Savanna-la-Mar Hospital Nurses Buckling under Covid Pressure | TVJ All Angles - August 25 2021 1

Savanna-la-Mar Hospital Nurses Buckling under Covid Pressure | TVJ All Angles – August 25 2021

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  1. So sad government please give the hospital staff a raise. The bigger heads dont care relax in bed breakfast in bed and the poor nurses stress

  2. I would like to see the Government do a salary switch. They should take the nurses salary and give to the nurses their salary.

  3. After too much partying, this is what the disobedients have to undergo. Some Jamaicans are too unruly.

  4. Trust me, all health care worker across the the globe a complain, it’s overwhelming in all hospitals in the world. Doctors and nurses are worn out, it is so sad. Praying that God will strengthen them.

  5. It’s very sad, that there are no proper equipment at the hospitals to help people especially in this crisis. Oxygen is vital. The government need to invest in our health care system. I feel the nurses cry of feeling helpless, when you are not equip to do your job.

  6. This is so heartbreaking, I can feel the anguish when listening to the staff talk about their experience of working in the hospital. It’s so sad.

  7. We nu see anything yet, but where were those beds before covid because ppl use to have to sit up and die because of the lack of beds

  8. O My Lord my Heart Breaks when I listen to the Nurses speak. Please protect yourself and keep your immune system in tact God will make a way for all of you may God’s Blessings upon you always.

  9. Can always depend on Dionne to ask the right questions and demonstrate a high degree of professionalism.

  10. Lord have mercy on our nurses, doctors & health care professionals May you strengthen them & lift their faith in you. Cover them Jesus & send help in the form of more nurses, materials & equipment. Lord have mercy on those in pain. Touch heal & deliver dear Lord. In the mighty name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth.

  11. This is so sad ,I try to warn Jamaican people that the coronavirus was real and they lessen to the wrong people,and let their guards down, stay home and save your self and your family and friends, it is not fair for the doctors and nurses or their families,mask and social distance work,but not when it too late god help us .

  12. Thank you Mr prime minister for causing the surge again that caused my pay to be shortened in hard times like this…. Hooray

  13. My heart ache to watch this, I really commend the doctors and nurses for pushing and pulling theirselves to help us. God continue to guide and protect them and their families. Don’t see why people are so irresponsible with their health, aren’t you people sorry for the nurses and doctors?

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