Sarah Gideon Calls Susan Collins To Concede In Maine Senate Race | MSNBC 1

Sarah Gideon Calls Susan Collins To Concede In Maine Senate Race | MSNBC


Susan Collins announces that Democratic challenger Sarah Gideon called her to concede in the Maine Senate race on Wednesday. Aired on 11/04/2020.
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Sarah Gideon Calls Susan Collins To Concede In Maine Senate Race | MSNBC


    1. Why should people in Maine respect a fraudulent impeachment, a Kavanaugh character assassination, and worthless Mueller investigation?

    2. True – I was listening to one of the Trump supporter in 2020 saying that Trump will be leading and managing this country as he does with his businesses – as though that’s a good thing… A bit of me want to be hopeful that some can see – but I’ve realized that if the past chaotic 4 yrs didn’t teach you anything about Trump – then there is no hope for you seeing…

    1. @David King I thought Trump supporters love this kind of behaviour. At rallies, they cheer and make fun of people. It’s funny Trump can do it, but when someone else does it then it’s wrong.

    2. @David King That’s right, no different than people making fun of Biden due to his stutter. But, I think 4 year-olds are kinder, more like older school-age bullies. Oh, and I loathe how Collins, someone I used to respect, became a Trump enabler.

    3. @Donald Holcomb I loathe everything Trump and his cult represent, that they are bullies doesn’t make it acceptable for their opponents to bully. Don’t forget what Michelle Obama said, “When they go low, we go high”, that beautiful lady knows a thing or two about being on the receiving end of hate.

    1. No joke. Thousands, perhaps tens of thousands, of ballots remain undelivered, DeJoy refused a federal judge’s order to sweep postal offices for them. You bet our glorious Republican leaders will chortle at how creative they have been to cheat Americans out of their lawful vote.

    1. @Donald Holcomb You will be disappointed. I’m sure he gathered enough Washington dirt that nobody will bother him

    2. American Disgrace An American Story Please Read (CITIZEN’S LOOK) by DANIEL GLOSKY WWW. Amazon, E-BOOK PLEASE READ, THANK YOU

    3. @Dave Schultz it’s on the taxpayers dime just like the hundreds of investigations conducted on Hillary. Plus the investigation of the investigation. When are you idiots going to realize that you’re just getting taken for a ride by the Republican Party? They’re just like the NRA, it’s just a long con.

    4. @bearly traincot I was using “Pay” as a metaphor. The Democrats lost incumbent seats in the House, Republicans lost ZERO incumbents in the House.

    5. @Dave Schultz Oh. So you’re saying that Republicans have to be handled with kid gloves? Eventually, I don’t know when or how, all of the right wing shenanigans are going to cost this nation in ways we won’t be able to redeem ourselves from.

    1. @frictionRx9 Pelosi did her job! House passed new stimulus in MAY! Pelosi was Negotiating With The White House! McConnell and THE SENATE Refused To Act!

  1. I am amazed that Collins was not replaced. But I am happy that Gideon has the grace and class to concede when other officials clearly don’t.

  2. Even with this colossal clown show of an election, Collins winning is like an actual photo of the desease infecting the minds of this terminally ill country.

    1. @And Me there is a swamp on both sides. But if you think the Democratic swamp is anywhere near as insidious and frankly malevolent as the Republican swamp, then I think you’re being a little bit naive. The Democratic party has a swamp in it, while, in the case of the GOP, the whole thing is a swamp

      Don’t fool yourself into thinking that seeing both sides equivalently necessarily means you’re thinking in a balanced and accurate way. Sometimes there isn’t a Yin and a yang. Sometimes one side is just worse than the other

    1. We live in a country wherein Benito Mussolini would be re-elected and the only thing the republicans can offer is for us patriots to leave…god please save America from the cultists

  3. What will be the epitaph for the USA?

    Can’t cure stupid…..?
    Murdoch hated us…?
    Money corrupted us….?
    Education matters….?
    People are easy to fool…?

    1. Murdoch doesn’t hate you. He doesn’t feel anything about the little people. He only has feelings for money and power.

    1. @Christophe Breland Yeah, and they believe “beautiful, clean coal” will come back. Or, we can bring manufacturing jobs back at Walmart prices.

    2. Uneducated racists. Sad America. The world was watching and you are a great disappointment – never, ever lecture another country on morals, ethics or democracy. No one will listen to you anymore. I will never step foot in America again.

    1. And the supreme court might give us the vicotory in the presidency! Trump is fighting the results in Wisconsin. If some of those suspicous ballots get purged, he could win it! SCOTUS for the WIN!

    2. @Shadow suspicious ballots? You mean the mail in? It’s been happening for 200+ years.
      PS that’s not how you abbreviate the supreme court. You wonder why you were called deplorable?

  4. Susan Collins still can’t be believed. She’s still complicit in Trumps horrible behavior as president

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