months and which crime plummet, except that which exist because the govts screwed up banking for these businesses. Doctors, et al, generally, though somewhat unpopular to admit, would prefer you ‘use weed over alcohol’, if that is your want.

    2. @Darius Father of Xerxes Yes schizophrenics shouldn’t use either. And yes I’ve seen both drunk and high schizophrenics, the drunk after taking subscribed medication and given high support committed suicide. It’s a terrible horrible affliction.

    3. @catalinacurio So schizophrenia is the problem along with other afflictions which people should stay away from substance, which alter their perception. Cannabis uses schizophrenia all too often as the boogie man, when it just may release the boogie man. Being a Total Abstainer, I regrettably see alcohol as the blight on society that I see it costs (and not).

    4. Schizophrenia is one of the (intentionally) most misunderstood conditions in psychiatry. I watched my best friend go fully schizophrenic on a mushroom trip and the condition lasted years. He later cured his own schizophrenia and today is a “normal” person. He and everyone else I’ve ever talked to is fully convinced that schizophrenia is not an internal condition as much as it is being targeted by external entities that have the ability to read/manipulate your thoughts. Somehow changing the normal “brainwaves” kind of sends a signal to these beings, like blood in the water, that someone is susceptible to their manipulation. It sounds insane, but the instant you start to look into it you will find so much information it will blow your mind.

  2. I didn’t listen to the video, only here to offer some advice : the thumbnail and topic do not match and you will loose out on >50% potential viewership.

  3. I know for a fact without medical marijuana i wouldn’t be here today typing this comment 😣

  4. Props to Dr Gupta for going on Rogan, but then not pushing back on Don Lemon when he said “Joe Rogan took horse medicine” was so effed up.

  5. I’ve used cannabis for 54 years. I do not smoke all day long. Usually just once a day, in the afternoon, and then I usually go play guitar for an hour or so. Moderate use will not get in the way of your life. The key is always moderation.

    1. Exactly moderation ive seen more messed up ppl from alcohol growing up and duis but yet they don’t want to go after the alcohol industry which is far worse.

  6. Hey Sanjay?
    Ivermectin; Let’s hear your opinion now that you got schooled.
    It’s the most popular, successful, and prescribed medication in world history.
    But YOU SAY it’s dangerous for treating viruses.
    Tell us how your medical opinion differs from the millions of other medical professionals who have prescribed this medication for about 70 years.

  7. Been smoking weed for 50 years ago last month and still here in Canada where its legal,grow up America

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