‘Saturday Night Live’ highlights Ketanji Brown Jackson confirmation

After the historic confirmation of Ketanji Brown Jackson, "Saturday Night Live" made the Supreme Court the headliner in the show's cold open.

Nwodim's Brown is in the Oval Office, imagining great trailblazers who came before her, including Ginsburg, first African American Supreme Court Justice Thurgood Marshall (Kenan Thompson), Harriet Tubman (Punkie Johnson) and Jackie Robinson (Chris Redd).

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  3. I love the joke but I love most was and what is a great by the great senator Booker who said that a white woman is the hardest woman working in America not an African or black woman or woman of color or Latina women even but a white woman he sure also said that he took a white woman that name a black man become president of the United States of America a white woman again Cory Booker sticks the truth to all America

  4. *I stopped watching SNL years ago because they went too far left.*
    *Why not rename the show to Saturday Night Communist?*

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